Wednesday, December 31, 2008

总结篇 - 完结

Ok, first of all, I'm back! From 10days of solo travelling in Pai (Northwest Thailand). I'll blog abt that next year..

2nd, I had intended this to be a trilogy, with 一部曲,二部曲,完结。But lazy bug hit me, and well, forget it, juz end it now! Why prolong it into 3 parts when u can do it in 2! & it wouldnt be in all chinese (like the 1st), it'll mainly be in English.

So I had sorta summed up my 2008 in the 1st series, now I'll talk abt the future! Yes, resolutions! Hah, I've not been one for setting resolutions, cos well most of the time, we don't stick to it! So y set it when u forget abt it later. Also, tt doesnt mean I'm aimless. This little brain of mine contains tremendous amt of information, thots, and ideas tt r hidden most of the time, but will come overflowing at the opportune time. So when the opportunity arises, the brain will click & tada! That idea/goal/thot will b fulfilled! So it's not like i have no resolutions, i just don write it down in black & white, properly defined.

Thanks to the edification provided by tks, i realised tt it actually helps to write it down, so tt u go thr the motion of seeking to fulfil those desires, goals more fervently. Gives u more motivation to search for more, to really do what u want! So here I am, writing down my resolution! I spent the past 10days while holidaying, to reflect on my life past & ahead, n came up with the following goals/objectives! Alot of them r not juz to be achieved in 2009, rather they're for constant improvements & learning, to be achieved consistently thr'out the years, & not juz stop at 2009. I rather prefer it tt way than to set one thing for 1 year!

So here we go!

1. Invest more time in my love for baking.
I love to bake. I find it theraupeutic. However, I don normally eat what I bake, it's just tt the time n effort put into making those produces make u appreciate the outcome rather than savouring them. I've ignored tt passion of mine for the past yr, for some reason I can't explain. Maybe I just lost the interest. Instead, it sparked the interest in my little sis! I've only baked twice this year, n I want to do more often in the coming year!! Starting with 1 Jan 09, my ever famous choc chip cookies!

2. Maintain my health & fitness
Proud of myself this year for achieving the best fitness I ever had achieved! I've dedicated myself more seriously to exercising for toning & fitness & I'm happy with the results so far! I've grown much stronger & fitter, & I believe I have more room to grow! My goal for the coming year is to become toner & fitter! To lose those still remaining flabby arms & tone up the core muscles. I haven been sick for a long long time, & the feeling is great!

3. More responsibility for my job
1 yr has passed in my new job. Happy so far with the work, colleagues & boss. Work environment has been really great! For the coming year, I want to work even harder. To learn more abt the tactics & art of internal auditing. I have yet to fully grasp tt concept. I want to be taken more seriously & take my job more seriously. No more 'swimming' ard & see how things go. I need to be more proactive & excel!

4. Challenge myself with 10km run
Haha, this is actually very simple to achieve, but my main problem is the lack of motivation from lack of kaki! No one to train with me makes me NOT want to take part. Actually i've alwayz had the idea of doing a mini triathlon, but have yet to take tt step cos no kaki. Of cos it would be great to be able to achieve it. So any kaki interested?? 10km run or mini triathlon?

5. Improve communication with my family
This is my achilles heels. I admit, it hasnt improved much over the years. Just when I thot it improved, somehow it fell back to grd zero again. Maybe it's the way we were brought up, daddy being the ultimate head of the family, making all the decisions, making him alot less approachable & creating an invisible barrier. Maybe it's gota do with his character & personality, always wanting things to be done his way, & not too receptive to other pple's ideas. SOmehow, it prevents us from really talking to him abt matters of the hearts or even work. But over the years, I can feel tt he has mellowed abit. Maybe it's not tt hard to get thr. I just have to try. N i resolve to do more on my part!

6. Pay more attention to the process of reaching the goal, rather than focusing too much on the goal itself.
This is sth I want to change & improve. Alot of times, I get too focused in reaching the ultimate goal tt along the way, I missed out on the joy of the process or the nitty gritty information tt may come from the process of reaching the goal! It makes me less attentive to the surroundings. Alot of times, I become too focused tt I missed out on fun! I miss out on spotting friends, I miss out on stopping to enjoy the scenery on the way to the destination, I miss out on just understanding the environment ard me. I think in this age, alot of us become too goal-centric tt along the way, we juz choose to ignore whatever comes our way tt either assist or hinder our path. It's a pity cos sometimes (of alot of times), this is the time when we could discover gems! On my recent trip in Pai, I did a whole day of cycling, aimed at reaching certain destinations in record time (i.e. b4 night falls). Along the way, there were times when I wanted to juz get on with it rather than stop to enjoy the scenery, but the emotional side of me persuaded otherwise. I thot time off the cycling, breaking my momentum to enjoy the mountains, rice fields along the way. It was then tt i realised, the place is so beautiful! Reaching the destination was fulfilling, but taking time to enjoy the scenery along the way was way more rewarding!

7. Learn a new skill/enhance a current one
活到老学到老. I believe we have to constantly nourish our minds to remain current and active. However, as we get older, we become more resistant to learning new things. So instead of learning a totally new concept, why not improve a current one! I would love to try blading again, but of cos I need a patient enuff teacher. While cycling in Pai, I kept cursing along the way, on why I cldnt ride a motorbike (would have made my life abit easier), or y i wasn't a better mountain biker. Maybe it's time I improve my cycling skills!

8. Conquer the sky
Ok, this one, maybe not in 2009. But it's sth in my mind tt I wish to accomplish. I've done the sea, mountain, left with the sky. Have to do tt to complete the cycle! It's a matter of conquering tt fear of jumping into nth-ness. It's like committing suicide. Who likes tt feeling! But once u'r off, u juz feel lightness & greatness. It's sth tt can be conquered.

9. Travelling
You don't think i'll leave out travelling ya.. No way, I like travelling. Even tho i travel alot for work, it's always different when u do it for leisure! The joy, excitment, adventure & experience u gain from each travel r unmeasurable! The world is so big, & we'r only a tiny dot each!

10. Live a simple life
Not tt I'm living a complicated life. But simplicity itself is a beauty! 简单就是美。Alot of times, pple think tt by piling on lots of articifial coverings or superficial stuff, it makes life so much more glamorous & great. Yes it may be glamorous, but underneath all those coverings, u may not be truly happy! Look at those Hollywood stars. They have e'rything u can only dream of, but u hear stories of them down with depression, ugly breakups, lonely hearts. Things tt u thot shld never happen to them, but they do! Their lives have been complicated by the scrutiny of the media & pple ard the world tt makes it difficult for them to be themselves, to truly njoy life, to truly seek what brings happiness! I was staying at the village huts for one night during my trip. They had nth extravagant. Maybe only tt of solar powered lights for the night. Other than tt, no electricity, tv or computers. No stoves, no proper sanitation, not even a proper bed! But u look into their eyes, & u see tt they'r truly satisfied with their lives! They don complain. Their lives r not complicated by the materialistic outside world. It's true tt they don have much money, but they don really care tt much! They have their farms to take care of, their rice fields. They'r happy as long as they hv enuff rice to feel the mouths. Who cares of grade A or B rice! We see children running ard, in torn tattered clothes, no shoes, N they r truly beaming with happiness the way they r!

