Sunday, May 03, 2009

What Up Jurong-sters! We ROCK!!!

According to the Fengshui master, Jurong is THE PLACE to be if u wana find a gf or bf apparently! I quote for u from the article:

裕廊属 "花篮地",盛产俊男美女,且大多才貌出众,长期在这居住,才华将获得提升,财富也会不断累积,可说是 "才","财" 兼备。Haha u heard it here! Not from me, from Fengshui master ok! Let's see, Zoe Tay was from Jurong, Vincent (that wushu guy), n me wahhahah!

话说仙女曾在此区撒落朵朵金花,裕廊工业区顿时变得金星点点。不过,仙女私会情人时,竟然把花篮遗留在人间,导致整个裕廊区成群花争艳的 "花篮地"。最终,仙女落在裕廊西,情郎安置在裕廊东,隔着一条裕廊河。

从风水学看,裕廊东是"金童",多出年轻才俊,裕廊西是"玉女",美女和女强人较普遍。That's why I'm living in JURONG WEST 裕廊西!!!

裕廊区有 "五朵金花", 两朵在裕廊东,两朵在裕廊西,另一朵在裕华园结成 "金莲绽发"。此区性格较弱者,处理感情会拖泥带水,藕断丝连,唯独意志坚,理智强者,有望飞黄腾达。EH ok, i'm the latter, strong will power, so I WILL SUCCEED!!! wahahha

裕廊是个 "桃花遍地开" 的风水宝地,有意寻如意郎君或贤妻良母的单身人士,到这比较容易如愿以偿。Hahha, now who says Jurong is passe & old & so boring? Ah yea, still got lotsa Bangla tho but hey, hot babes n hunks are still ard! We have to ignore those Banglas n look for the gems man! U DO KNOW there's a shopping center called Jurong Point, that's perpetually CROWDED like HELL 24/7 365 a year like where the hell did all those pple come from?

EH, do i hear moving trucks gearing up? Pls don mass move over to Jurong n make JP even crowder than it already is... hahahha

Saturday, May 02, 2009

It's Gonna Be Legen.... wait for it.... hope you're not lactose intolerant because here comes dairy! legendary!!!!

What Up! Haha... I've been so caught up with 'How I Met Your Mother' that I just can't get it outa my head! I've completed all 3 seasons during my 'short' 3 wks stay in Shanghai, holed up in my comfy hotel room, with the TV on most of the time, esp wkends, juz watching watching n watching! Oh man, Barney Stinson is THE MAN! He's like Yoda, but instead of being little and green, he wears a suit and is AWESOME!! hahah man man, that guy is THE BOMB! E'ryone out there should go catch it! FYI, in case u don't knw, the title is THE quote from THE man Barney & is so way COOOOOL! Ok the whole sitcom rocks, not juz Barney, so go watch it!

Hhaha, i'm like in this craze sitcom mood. Can't wait to watch Season 4, juz downloaded 'Two and a half men' till season 5 (thanks to my sis) & can't wait to watch it. Bought like TONS of sitcoms from Shanghai (Yes, now u guys knw what I have been up to in Shanghai all these times), and like so many to start watching!!! Next time i'm in Shanghai (yes, it is the same city AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN), u knw wat i'll b doing... It's like 'When I'm bored, I stop being bored and be AWESOME! True story!' hahah

p/s: There is actually a Barney Blog It is THAT serious man!

OH well, i've nth much to update except for the fact that i've been to Shanghai for like the past 3 mths for like EVER!! N yes, will be gg back again in May n possibly aft june again... So the only thing i'm so LOOKING forward to is my diving trip in 9days! Sipadan! One of the TOP diving spots in the world! Oh man, I just can't wait! It's been such long time since my last beach holiday. I want the SUN SAND SEA and FUN!! Ooo, bikini shopping! Yes, I knw i have like 4 or 5 sets of bikinis, but that doesnt stop me from wanting to acquire more! Nice ones mind u. It gives me the motivation to strive harder to get that swimsuit body wahahahhahah! Still trying, getting there but not quite...

Ooo completed 60laps of swimming non-stop n it felt AWESOME! I've upgraded myself by 20laps.

Ok seriously, i have nth much to add... Sounds like a pretty boring life i've been leading so far. But well it's all good. I s'pose i'll have more to add after my annual dive trip in 9days!!! Yes, n i'll b back with a wicked tan! n some pretty photos. Oh did i mention that we'll be staying in the middle of the sea, like houses on stilts, with no land in sight nearby (heard the nearest land is like 15mins boat ride at least away). So cool rite! Yes, no escape man! Either u like it or jump into the water n drown! N heard the bathroom is open air! Facing the endless sea, & showering... sounds kinda kinky??? Hahhaha juz hope nobody canoes pass while u'r showering kekeke...

N ah, i'm back up with those youtubes reality TV shows like all the Next Top model series (yes they'r back again). Jesus, they nvr stop & i can't stop NOT following thr all of them! Call me youtube-junkie i don't care. Those shows r good fun!