Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Virgin 10KM Bay Run

My results

On a hot, sunny 16th August Sunday Morning, at around 0838hours, with all my might & remaining reserve of energy, I gathered up speed and raced through the finishing line. The time was 01:08:33, flashing above me at the finishing line.

The feeling after? Cool, slightly tired, & accomplished! I've completed my very 1st Virgin 10KM RUN!! N I survived, with not too bad a timing (tho slightly off my expectation). N u knw what, I don't feel too much of a muscle ache after the race. Nope. I was expecting tired muscles, aching muscles, but none of those! Surprise Surprise!

The race itself - The road was long, very long. The crowd was big, very big. Too many pple, alot of army boys & guys (apparently, it's compulsory for them to run the race) So u see alot of these army pple, slacking off during the race, taking breaks at suntec city, short-cut the route, apparently my friend said some even took a cab!!

The Starting point

The day started really early for me. At 0535hrs, I woke up, washed up, ate breakfast & went out to hail a cab. Luckily for me, there was a cab just stopping by, if not, i have no idea how long i had to wait. It was a nice experience to drive along the roads at such early hours. There was absolutely NO TRAFFIC!!! The surrounding looked so peaceful, and the car juz whizzed past at full speed! Within no time, i reached the place. 0645hrs. Sun not up yet, but already, loads of pple were stretching and preparing. Also, the elite half marathoners had already completed their race! Apparently, the winner of the men's half marathon took 1hr08mins (the same time I took for my 10KM race). N They started 0530hrs, so they were already lazing ard by the time i just reach the venue!!

After depositing my bag, stretching n waiting, finally at 0730hrs, we were allowed to start our race, a full 15mins later than originally stated. Damn u!! By the time i was thr to my 1st 2km, the sun was shining bright & hot. Luckily I had my cap on, to shade my eyes from the sun, but still the tremendous heat & blazing sun still affected my run. It's one of the reason, not an excuse. Also, I was sick for the 2 weeks b4 the race, so I was out of action (no exercise of any sort) for 2 whole weeks. & I tell u, for a leisure runner like me, this affected my stamina greatly. It just goes to show that U have to train continuously n consistently.

There were over 2000 women runner for the event (statistics from the after race event). I had to squeeze my way out of the crowd to be close to the starting line. Of cos, the seeded runners were given top priority to be in front. We wun want to be competing with them & blocking them. After long moments of waiting, finally at 0730hrs the gun sounded and off we ran. It was a slow 2-3mins of brisk walking n jogging to be rid of the crowd n into some space for running. I started off well enuff, trying not to over-exert myself in the beginning. Then came the bridge & the sun by the 2km mark, & I felt the strain of the heat. Of cos I was still fresh in mind, body n soul & a little sun is nth to hurt me! 1st water stop at the 2km mark and e'ryone juz rushed and blocked the route. Damn u! It was quite a mess...

COntinue on, and on and on. More army boys slacking off, stopping by suntec. They are not taking this seriously. Oh well, i don think they paid to take part, & by the looks of it, they pretty much DID NOT seem willing participants. Cut, Cut, overtake, overtake. It felt good to overtake pple hahahah!

The Finishing line!!

Me looking tired & messy with my tab 81361 and medal (it's all the same)

After a long, arduous run, i finally reached the 8km mark! It was not easy. I was used to running with distance & timing displayed b4 me (i.e. treadmill in the gym) but now, I don hv the distance marker at every second & only relaying on my analogue watch for rough timing. To speed or not to speed? I was waiting for the 9km mark to speed up but it nvr came. Until I saw that we were close to the starting point did i try to speed up. It was a relief, achievement n great feeling to run past the finishing line & seeing the display at 01:08. At least I didn't do too badly off mark. I thot I was hitting 1hr 20mins! Lucky ah!!

Race statistics. I'm 198th place out of 2000 over women 11% percentile!

More analysis. Tells u who r in front n behind u when u cross the line

Ave speed of the race. The map shows where I was when the winner completed the race. She won in ard 38mins

Of cos, if not for the heat, if not for me being sick the 2 wks b4... I may have run faster and closer to 1hr 3mins mark, but still I'm proud & happy to have completed the race! Maybe I shld hv trained by running outside in the heat, but seriously i Don't really like tt...

Standard chartered race - OUT for me. Too exp (missed the early bird) & it starts at 0830hrs so bloody late!

I think I'm aiming for the Adidas Sundown Marathon next yr. RUnning at night should be fun cooling & much more comfy! & Their t-shirt is so much cooler & nicer!! Yes, the SBR (Singapore Bay Run) race pack is a huge letdown. Nth i can use, just a bloody fugly t-shirt, tt is not even dryfit! Hahahah...

SOmeone mentioned that i shld take up 21km nxt. But seriously, it's not for me. 10Km, i'm ok, more than tt, i seriously don think i can or even want to! I know myself, & my limit. 10km is the limit. 21km def is not! Imagine 10km multiply by 2 and add 1km, torture man!!!

Special thanks to Wong Kailit for taking the wonder & nice photo of me with my BIB tag & medal. Good Job! Also thanks to him, I got a ride home FOC!! No need to walk to the MRT, wait for the train, sit on the train for 40mins, transfer to the bus and another 5-10mins ride, and walk the long road home. Instead, his kind offer got me home in 20mins in a comfy air-con nice car!! Thanks! I'll make sure to jio u or any1 with a car the next time!!

Snapshot of me during the race by the official photographer. Hehe actually I knew i was being shot, but I acted like i didnt see the camera.....Believe me I was running NOT strolling

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