Sometimes, we need to take a step back & look at ourselves. We r really lucky! We have e'rything. I am lucky to be born in Singapore, where we have no natural disasters, where the govt is good & no political turmoil. We don nd tons of money, juz enuff to survive. 知足常乐。Do we really need Prada/Gucci bags to make us happy? Yes, good to have, but tt kinda happiness is short lived. We should be happy n grateful tt we r living!

Wow, 10 resolutions sound like alot, but well they'r not meant to be achieved in just a snap of the fingers. Most of them r long term goals. Well some of u may say, 'hey what about finding a bf' or 'getting married'. Duh, those r not resolutions. Those r defined by fate, & not by force. If it comes it comes. And when it really does come, grab hold of tt opportunity real tight & not let go. Sometimes, u'll only regret when u lose it, n it'll b too late when tt happens.

Wow, it's 20mins past 12midnight! It's the new year!!!! Happy new year to all!!

Yes, I'll blog abt my Pai adventure later the week. 1st thing to do, bake my famous choc chip cookies when I wake up later in the day.

Till then, maybe love n peace be with all of u. Pursue ur dreams & nvr look back!

Friday, December 19, 2008

总结篇 - 一步曲

又到年终了!一转眼,2008到了结尾。1年前的今天,我满怀希望,超兴奋的期待新的工作岗位。开始我的第二春!没想到,那么快,我已过了1周年!其中,渗透着喜,怒,哀,乐!ok,多半是快乐的!同事都很open,funny,humorous,做得好开心!学到很多,见识很多!又长大了!喜欢这分工,飞来飞去,见识不同的工作地点,不同的工作环境,不同的工作习惯,各式各样的工作伙伴,超爽!i like! 我喜欢到不同的地方工作,不需每天对着同样的desk,office,pantry. 偶尔换个环境是挺不错的!其实,这份宫廷适合我的!至少,keep me occupied! 到国外,有不同的东西做,not so boring :)

总结清单,2008还好!没拾么大起大落,超悲凉,哀怨的事。2008 is a happy year! 结婚是in thing! 2 close friends got married,many more other friends too! expected! 这个年龄,因该差不多是时候。next year may be worse! 祝所有新婚夫妇,幸福美满!早生贵子!!Happy for them! 拾么时候轮到我?Haha,等咯!找到了再说!Time is still on my side...Sorta!

Anyway,看似好像去了好多地方!但都是公干,还没真正的放假!终于,我可以放假了!1 & half weeks, to North Thailand! 22 Dec起飞!元旦前夕将返回!始终还是选择了在祖国过元旦。So, I'm still available for any new year party!!!

又是一次的单独旅行,no kaki no choice! 但还好,其实有时,蛮喜欢这种一个人独处的时候。OTOT -Own time own target,Plan自己想做的事,想看的景点。像光洁就走,想slack就slack.不需care友人的感想。听起来,好像很selfish,但有时挺Accurate & true.清净,有时间,自我反省,检讨,憧憬未来的方向,目标,旅程。也能认识更多来自远方的旅客,朋友。Maybe有时,在夜深人静时,会有孤单寂寞的感觉,但也是烟消云散,一闪而过。Peacefulness is actually quite therapeutic。这是第二次,单独出门。I can take it! Don’t worry! 行程表已安排好了!Fun packed and action filled 1 and a half weeks of trekking, rafting, sightseeing & slacking! 挺期待,但又有点不以为意。Just another trip! 但还是高兴,兴奋的!End the year with a bang! FYI, I’ll be touring a small city west of Chiang Mai called Pai. 说了,你也不清楚,但Just to let you know。典珊历险记即将展开!敬请密切留意,关切期待!

Set 了resolution吗?I don’t believe in setting. 要就做,敢敢来!通常,set了都没去fulfil。还是不要set。顺其自然。

Seems like 2008 may end peacefully. 希望如此。美好的圣诞,完美的开始新的一年。

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of YOU!! Be back next year to update!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

麦哈北派 (mai hiam bei pai)

Do you know there's a Shanghai Road and Kay Poh Road in Singapore? Does it mean people stayin in Kay Poh Road will be Kay Poh or have to be? Does it mean Houses along SHanghai Road are influenced by the SHanghainess culture??
I have been edificed on the locations of Singapore road!! I should continue to understand my country!
Btw, the Christmas lighting along Orchard Road doesnt seem that bad!! Why are pple complaining? I have not witnessed the lightings last year, so i have no benchmark but judging by what I briefly glimpsed of this year's lightings, I think it is a good enough job!! Come on pple, stop complaining and start feeling the atmosphere! Does it mean brighter and more lights will bring abt a more Christmassy feel? Or should the atmosphere come from within? We don't need superficial ornaments to tell us how and what to feel! Don't be so shallow (quote from my colleague)

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Attended my LAST wedding for 2008, and it just so happens to be the wedding of one of my closer ring of frens! & the 2nd gal from our group to take the walk down the aisle!!!

Mr Anthony Toh and our dear Christine Tan Qinyi finally become formally unified and declared husband and wife on 4th Dec 2008. & It just so happened to be QIn's birthday!! Quoting from the husband Mr Toh (aka Congming. FYI cos he looks like tat person from the Taiwanese group Tension from eon years ago), 7years ago, boy met girl. Boy told girl, boy will marry girl when girl turns 26! & Walau 7 yrs later, on the day girl turned 26, they got married!!! Hahah sounds so sweet rite!

The night begun at 630pm for the solemnization when they became legally married in the eyes of the law.

TV screen outside the room @ Marina Mandarin

After which dinner commenced at roughly 820pm (or so i presumed). They had an army march in (so cool!!) but no fire engine in sight hahaha (congming is fireman). & as usual, time to play some 'Say Cheese' games to the camera!

Happy version with the bride!!!

Let's pose prettily!

Me with bride

The entourage!!! So cool!

8 courses & 3hrs later, the dinner ended. Stomach full & bloated, we walked outa the ballroom & back home to our lovely beds! So happy for them! Qin looked splendid tat night!

The wedding flavour! Same as Seowling's so now i have a pair!! (Tho diff type)

Me & Cindy

Cindy with JJ & Alvin. NO IDEA what the HECK alv was trying to do man

Table photo!!

Table photo with the couple!

The lovely couple is flying (or oredi in air??) to Europe for their month long honeymoon, covering Italy, France & Spain! So envious 1mth holiday!! Shiok ar!

