Thursday, September 11, 2008

My First Fashion Show!!

I've finally had a taste of what fashion show is about...Yes, I was invited, as a VIP, to the ALEX PERRY Winter 2009 collection launch!!!

Brief introduction, Alex Perry is THE fashion designer in Australia!! Yes, the very famous designer! He has appeared in magazines, and tv shows (Australia Next Top Model) that's how i got to know him! He a bald guy who likes to put his specs on his bald shiny head!

How exciting! Ok, so how did I get invited to such exclusive collection launch?? Well, by coincidence actually. My colleague n I am currently in Sydney for an audit, so by stroke of luck, we came at the time where this launch was s'posed to be carried out! So 1st day into our work, we were invited to be a VIP guest to the event!!! N it was for Alex Perry!!! FYI, alex perry is our brand ambassador as well!!

Tuesday (10th Sept) was the event, but well, we came on business, so no fancy glam glam gown, juz went in our best self (hey, we'r good in our own self oredi). Red carpet event at 7pm, show at 8pm. We went down at 730pm (FYI, the event was staged at the show room of our company arena). Lots of 'unkowns' and apparently 'big shots' were sipping champagnes and eating finger food, chatting and waiting for the SHOW to begin. after 30mins of waiting and wondering and of cos photo taking, 8pm finally struck! The show begun!

Me @ Alex Perry!
The setup for the show!

Well Winter collection launch, we had expected fur, fur, leather, leather, thick thick clothings, but out came chiffons, silk, flowery flowy dresses... Hmm winter launch?? More like night gowns! Maybe it's his night dresses launch, timed for the winter season, hence 'Winter Collection Launch'. It was a cool experience, models strutting down, heads turning, wows n hooos...cameras flashing, medias and photographers all ard! After 30mins, at 830pm, b4 u knew it, the whole show ended... N off we went home. so short!!! >1hr of pre-fashion show waiting, for juz a short span of fashion show... Tat's wat fashionistas do man.. so tiring hahaha..

Models strutting their stuff

The bald man is Alex Perry..He's married with kids to a woman FYI

Of cos we went home smiling, with goodie bag in hand n a check under 'attend a fashion show'! I want more fashion show!!!!

My Goodie Bag, lipstick, hairspray, perfume, choc