Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Hot Topics recently reported in the papers
1) Youngsters blasting music loudly on public transport
2) PDA (Public Display of Affection) on overdose
Coincidentally, I encountered both onboard the bus to JP on Sunday night. DAMN IRRITATING!!!! On topic 1 Blasting music loudly for what?!?!?!?! Haven they heard of earphones or headphones??? This young teenage couple was sitting behind me on the bus n they just played music from their HP. Kaoz. What the heck!! I don’t want to be listening to Jewel with Britney Spears singing ‘sexy’ in the background ok. We all want our own peace and quiet, to enjoy the songs they want to be listening to. So please keep ur music to urself ok. Sometimes u just wonder – Are they deaf!!! How can they blast music so loud? No wonder they have no idea, cos they are DEAF!!!
On topic 2 People will start saying, hey does that mean we can’t even hold hands?? Ok please do not over-react. I mean PDA on overdose ok. We do not want everyone to be strangers now. Holding hands – ok, kissing – ok (as long as u do not do it overboard, u get what I mean), occasional huggings – ok. Just not PDA on overdose. Recently there is a case of a couple doing it on a bus, and being caught on tape by someone. Who is more perverted? Obviously the person who shoots the act is!!! Come on, why do u want to shoot such an act? It’s porn!!! If u’r not comfy with it, report. What do u expect to get from shooting such an act? U’r effectively shooting porn!!! I would call what the couple did as disgusting act! It does not even qualify as perverted act!! It is just pure disgusting. I mean – Get a room!!! It is public place, public transport, people do not need such entertainment (tho a bus ride can be boring at times). Public display of ur private parts r just so not it man! Eeks!!! I mean u want to do sth, do it in private. Public is just not the right way to go ok. Don’t know what these people are thinking sometimes. I just don’t like it when people do really too intimate things in public, in full view of everyone else. I don’t need that kind of entertainment.
Read – It’s too intimate things that I disagree. So don’t go walking 3 feet away from ur partner or behave like complete strangers.

Ok, to clarify I did not witness such lewd act and the couple DID not do such a thing.

They only did some too intimate stuff. The guy was lying on the gal’s breasts!!! Not just for a while, but for a long, long while!!! And he was asking if she was comfortable. Eeks. Just cannot stand it..and they were talking ever so loudly!!! Eeks… Please go somewhere else lar… I don’t like that..