I want to go on my HOLIDAY!!!!!

p/s: Does eating dried apricots lead to LS, or is it just a natural cleansing & detoxfying process tat so conviently coincides with the ingestion of dried apricots?

pp/ss: Madrid next Jan for conference! WoooHooo!!! Going to extend 1 more wk to visit the city of Barcelona & Madrid & meet up with frens!!

ppp/sss: Hey I'm updating my blog more often now!!! Hmm mayb the fire of writing has been re-ignited!

pppp/ssss: SOmeone finally had the courage to tender! Hope it is for real. To tat someone: DO NOT WAIVER AGAIN!!!!!

ppppp/sssss: I did 90% of my 'NEEDS' list!!! Still need to buy sports shoes (ok deciding b/n sports shoes or trekking shoes now), nice sandals (may defer), extendable trek pants tat can become long or short with zippers (ok i dono how to call it formally)

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Zoe Tay was just next to me for at least 5-10mins but I only noticed and caught a glimpse of her leaving for 5-10secs...

I'm so Bloody Blur!!

When did my neighbour hang the birdcage along the corridor? Just yesterday night or days ago? Never did realise it until it was pointed out to me yesterday night...

I'm so Bloody Blur!!

Things are ever changing every hour, minute even seconds. We either react n be responsive to it or choose to be ignorant. Alot of times, we are ignorant. Maybe it's time for us to pay more attention to our surroundings, be aware of every happening and be proactive rather than passive. So often, it becomes too late when we realise what is happening just when we'r about to lose something. Time to cherish those around us, things around us before all is too late... Love the ones u love, care for the ones u care.. What with tough times ahead, uncertain future and crazy happenings... YOu never know what will happen next... Live life to the fullest, no regrets seem to be the way to go...

Mumbai terrorist attack has been stopped. Albeit the terrible consequences (Deep condolescences to the dead Singaporean lawyer and all the other innocent victims)

PAD protestors finally dispersed, BKK situation seems to be heading for the better HOPEFULLY


Maybe 2008 will end MERRILY... There is still HOPE

Sunday, November 30, 2008

15 Facebook Don'Ts

Read this from 8-days (8-days every week...) Interesting, furnie & Oh So True!! Let's have a test, go through each of the 15 items and see if You are guilty of them!! I'll go 1st :)

1. Do Not Write Anything On Anyone's Facebook Wall That Can Land Them In Hot Soup
Eh ney I don't do tat, I'm more direct, I call them or msn them immediately hahahha - NOT GUILTY

2. Do Not Be A Facebook Whore
Further explanation: Adding people you barely remember from 10-20yrs ago or assorted strangers just to make you SEEM popular...
Nope NOT GUILTY!!! Eh I think most of the time, pple want to add me instead of the other way round.. Haha I'm just too lz to recall my past friends, except for close ones & impt friends.. So all those in my list, you know who u r & How IMPORTANT YOU R!!!

3. Do Not Assume That People Want a Play-by-play Of Your Tedious Little LIfe
Hmm I'm not so extreme, update mayb a few days once WHEN impt things happen tat NEEDS updating... - NOT GUILTY

4. Do Not Be Passive-Aggressive
Nope, TAKE IT UP WITH THE PERSON PERSONALLY if you have issues with them. DO NOT wring sympathy by commenting your feelings on FB. IT IS SO UNCOOL - NOT GUILTY

5. Do Not Tag Your Friends in Photos In Which They Look Drunk, Fat or Are Missing Articles of Clothing
I'll KILL anyone who does tat to me... - NOT GUILTY

6. Do Not Post Photos That Are More Than 10 Years Old
Eh GUILTY WITHOUT APPEAL!!!!! Sorrie folks, I posted by Sec Sch & JC Class photos. But then again, they were CLASS PHOTOS, means small photo of Everyone, & no identification of ANYONE!! Well If tat helps abit...hehehehe..& I WILL NOT acknowledge any requests of identifying who's who in the photos! - GUILTY AS CHARGED

7. Do Not Wait Two Days Before Accepting A Friend Request Just Because You Don't Want TO Appear Parked On Facebook 24/7
Eh Nope, If I don't accept you whn I log in to view, means I'm NOT GOING to accept you FOREVER!!!!! - NOT GUILTY

8. Do Not Use Facebook for Work Related Matters
Tht's just plain stupid. Dono if u guys have read the FB case whr an employee added the boss & got busted haha tat's damn furnie man... - NOT GUILTY

9. Do Not Start a Facebook Group Claiming That you Can Save An Amazonian Tribe From Urbanisation If You Get 1,000,000 Members
Well, I guess those people R Damn bored with live to create such a group. Don't be stupid to believe such groups - NOT GUILTY

10. Do Not Inundate Your Friends With Invitations to Play Texas Hold'Em Poker, Vampire Wars etc
Tat was NEVER MY purpose of joining FB. So i NEVER ONCE accepted anyone's offer to play games. Too distracting & TOo much trouble. Yes I'm DAO. But I think the fever has died down abit, or maybe pple juz got fed up with TRYING to invite me - NOT GUILTY

11. Do Not Update Your Profile Photo Every Three Hours
Let me recall, I only had 2 photos since the 1st day i joined FB. The most recent one was a photo taken 6mths back & used till since.. No intention of changing until I get a bter one... - NOT GUILTY

12. Do Not Have a Protracted Wall-to-Wall Conversation With Your Friend
I May be guilty of this for only once!! Was talking to a friend on a possible meet up sometime next year. It MAY seem alittle too long a conversation on Wall-to-Wall. I accept my mistake. Next Time I shall Use Message Box! - PARTIALLY GUILTY

13. Do Not Engage in FDA (Facebook Displays of Affection) With Your Beau
I CANNOT STAND PDA (Public Displays of Affection). So FDA is a NO-NO to me. So far, i think have yet to see any extreme cases in my friends' list..Heng AR!!! - NOT GUILTY

14. Do Not Break Up By Chancing Your Relationship Status to 'Single'
Seriously, those pple who do this, ought to be PUNISHED!!! N U thot Sms breakup was terrible, THIS IS WORSE!!!!! Don't be a coward. Face the music in PERSON!! - NOT GUILTY

15. Do Not Complain If People Do Any or All of the Above
Oops, I guess I'm Guilty?? Since I'm complaining abt these in the blog? Oh wait, I'm just commenting, NOT complaining hahhaha... - SO NOT GUILTY HAHAH

So Let's Tally the score!

1.5/15 (There's 1 partially guilty) Hmmm, I"m NOT a FB PEST!!! hahaha So how did u guys do??

Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Birthday TO ME!!!

The day of the year has finally arrived...Once again...

Happy Birthday to Me!! Another year has passed, wiser by one more year, smarter by one more year, and pretty as always :)

Birthday wish(es):

1) Quote from ABBA - "MONEY MONEY MONEY"
2) WORLD PEACE!! This is serious! What with the stupid BKK protestors, Mumbai bombing n such, now don u feel Miss Universe is such a meaningful competition??
3) HOLIDAY!! Yes I desperately need one. have not taken a holiday for the whole year! N my dream holiday is dependent on the situation in BKK damn it!
4) Good Health. Yes cliche but IMPORTANT ALWAYS!!!!!
5) Eh, soulmate?? Hahah every year the same wish, but still lidat... But still must keep on wishing la hahaha

15 more mins b4 my bday ends... Enjoy everyone!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Protestors should STOP wasting their time holding Bangkok Airport hostage & Staging DEMONSTRATIONS!!


