Friday, August 24, 2012

Tree Top Walk

Time for some exercise, free air and greenery.  So my JC friends and I decided to go the Tree Top walk!  For reasons known amongst us, we decided to opt for the easier route that starts from Venus Drive, and only 2.4km long.  Because of all our busy schedules, we could only meet in the late afternoon, and since the gate closes at 5pm, it means we had no choice but to opt for the shorter walk.  Hey, as long as we reach the destination, the journey is not so important right?!?!
So lo and behold, people were late, and we started after 4pm, which made us more worried because it's a 2.4km walk to the gate which closes at 5pm. 

All geared up and ready to start the walk in the park!  Mei Mei was our 'leader' since she had done the walk before.  It was mainly a walk within the park, trails going up and down.  Quite a nice walk too!

And we made it to the gate before 5pm!!  Because it's a one-way route, you have to enter before 5pm, if not you would have made a wasted trip once they lock the gate.  But once you pass the gate, you have to keep on going forward, no returning back.
View from up there was quite nice!  Can see the MacRitchie reservoir.  But we were not avid bird watchers so we didn't really look for birds or foliage.  I guess our main aim was hit the bridge, walk the bridge, take photo and mission accomplished! 

So we spent some time taking photos as evidence of our presence on the bridge! 

And time for group photos!

All crouching down to get a good angle so Angeline can be seen... It is definitely not easy to half squat while maintaining composure for a nice photo!  That's where all those squats come into good use!

Yes, act CUTE poses are included!  Too bad Angeline was not able to tip toe herself higher!

Look there, it's a bird, no it's a plane, no it's the reservoir!

Just cannot NOT do a jumping pose.  The bridge is pretty sturdy so don't worry! Jump all you want!

Mei Mei and Sa trying to be artistic....
And I decided to do a jump shot with Mei Mei!  The bridge is only wide enough for 2 people to jump and capture the motion.  But it's a nice effort!

Now I have pinned Tree Top Walk as a place I've been to in small yet unexplored Singapore (well for me anyway).  We did the loop in under 2H!  Then it was off to a nice dinner to replenish all those energy we expended during the walk...
If you don't have the time, starting fromVenus Drive is good enough!  For those with more energy, drive and time, you can try to walk to MacRitchie.  Probably takes you a good 2-3H one way.