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

"I put semen on my face"
"I take placenta for good skin"
"I swallow"
These are just some of the few quotes that goes to show the extent women go to for facial care! The last one is not meant to be X-rated..It is just a punchline for an advert for Imedeen pills (yes, it caused a BIG STIR in this ultra conservative Singapore small island).
The 1st quote, got it from the TV Show - Nip/Tuck. But I wouldn't be surprised if someone actually does that!! I mean people already do take placenta. Yes, it's true, it has been published in papers and TV actresses actually confessed to doing such bloody act!! Eeks, imagine eating those THINGS u pass out during birth. Puke, double Puke, Triple Puke...
The lengths people go to be beautiful. Maybe you would say "Hell no way i would put semen on my face". But, if it was mixed in a facial cream, you would NEVER know rite?? That was what happend in the TV show. Mixed in facial cream, proved to work wonders, but no-one knows the exact ingredients. So they'll continue to use, until one fine day - BOOM! The secret is out! So what do u do now? Sue the cosmetic company till they go bankrupt? Stop using the cream, which has proved to really work wonders? Would you do that? After using the cream for years, would you just stop 'cos u found out it has semen in it? Knowing makes it hard to stomach, but u have been applying it for years when it has been semen for years. So what do u do? U still want ur pretty face rite.. Me? I don't know. But well, in the 1st place, I would not have the money to buy such a cream (it would definitely cost a BOMB) Do you know how expensive those bloody creams are, when they are just a really small bottle!!!! OH well, I think people will still continue to use it, cos it really works! But of cos, it u had known what it contains in the 1st place, I would s'pose u might not want to try it.
Like the placenta! Yukes!!! Can't imagine looking at it while I eat... Would I eat it if I were not told what it was? Probably not, cos I don't take food that I don't recognise or I don't know. So if it looks foreign, it is a NONONONO for me. I'm not adventurous when it comes to food, I'm just not picky abt the quality.
Haiz..why am I on the topic of beauty care? Cos I'm having a terrible outbreak, from the stress and bloody late nights these 3 weeks. Not enuff sleep causes indigestions, puffy eyes, poor skin condition and makes people fat. Damn, don't even feel like looking at myself in the mirror. Idiot spots and pimples, make them go away!!! How to curb this bloody problem? Must go for more facials, slap on more creams n moisturisers if those help, and within my financial capabilities.
Well, let's not generalise and say women r beauty conscious. Oh pls, we'r in 2007 now. Time has changed, drastically! Now men r equally beauty conscious (n even more health conscious than us women) Everytime when we eat out, the guys will say things like - I've had too much, this is fattening, this translate to 10 more laps of running...eeks makes us gals look like greedy giants!! Ok, fine I know u hv to keep up with ur 6 or 8-pacs - hey, it is a good thing to have those pacs cos they really look good, esp cool if ur partner has those pacs (I like it if mine has those toned visible pacs, n i like it even more if I have at least a 4) But it just makes us look greedy! Of cos don pig out too much cos it is disgusting as well, but at least don't make us feel damn guilty abt eating all those food.
Yes, men r beauty conscious nowadays. Beauty salons for guys r sprouting up everywhere.. and guys r taking good care of their skin now! Facials, moisturisers, toner, u name it they have it. Heck, my bro has more skincare products than me!!! Well it's not a bad thing u know.. At least they know how to present themselves better..which helps in leaving a good impression on others. Well, i'm sure u wouldn't want ur boyfriends to always look sloppy or in torn-tattered clothes when going out right. If ur bfs look good, u'll feel good as well (just make sure u'r equally matched else people will start gossiping again)..I know i would like that.
Metrosexual - that's what they used to call guys who take care of their well-being, with a feminine touch or edge in them. Used to be called SNAG (Sensitive New Age Guy) but i think metrosexual sounds more apt. We should nurture more of such guys here in Singapore. Truly deeper lack those kinda guy...they should really learn how to be more gentlemanly. well at least it has somewhat improved through the years, but really they should learn n improve even more. Watched a show on MOnday night some weeks ago. Topic on the show - How do u propose to ur gf? And guess what? Most, if not all, the Singaporean guys on the show said this:
"Do you want to buy a flat?"
Yes, it is a common thing to say here because only when u get married, then u can apply for a new flat (unless u go private which is more expensive). So whenever, people get married, they would want to buy a flat. And that is the line most SG guys use here to propose to their wife-to-be. FAINT!! Can they be more creative!!!! n romantic!!! I would NOT agree to such a proposal. There's no effort put in it. It's like "well, that's the only way to go after so many years together, so might as well get a flat, settle down".. What the ****?? So unromantic and spoils the whole thing! We're not asking for a spectacular proposal with fireworks or some big wooha (of cos if u can afford it) just be more creative n romantic. NEVER use "do u want to buy a flat" as a proposal line! And gals out there, DO NOT agree to such a proposal! So Unromantic. Imagine years down the road, when u children or some pple ask u how did he propose, ur answer is "He asked if I want to get a flat" Double faint! eeks... Even unromantics like me would hate that kinda proposal line. Take me to effel tower (i think the spelling is incorrect) or some other places ahhahaha...kidding lar, it's not very possible anyway (hint hint).
Moral of the story -- I want to get rich hahaha (this is totally so unrelated) anyway, moral of the story? U go read n decide for ursef. I'm just writing cos i have not written for a long time (which explains the 3 entries I posted in 1 day!! I'm super efficient ok)
Ok back to stupid work. I hate the peak!!!

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Friday, January 19, 2007

46th Entry - 4 more to Silver Anniversary!!

What started out as a travel blog has now blossomed into a full length 46 eps of bloggings (complains, thoughts, ramblings etc) Yes, 4 more to go to hit silver anniversay (50 entries)
Was reading the newspaper yesterday after a long and tiring day at work (11+pm) Yes, tho tired still muz read the papers to keep mi updated abt the current affairs and stupid and interesting reports.. Came across this particular report on some tests some Dr. or PHD pple did on the behaviour of males & females..
They did a report to prove the notion on 'Beauty lies in the eyes of the Beholder'. And the conclusion they got is not necessarily true, as they found out that other pple's opinions do matter!
What they did:
Show picts of males to females, and show them clips of the same male, one clip with approving smiles from other females, and one clip without that. And guess what?? They find males in the clips with approving smiles from other females more attractive. So that means approvals from outside parties play a part in determining if one feels that the guy is attractive or not..
HOWEVER.. for guys, it's different (as alwayz)
Same test was held, now with the guys deciding which male in the clip is better looking. And the results is -- THE OPPOSITE!! which means that guys will choose the male without approving smiles from other females. The test concluded that males feel threatened when they see that the other guy is more popular with the ladies, and that is why they chose the opposite way haha
Interesting..but then again we alwz c that happening. Girls can appreciate pretty gals and good looking guys, but Guys can only appreciate pretty gals. Not macho to be complimenting guys to be good looking..haha
The things pple do to prove sth.. There r alwz these kinda interesting n weird experiments done on human behaviour that r sooooo insignificant in life that u wun reali tink much into it...but they are reali interesting to know abt... Shall keep my eyes open for more such interesting facts.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Peak is HERE!!!