Missy here WANTS, NEEDS, DESIRES her well-deserved HOLIDAY!!!!!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Blissful - Redefined

Was looking through my past blog entries... I guess retro/nostalgia is starting to kick in to me. Yes, i've started posting photos from the past (from baby photos to kid to graduation), looking through the scanned photos of the past 20++ years or so, and marvel at how pple changed over the years! It's really interesting going through the phase called 'Growing up'. There was a period of young n innocent, a period of nonsensical fashion sense, flat hair and high waisted jeans. Those were the days.....

Anyway, was reading through the blogs, especially blog written on March 23 2007 on Blissful! For those who have forgotten, please refer to March 23 2007 entry on my definition of Blissful. Yes i said i was NOT blissful and WILL NOT be for years to come. I think, pple mature through the years and thinking changed.. Come to think of it, i was too harsh on my words. Reflection upon my current status and thinking, I think Simplicity is Bliss :) It chanced upon me yesterday when i was surfing through Facebook and noted one of my fren's facebook comments - "I am a simple man with a simple heart". It made me think - 简单就是美。Imagine a world where life is just simple, no pressure to perform or shine, e'rything is peaceful and simple, just like the life of the villagers in Vietnam (Sapa). U c happiness written across their faces! Granted, they have poor access to clean water, poor sanitation or even less than desirable food, but u just feel like they are satisfied with their way of living!

Beauty in life lies in simplicity. Nowadays, in the current world, survivor of the fittest is KEY. Survivor feeds competition feeds pressure. Everyone is so caught up with work and work and how to work even harder tat we forget our surrounding and minuscule things around us that matter most, or that makes us smile! How many times have we slowed down, sit in the park n njoy the day just doing nth n reading? I admit that I don even do tat! I was in Sydney in Sept. What i saw was pple sitting outside the air-conditioned bldgs, having their simple packed lunch, sitting outside njoying the sun and food and just some peace alone time, reading. Simple but it's theraupeutic. Or in the morning, just sitting by the bench, reading a book for a couple of minutes b4 heading to work! Well, we don't do tat in SG. We would rather spend tat 10mins catching up on sleep than to go out n read a book! Maybe it's the difference in culture, maybe it's the difference in mentality, but whn I look back at this, I feel like 'Hey, y don't we do tat'? I ask myself, and the answer I gave is 'I rather sleep'. Yes, I admit even tho i envy tat kinda carefree lifestyle, I too m guilty of rather sleeping...

Blissful... I think i'm alot more open on this idea than 1 year ago. Granted my life is not perfect, I mean no one is perfect! Look at those millionaire superstars, do u think they r perfect?? They have loads of money but no privacy, lots of stupid gossips. Of cos who doesnt like to have loads of $$, but $$ can't buy love, can't buy true friendship. I have all my friends ard me, I have my family ard me, I have gd fun colleagues ard me, I have a gd stable job. What's not to like abt my life?? Yes, I still don't have a boyfriend (working hard in the process), I still don't have 1mil in my bank acct. But hey those r additional perks! I have my health, my life! I should be grateful for that!

I m blissed with having a grp of crappy psychotic frens who can go crazy with me (don't have to act up in front of them). Granted some tend to be 重色轻友 and it actually do hurt when tat happened, but what r frens for! U noe that they'll come back to u and u'r the one they seek solace from in times of trouble or vice versa. It's hard to let years of friendship just go down the drain just cos of a few unhappy incidents. Let Bygones b Bygones.. Give and let go :) It feels good to be able to b there for frens whn they nd u. N they know that!

I m blissed to have my family still ard. Yes, i'm guilty of not communicating with them often. I guess that's just the way we were brought up, my dad being the 'master' of the family, creating a barrier between making it hard to talk to him freely. But hey, at least I know they'r alwz there if I nd help. Over the years, I have learnt to soften the defence wall I have built ard myself, and tried to communicate more... It's a slow learning process..

I m blissed to have good fun colleagues for the past 4 years since my graduation. Not some snorty, high class pple who don't bother to joke and b crazy with u. It's so impt to have good colleagues..

I m blissed to have good jobs so far. My life in EY can b considered one of the bter ones, not having those shitty portfolios, late nites r not as plenty as others.. Current job is good with good exposure n boss, not having to slog late hrs as well..

N my health is still with me, working twds a much bter physique and stamina! I have my whole life in front of me still! Many areas n lands unexplored!!
I m blissed with the fact that I can continue my exploration of the land beyond! So what can I say...

It's time to try to let go of myself.. Over the years, I have put up too many defenses, too many criterias for myself to fulfil. Sometimes, being too hard on myself. I'm not a perfectionist, but I have certain criterias that I muz c myself stick to. Mayb it's time to redefine these criterias and set new ones...

I feel blissed.. I m blissful... Learn to let go...

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

My Best Friend's Wedding

10years ago (i think abt tat many years), a bunch of us innocent, wide-eyed girls in nurse-like uniforms headed to the cinema eagerly in anticipation of dear Julia Roberts' come-back movie of the year - My Best Friend's Wedding! N we emerged wide-grinned and happy, gushing abt how romantic and wonderful the film was, how cute the songs r, and the feeling of marrying off ur best friend, that muz be fantastic! Of cos, then we were still the nubile freshies, juz started our teenage years in Secondary School... Who would have though that 10 years down the road, all of us have grown up into mature young ladies, full of confidence, career and changed mentality. N on the course of the morphing, some nice lads entered into some of our lives, and eventually led to our own - My Best Friend's Wedding!!!

1mth 1day ago, one of my best friend - Seowling, got married, the 1st in our group! Of cos All of us were so excited and gancheong for her!! 1st of our group, we did our best to assist her in the preparation and almost got ourselves gancheong as well, cos well for those who know her, she's so damn laidback n nonchalant that sometimes u juz feel nervous for her!!! But well, alls well ends well! Eventually, after several hiccups, nervous planning and such, the wedding was smoothly held on Sept 6 2008!

Cindy n I were chosen to be her entourage (aka jie mei). But well, there was no sabotaging of the groom n such, so we were there juz to accompany her, support her n psyche her up! UP early in the morning at 630am, we proceeded to her house by 7am to witness the transformation from plain Seowling to the bride to be. Now I know how tiring it is for the bride! The whole transformation took almost 2hrs!!! From basic makeup to more makeup to final touch up, then hairdo n change of clothes, wa biangz, so damn tiring! N All these juz for a day's worth of being a bride!! What a price to pay!

In the process of transformation

Done! Hair and makeup

Happy version!!

Us with corsages!! Nice NIce

N of cos, photogs n videographers ard, hunting ur e'ry move, n capturing ur e'ry moment! N Not to forget, posing n acting for the camera! Yes, all those photos u see, alot of them r deliberately posed for the tiring! N this photog ALWAYS request for at least 2 versions of poses - Normal, and Happy version, Happy version being cutesy with the 'V' sign. So Duh! So thr'out the day, we'll hear 开心版,开心版. Aiyoyo! Then the videographer, alwz gota wait for him to be in position b4 carrying out certain actions so that he can CAPTURE THE MOMENT!! hahaha

More Happy version with the bride!!
On ur knees now!! The groom n bride

Oh, we left our heartfelt messages on the video, hope Seow gets to watch it!! Haha, wonder how we look and sound on tv man.. I think it'll b terrible, like so unnatural hahah...
Then it was off to church (ok we were late for 1hr hahaha), n the church procession blah blah (sorie, not christian, so it was rather boring for me, but hey have to respect them).. Then lunch reception n tea ceremony. Not to forget the throwing of the bouquet!!! Of cos NO ONE wants to catch it!! Yes, those movies r FAKE!!! Where got pple so enthu abt catching the flower, we NEVER see that happening!! Haha, e'ryone juz stood there for the effect but NO ONE wanted to touch it!!! So whole thing is a set up!! Haha, obviously the one person who will be getting married is tasked with catching the flower!! N tat's DANLIN!! Hehe...

Group Photo Happy version
Bigger group!

Catch catch!!! Haha Danlin got it in the end, after much persuasion

After 1 whole morning of marriage stuff, it's time for us to take a break n head back to home for a short nappy b4 the dinner begins! Yes, dinner is when I"LL SHINE!!! Haha cos i'm the selected Emcee for the event! Yes, my 1st time is given to Ah SEow! For the benefit of her wedding!! kkeke..

Had to be at the hotel by 6pm for the briefing and testing of the mikes n stuff. Again, ah seow has to prep for the make up n stuff, looking ever so damn tired. Really so tiring to be a bride man! I hope i don hv to go thr all those in future keke...

My partner is Song tai, whom some of our grp says bare a close resemblance to our dear Ryan.. Maybe he's there to remind us of Ryan's absence hahaha...

It's also nice to see all our grp of frens again, aft quite a long time... Our table was the loudest n craziest of the night man hahaha... N of cos, alot of camwhoring happening with 4-5 cameras whipping out at the same time, taking loads of photos with different crazy poses (like the 1-7 poses, or Happy version) N of the food n cheers!
Wedding gifts, each gets 1 only, not a set!!

Our table minus Cindy


Start of camwhoring! OUr table

Back to my 1st time, being an emcee can b quite daunting, what with all those lengthy scripts n words to read out, but once u'r up there, it juz seems like normal. Of cos, scripts r hand written and of cos, alot of times, I skipped a whole chunk of words ahahaha... We'r not the star of the night!! WE juz facilitate the entrance of the couple n the smooth running of the whole event! I think i did quite an ok job, of cos with loads of room for improvements! FYI, i was the Chinese Emcee. Ok, any other weddings requiring emcee? I MAY offer my service depending on our relationship n monetary rewards!! Hahah

My emcee Song tai n Me

Walking down the aisle. Splendid in REd!!!

Cin n I with our bear bear

Cin, JJ n ME. It's JJ Tan not JJ Lin

Cin, qiuping n ME

Tho tired, but ah seow looked splendid thr'out!! Haha, now we all know that she's blessed with a good figure ok (有料之人) haha... Yes, cindy was talking abt it ever since the wedding photoshoot! Ya she's juz jealous wahahhaha!!!

Show ur bear!! Table photo with the couple!

Me n bride. FYI, this dress is tailor-made in China!!! I thought of Seow's wedding whn i made it

N the night ended at the stroke of 11pm. WEnt home, washed up, slept and the next morning I had to fly to Sydney for my work! Hahah Xiong ar!! While our dear Ah Seow zipped of to her 1mth long honeymoon in Europe 2days later..So Shiok!!!
Oh shit, forgot to mention, the groom is Aloysius Low, but we call him Aloy haha.. So here's to the married couple Mr n Mrs Low, happy marriage, and procreate soon!!! Hahah

Sunday, October 05, 2008

I'm back! Missing in Action for quite some time, no thanks to my jetsetting life -- Sydney for 2 weeks, followed by 2wks in Bangkok 1day later. So no time to update my blog man. For those out there, Yes i'm still alive and NOT shutting this blog down! Gimme some time man, I need inspiration to write!

So what's a better way to welcome me back than A FASHION SHOW!!! Alex Perry Collection Launch is only the beginning of MORE to come! I"m onto my 2nd fashion show man!

The official Invite!!

I was invited to Fall In Love with Banana Republic on 4th Oct, the day after my plane landed back in Singapore. So uber excited!! Armed with my lovely invitation card, and my best kaki - Cindy, we sashayed to Paragon Atrium, awaiting for the start of the Fashion Show!!

The runway!

Fashionista?? Haha crowd at the fashion show

Us pretty gals! Taken by the photographer...

Me by the runway. Nope didnt walk down it tho...

Of cos, what is fashion show without the chic chic set up, people, food and fashion! Pre-show finger food was served while all guests were seated. There were champagne, tarts, brownies, macaroons and of cos PEOPLE!! We seated ourselves in the front row, right next to the T-stage (aka runway) to get up close and personal to the fashion and models keke...

The food served! Champagne n nice nice crab tarts!!

After half hour of waiting and munching on the Bakerzin food (yes, e'rything is Bakerzin keke), the show finally begun!!! Models started to strut their stuff at the start of the music, wearing the latest fall/winter collection of Banana Republic. Some were beautiful, some were cute, some were so-so, some were stoic, n one particular was just modelesque!! It goes to show, models are human too hahaha don't expect ALL of them to be divine man...

And the show begins!!

Even kids are so fashion savvy!!!!

The only better looking male model. The rest, let's juz say stick to the ladies...

My fav model out there!! She juz has tat X factor & zest! N best walk!

So u may wonder, m I a Banana Republic fanatic, hence the invitation to their fashion show?? Well, NONONO!! Fashion show is a fashion show is a fashion show.. It's just a show! U don't have obligations to buy their products to be able to sit below and watch the fashion! I'm juz priviledged!! Hahah to have subscribed to one of the fashion magazines... So who knows, it's the beginning of more to come?? I can get used to it! It's a nice feeling! N FYI, we were photographed by the photographer, and who knows, we MAY end up appearing in the mag, with our names printed!!!

Just an update, I juz came back from Bangkok, and YES, damage was done! Kekek, it was >1yr ago since i went BKK to shop! Satisfied! Next up, I'll be jetting off to Rayong (a place where birds don't lay eggs, a chinese saying) for 2weeks, on the coming Sun. So i'll NOT be ard to update my blog.

Oh, just decided to blog abt this that I saw on the bus this aftnn. A chinese national lady, was shooting herself using her HP repeatedly (aka zi pai in chinese). For what reasons, I can only guess to see how she looks like in her hairdo! I hate it when pple do such a thing. Like nth better to do than to snap shoot ursef. N this case is even weirder!! She was in the bus, with quite a number of pple, n there she was sitting there, shooting herself over and over again. Changing her hairdo (i.e. parting of hair) and re-shooting again wah simply cannot take it!!!!! What's up with pple who love the idea of self shooting?? I understand if circumstances make it impossible for pple to shoot for u, but sometimes, pple juz do it cos they feel like it! In a bus, also can self shoot! Sometimes, there r pple ard, but still these pple choose to self-shoot.. Cannot stand it. And sometimes those impossibly cutesy pose n facial expression wah CANNOT TAKE IT!!!
Frens out there, hope u all enjoyed the Sydney photos! Had a really great time in Sydney, visitin Blue Mountain (did hiking and trekking thr'out my day trip there), harbour bridge, botanic garden, fish market & the city & the bondi coastal walk which took abt 1.5hrs!! Cool place
Until next time... DS sign off~!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

My First Fashion Show!!