Damn sian...Typed my blog and was preparing to publish it when i accidentally deleted it when i was tryin to format the alignment..what luck! Now i have to retype what i wrote..waste my time n brain power.
Anyway peak is here and i hate it!! 1st time going thr peak as a senior and it is DIFFERENT!! As a senior, means u hv to deal with alot of admin stuff and wrk-related things. Plan audit, conclude findings, issues, deal with managers, partners, draft accounts, close accounts, make sure everything is tidy and proper b4 sign many admin things to do and stupid forms to fill... damn sian. As assistant, still can act blur, do only what u'r asked to do. As senior, u'r s'posed to know it all, ans assts' questions, help them clear points...Esp hate it when u have new managers or new developments during the year. Means = more work!!! New managers = more questions, more detailed reviewing. Not to mention stupid standards that r ever-changing. B4 u grasp the meaning of it, they review n revise, no training means u just HAVE TO KNOW!!!
PPle say i'm lucky which i'm not denying cos some pple hv it worse (super late nights, super shitty jobs, super bad everything) but i'm just tired. Maybe i'm just stupid, cannot grasp the meaning of the work or issues that will arise from a situation, or maybe i just choose to ignore! Like what my client told me, I'm alws floating ard. Ha, cos no matter what, in audit and aabs (my dept), u'r not rewarded for out-performing. Promotion is still the standard annual promotion, annual increment and bonus is not that fantastic. So work so hard for what?? Top band? Only 50-100 difference in basic pay. Work 24 hrs a day 365 days a year for that minuscule increment? Crazy!!!
This job i'm doing, s'posed to be good but major changes has happend this year. New manager (super good manager returing back to homeland), partially new team (alot of team members quit). So damn terrible. New requirements, more stringent review and checks and stupid aws which is used to store all our workpapers (yes we'r gg paperless).
So what does this mean? Time to get out of audit. Auditor = no life. Very true. Cos u wrk everyday!! Even wkends at times. N we don get paid that much for that kinda sad working life. Life is not fair. Yes we'r getting an increment across board, but who knows. Maybe their rationale is More money= work harder!! I shall actively start my job hunting soon.. Can i 'dong' till S2 (July)?? Nothing is for certain...
Ok, i shall be careful in doing my alignment...Don wana type the whole thing again... Tomorrow gota work and it's a sat and cos of that, i cnt go KTV (yes, suddenly i'm gg to ktv so often). I would rather sleep or wrk at home...

Thursday, January 04, 2007


Yeah..2006 has passed..Now is a new year 2007!!!

Wednesday blues..Cos need to start work (after like 11 days of leave slacking at home, doing shopping...) So not looking forward to happens..Vacation is evil as it sucks all ur energy n drive to wrk.

So out with my new dress (white), new hairdo (short), new hair colour (reddish brown), new earrings (yes, some friend went bangkok and bought like 10 pairs for me) and partially new shoes (wore once only). N strutted to the office. So damn busy on the 1st day of wrk. Crowded with people standing ard. I hate crowds. I want peace n quiet..with only a few pple in ofce so that i can chat with (keeps me sane).

Anyway, alot of pple r shocked to c my new look. The short hair. haha..but i got all positive comments. So the conclusion is : I SHALL KEEP SHORT HAIR in 2007. Makes me look fresher n younger!!hahahah..

So what's my new year resolution? Er..nothing. Decided not to make a list of resolutions cos they just do not work. I mean if u want sth fight to get it. What's the pt of making resolution when most of the time u do not bother to fulfil it or just forget abt it. So, if i want sth, i fight to get it. No point saying at this moment - I want to ..... this year, i want to ... that this year. Make a full list of like 100 items n in the end none kept. Though i hv wishes i hope will come true (wishes are different from resolutions)

Wish list
Strike toto (preferably at least S$2mil) - Oh i did not manage to strike on my lottery tic damn sad
Not work but still get money (i did say it's a wish list right, so it allows for the impossible)
Toned abs and arms (ha..this is tough but well it's a wish list so i don care)
Get perfect eyesight (ok this i can get by doing lasik, but it's in wish list cos i want a miracle!!!)
Be a pianist expert (yes i play the piano, i got Grade 8, but i suck at playin the piano)
Be a yoga expert (i do yoga, i can bend not like beckham tho, i can do headstand unstably, but i reali envy those yogis so great at yoga, bend like nobody's biz, do incredible stuffs..if only)
MIRACLE (ha it's a wishlist, if there's a miracle, all those stated above will come true!!)

So there u have it, my wishlist, which is not reali possible to achieve bbut i just like to wish. I m practical, but there is just a small % of me wishing for fairytale story or ending. hahahah

So that's it for the start of 2007, and I'm at the 44th post for my blog! 6 more n i'm at the half decade mark. Silver anniversary.

Till then...