I've finally had a taste of what fashion show is about...Yes, I was invited, as a VIP, to the ALEX PERRY Winter 2009 collection launch!!!

Brief introduction, Alex Perry is THE fashion designer in Australia!! Yes, the very famous designer! He has appeared in magazines, and tv shows (Australia Next Top Model) that's how i got to know him! He a bald guy who likes to put his specs on his bald shiny head!

How exciting! Ok, so how did I get invited to such exclusive collection launch?? Well, by coincidence actually. My colleague n I am currently in Sydney for an audit, so by stroke of luck, we came at the time where this launch was s'posed to be carried out! So 1st day into our work, we were invited to be a VIP guest to the event!!! N it was for Alex Perry!!! FYI, alex perry is our brand ambassador as well!!

Tuesday (10th Sept) was the event, but well, we came on business, so no fancy glam glam gown, juz went in our best self (hey, we'r good in our own self oredi). Red carpet event at 7pm, show at 8pm. We went down at 730pm (FYI, the event was staged at the show room of our company arena). Lots of 'unkowns' and apparently 'big shots' were sipping champagnes and eating finger food, chatting and waiting for the SHOW to begin. after 30mins of waiting and wondering and of cos photo taking, 8pm finally struck! The show begun!

Me @ Alex Perry!
The setup for the show!

Well Winter collection launch, we had expected fur, fur, leather, leather, thick thick clothings, but out came chiffons, silk, flowery flowy dresses... Hmm winter launch?? More like night gowns! Maybe it's his night dresses launch, timed for the winter season, hence 'Winter Collection Launch'. It was a cool experience, models strutting down, heads turning, wows n hooos...cameras flashing, medias and photographers all ard! After 30mins, at 830pm, b4 u knew it, the whole show ended... N off we went home. so short!!! >1hr of pre-fashion show waiting, for juz a short span of fashion show... Tat's wat fashionistas do man.. so tiring hahaha..

Models strutting their stuff

The bald man is Alex Perry..He's married with kids to a woman FYI

Of cos we went home smiling, with goodie bag in hand n a check under 'attend a fashion show'! I want more fashion show!!!!

My Goodie Bag, lipstick, hairspray, perfume, choc

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I STill Got It In Me

I've staged a comeback! Finally! After almost 8months of 'No Baking' period, I have made my very 1st step back into the once comfortable zone of BAKING! Yes, my once mastery baking skill is ALL COMING BACK TO ME!!

Like I announced, I STILL GOT IT IN ME!! Loads of it in fact! Decided to bake my famous, world-renowned, tasted and reviewed and acknowledged Chocolate Chip Cookies! To those who have had the HONOUR of tasting them during the past Christmases, you know what I mean. Yes, I'm selective in baking and distributing. I don't bake just for the sake of baking (cos I normally don't eat what I bake). I like to give instead of consume. So if I don't eat, I don't bake! N i just don't bake for nothing. I usually bake for occassions so that I can distribute the fruits of my labour! So out goes cakes n bread (unless it's a birthday or gathering). Usually do cookies, muffins (not so much as well) or cream puffs!

ANyway, back to my COMEBACK master piece. Yes the famous cookies! FYI, I made only half the recipe n it took a total of 3.5hours! From preparation to baking to packing. Yes, 3.5hrs for only half the recipe and in total about 1.4KG of cookies. Yes IT IS HARD WORK!! So don't just make me bake them for nothing! I don't entertain those unless u pay me for them! N by 3.5hrs, I Mean 3.5hrs of NON-STOP baking (no resting, no time for even toilet breaks). It was just start n go all the way, with 2 OVENS (yes 2 ovens, imagine if I had only 1 oven, it would take so much longer), n loads of trays going in and out. It was HECTIC for sure, but i like it! I always find baking therapeutic. Haha, yes tat's my way of relaxing myself. It's fun to bake n even better when u see the perfect outcome. N the pride when pple taste ur bakes and shower u with praises! So SHIOK!!

Yes, I'm all beaming now, cos once again, without fail, the cookies have HIT THE POPULARITY ROOF! My colleagues are eating non-stop and were convinced at one point that I bought them from Famous Amos (yes it is THAT GOOD). My PT is also eating non-stop, never mind that he is on a diet and those cookies are sure to put a dent in the plan. I'm sure I have much more supporters out there who can attest to this fact - MY COOKIES ARE GREAT!! Hahah nope i'm not going to be humble about it. Yes, my forever fervent supporter of the cookies, a Mr Tan, has even requested for additional container, which I had already declined cos i'm not baking additional.

Well, 8months of rest is nothing when u have the talent (which i have). So what, when u've got it, u've got it! Ha! People, I'm Back in the Baking Arena! Suddenly, I'm filled with baking desire! Who knows, maybe i'll start baking more often just to test my skills! But of cos, I bake what I want! Chocolate Chip cookies again? Not till at least Xmas, however, if u PAY ME, i MAY consider.....

So morale of the story (besides paying me to bake cookies for u), be nice to me.....It Pays to be nice...

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Gotham Penthouse Night Out

The long awaited girls' night out to the much known Gotham Penthouse! Gotham Penthouse, well-known and famous for its fun, sexy n maybe kinky dance performances at night, that's bordering on alittle strip-teasing (but not to the last strand). 4 pretty, sexy ladies on their 1st night out! Well, it's sth to be excited about!

The ticket to entry!

A brief history, it was part of an NUS alumni event, courtesy of Cindy, the 4 of us said 'Yes' quite immediately! N so begun the countdown to the date 4th July (coincidentally US national day).

Finally the friday came n we all gathered at Danlin's house to wash up & doll up! Hehe, well party night of cos must doll ourselves up (not too extreme though). N off we went for makan then Gotham!

Us gals by the Poster of Gotham!

We arrived close to 10pm n entered the much awaited clubhouse, anticipating more fun, music & party. However, much to our dismay, the atmosphere inside seemed alittle quiet & peaceful for a club!!!! E'ryone was quietly drinking at their own corner, no one on the dance floor, no mingling ard of any sort. N there wasnt even a crowd to start with!! Sparsely populated for such a well-known night club!! Must have been due to this NUS alumni night event that caused the dip in atmosphere n party.

We came juz in time for the 1st dance performance by the Odyssey. In the past, it used to be all male dancers, now they changed to be 3 males n 3 females. Well, it was only an opening performance so it was nothing too HOT or raunchy, slightly disappointing cos we were expecting MORE. Well, it's Gotham Penthouse for god's sake! All over the papers for its raunchy dance routines & hot bods! Somemore, the female dancers were rather FAT & not fit.. a GREAT disappointment! Imagine watching a professional performance with jiggling bods eeks...

Dancers at work..Look at the fat one on the right

The performance ended quite soon, think it was only like 15mins, n it was back to sad, quiet drinking. Even the performers were disappointed with the lack of responsed that they had to request for some applause n cheers!!
Anyway, we stayed there for 1hr more, talking abt raunchy subjects then left. We were too bored to wait for the 2nd performance, which i think would have started ard 1230am. That was like another 1hr+ wait in the quiet n boring place so we just left. Point to note though, they started allowing entrance to outsiders after 11pm, which sorta brightened up the atmosphere alittle with pple on the dance floor n the place becoming more like a clubhouse. So we concluded, it was cos of the NUS Alumni Night thingy that drenched the whole place! So moral of the story -- Can still visit, but on normal nights, n preferably after 12am for more raunchy performances.
The night ended ard 1230am at coffee club where we juz sipped coffee and talked. And not to mention the fiesca we had in search of Danlin's car!!! Who knew M3 meant somewhere between level 3 and 4! We searched thr' levels 3,4,5,6,7 but cldnt find her car and panicked until i saw M3 and clicked in my mind that 'hey, I think it's M3'! Well who could blame us! I mean M3 sounds more like somewhere below level 1 n in our minds, we rem we went from up to down and NOT vice versa...Anyway, we spent almost 30mins trying to find our car before we ended the night, happy but tired...
p/s: I just got a letter from IRAS cos i forgot to pay my taxes n its overdued!! Haha been busy travelling the whole of June that I totally forgot i've got taxes to pay! Anyway, I've been granted pardon for the moment so fine will not be imposed if I pay them by next week. N i'm so going to be a law abiding citizen now!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

I have been told that my blog is becoming BORRRRRING...n outdated..

Well truth be told, I agree it's slightly outdated since the last post was done in May 2008 which is abt 2 months ago.

What to do when your life now is so much better, more relaxing, less bitchy, less stress n complaints to moan n grumble about!! Maybe my life has been so peaceful that it's bordering on..OMIGOD, i'm so NOT going to describe that word.. It's just me happily living a peaceful life after those 3+ years of hectic lifestyle, slaving away free time & wkends at work.

Now I'm a happy internal auditor, in an almost stressfree (there's nothing known as total stress-free, I have to give myself some credits) company n job nature, surrounded by great & furnie colleagues to keep my mood so high up! I knock off on time (at 6pm) or even slightly earlier when i'm in SIngapore, and that just means that i'm able to hit the gym & sweat it out almost everyday! But of cos, i don't do tat e'ryday, maybe abt 4-5 times a week, including wkends.

Staying in Singapore means our field work is completed, n just left with the admin things & tidying up like writing the final report, tidying up workpapers etc etc n some admin admin work. SO our real WORK is performed when we're overseas! That's y sometimes we seem less busy in Singapore. But the fact is we worked hard overseas! Ok, not so hard as to drive round the clock till 1 or 2am but hard enuff to sniff out issues!

I like my current situation. Though SOME PPLE say my blog has become BORRING cos i don't have much to complain about! Isnt tat great!!! N my life has been pretty normal, no winning of 5mil TOTO, or striking an oil field or meeting TOm Cruise, or hitting on some rich, gorgeous man on the road... Well any of the above would DEFINITELY guarantee a full page report on my PRESTIGIOUS blog. What is laughing about some silly gossips in the office pantry, or chatting up with old friends, or discussing abt upcoming weddings? Not so major as to grace to pages of my blog! Oh talking abt weddings, i attended 2 in June alone, damn it, pple are juz flocking to get married nowadays... In the fashion world, u have VOGUE magazine being the pristine magazine, hard to get one cover. My blog has the same criteria. Only talks about really really interesting happenings, or trips or news! Something i like to talk abt, anyway it's MY BLOG!! I get to choose n decide! So for now, i think my life has been pretty stable, no serious ups or downs, so not going to blog abt something which isnt too exciting!

I can give u fervent readers an update though... SInce May 2008, i had only been to SHanghai for biz trip for 3weeks n boy was the audit interesting n tough. Lotsa happenings which included a potential fraud incident (but that person resigned b4 the case was unearthed). Not going into much details, we discovered loads of 'holes' in the design of their controls n operations which led to whatever happened. Quite shiok to dig n dig their dirty laundry. 1st time in SHanghai but not going to be the last. Still had not have enuff time to walk ard n visit places...Now back in Singapore (no more travelling till august) to tidy up n write report...

Juicy update..I may post a blog next week due to the up and coming GIRLS' NIGHT OUT this friday! Yeah! We're going to GOTHAM PENTHOUSE!! In clarke quay. Where there's a SHOW at night, teasing show... Excited? Blood boiling?? Me too!! Hehe, we're so going to have a good time out (hopefully) Can't wait for Friday to come. Maybe after that, I'll give u pple an update on the blog.. Going to be my best on the night! Party people!!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Redang Diveologue 2008

There is Travelogue, and then there is Diveologue! Mine is obviously Diveologue cos my main purpose of Redang Trip is to Dive!! My 1st dive in 2008, yes & i have fulfilled my wishlist of at least 1 dive a year! The difference is --- I have my own equipment!! Masks, booties & fins (and snorkel which was lost on my 1st dive in the water angry angry angry). What a great feeling to dive with own equipments! No more leaking masks, perfect fit & nice fins!! So shiok ar!

Of cos, the planning was terrible. It was a case of almost NOT happening trip after Tingmei & I had been so looking forward to the holiday (planned our leave & booked, really to go). 3wks b4 the date, we started to look ard the resorts & calling them to ask for availability. To our horror, all resorts (those we wanted) were FULL!!!!! Jialat! Then, a glimmer of hope appeared with 1 particular resort with 1 unit still available. Without thinking, we juz booked it. After which, we decided to book coach ticket & to our horror AGAIN, NO COACHES to redang during that period of time from Singapore!!!!! Jialat, no bus to go will DIE!! So we decided on Plan B - Go Johore buy ticket, depart ffrom Johore. So Dearest Tingmei went to JB to buy, luckily GOT TICKET!!! So heng ar! So this is our plan:

Depart 30th April Night from JB Larkin Terminal 1030pm
Duration: 10hours
Arrive Kuala Terrengganu 8am the following morning
Duration of stay in Redang: 4D3N
Return 4th May From KT to Singapore 9am bus

Given that my home is at the far end of Singapore (Jurong), I did not go home on 30th April (mind you i had to work on that day). So instead, i went to the gym n worked out haha to prepare my body for the 3 days of diving!! Perspiration, wash up & rush to the bus terminal to take bus to cross JB. Bloody bus damn slow & running late, so i ended up taking the cab to the causeway & hafway there kena JAM!!! Stupid buses & lorries choking up the roads, ended up i had to alight the cab a distance away from the causeway & ran my crazy arse all the way over (it was abt 15mins of extreme running). By the time i crossed over Singapore custom, i was soaking wet & panting!! Luckily all those gym work did me some good in building up my stamina! With the heavy backpack & diving gear, it is not easy task running the long long distance!

So instead of 845pm, i reached at 930pm. Poor Tingmei had to wait for me there. Panic raised as we had to reach Larkin Terminal by 1030pm. By the time we boarded the bloody bus 170 to cross the causeway, it was almost 945pm. Heart racing & clock ticking, we sat in the bus waiting anxiously as the bus maneuvered slowly out of the packed SG custom & onto a smooth ride across! Double lucky again! by 10pm, we made our way past the JB custom, surprisingly no Q no jam given that the following day is a holiday! So quickly, we boarded the bus to Larkin Terminal. By 1020pm, we reached the terminal & survived the scare! Super duper HENG AR!!! The bus left at 1040pm quite promptly i must say. Imagine if i was still stuck in the bus & not taken the cab, super LATE!!

After boarding, it was the start of the gruelling 10hours ride all the way to Kuala Terrengganu. Gruelling is not exaggerating! The bus was FREAKING COLD! The seats not so comfy & quite a bumpy ride. Felt so damn tired but too cold to really sleep properly! N the bus driver didnt bother to turn down the air con (maybe the language barrier was a prob too) So had to endure the freezer bus! Made sleeping really really hard cos u'r freezing but u wana sleep...Haiz

8am next morning, we reached KT terminal! Quite on the dot! Walked a short 5min to the jetty for our boat ride to Redang. Yeah we can smell the beach! But alas! All was not rosy! At the jetty by 830am, but the bloody 9am boat did not come for us! Ended up we waited till 1130am, wasted a good 3hrs of our time! We could have gone for an extra dive or extra hours of sunning by the beach! By the time we reached Redang it was 130pm (the boat ride was more than 1hr). So our dive had to be specially arranged at 430pm. The 2 of us joined a super big group (also from Singapore) of 16pax, means a total of abt 18 of us out to dive with 2 dive masters along - Robert & Zuki. 1st dive was only so-so, juz a starter. The rest of the day went on without anymore trouble. Dinner followed (buffet style) and nothing to rave about and by 9+pm, we were dead tired (lack of sleep) & so juz conked out on the bed till the next morning!

Redang Beach REsort!! Finally
View of Redang Beach!

During the break, Tingmei & I went to explore the island. We stayed at the "Xia Re Mo MO Cha" stretch of beach so we visited the More More Tea Inn, which has been rebuilt to a gift shop. So of cos, being the tourists that we are, we HAD to take pictures with the Inn & anything related to it!!!
Coffee, More More Tea or Me?!?!?!
With Love From Redang, Muaks!!!!
Just to mention, they have this really cute way of announcing the snorkelling trips! Cos pple go Redang mostly on snorkelling packages so every day there are 2 trips out. So at 10am and 3pm, they will play the Hawaii music & annouce: "It is time for snorkelling. please get really your masks & livejackets! We will see u at the beach". So furnie!! N Interesting!! haha... We laugh e'rytime the announcement comes on!

2nd day begun with a 830am dive, 1130am dive and 245pm dive. 3 dives in a day. SOunds xiong but i think it was still manageable! We changed group & Divemaster. Robert 'abandoned' us to follow the big grp of divers, while we followed Dolloa with 4 more guys from KL. Good, cos we prefer a smaller grp of divers. We were joined by another grp with John as the Divemaster. The 2nd day's dive sites were much much better! We saw more fishes & things like big stingrays, shrimps & crabs. Did some suntanning as well!

Took some posy photos then we walked to another part of the beach to REdang Bay resort, where there's a really quiet & secluded area of beach to R&R! There were some rocks far out, so we decided to climb & conquer! Both of us did mountaineering b4 so this is small case la! Up Up and Away! Our mini mountaineering expedition in Redang!! We made it all the wayout to the high point & once again, our holiday demon came out & possessed us! We started cam-whoring!! Haha, our fun inner self all exposed! Poses after poses of modelesque look, click click click! Hahah we will only selectively post some of the photos the rest r for our own eyes only! Well, we are 2 tourists to Redang where noone knows us & probably nvr will! So who cares!!! Hahaha!! Shall only pose those that can be seen by pple here..haha the rest r for my eyes (n selected few) only:

Moody feel pose on top of the rocks!

Yippie! Doing some crazy poses for the camera!

Oh not to forget, we went to get spray-on tattoos done! For the fun of it! I got mine on my lower back, nice picture! With colours. Tingmei got a small butterfly on her ankle! Well if i can't get a real one, a fake one is good enuff.

Can see? The airbrush tattoo!! Nice nice

After our fun moments we retreated back for our shower. Enroute back to our resort, we saw the Great Redang Workout! Haha, some resort was having this dancing workout and a group of holiday makers were following instructions & dancing their hearts out with the music. Looks like fun!

Come on everybody, dance to the beat of the music!!

After dinner, we stayed for a while waiting for the so-called liveband at SUmmer Point Bar. We were invited for drinks by the KL guys we dived with during the day. Sat down & chatted for quite sometime. 1 is a chef while the other is a horse keeper, training to be jockey! How interesting!!! They are quite fun guys. The liveband -- SUCKS!! Especially the 2 guy singers. Omigod! Cannot stand a second of their singing. Sing as though they think they're so good but in fact sucks BIG TIME. The female singer is still not tat bad.

Me in the Redang Beach Dive suit outside Dive center

3rd day & last day in Redang. We completed 3 dives again! We followed John most of the time & enjoyed our dive very much! Only downside was that the 3rd day was a gloomy day. Cloudy & not much sun. Waves were damn BIG! Lousy weather! Was hoping for more sun so i could do a bit more sunning. U noe, must have evidence to show u actually had been to the beach! What better way than a nice tan!

So we ended our diving with 7 days for the whole duration! I got a total of 25 dives! That's silver status! By my own record la keke, calls for some celebration right! N on our last day in Redang, time for more cam-whoring! To commemorate our last moments in Redang! Cam-whoring with Redang beach, with the Dive center Divemasters!

Pretty Redang beach babes!! ahahha

Us with dive frens from KL

Leaving my mark in Redang! Redang walk of fame!!

That's our divemaster (who abandoned us after 1st day). He looks so slutty!!!

At night, wanted to just go for the disco for a while but ended up not staying cos the music not so nice & the lighting not so nice. We were also super tired...Next morning had to get up at 5am to catch the 630am boat over. Our bus departs KT terminal at 9am. This time no delays & promptly reached the bus on time! Another 10hrs bus ride home, this time WORSE cos during the day, u don't really sleep much!

After much counting counting & counting down, finally!!! The custom! No jam, only hordes of people. By the time i reached home it was almost 930pm.

Redang diving, so-so la. Perhentian is still SO MUCH BETTER!!! But not to say Redang is nothing la, it is still nice but cannot compare to Perhentian. Redang also is too commercialised for liking. It's a good place for families though. I may go back again..who knows but the bloody trip there is torturous! 10hrs to 10hrs back. Will die!!! OF cos i got a tan! Not so much as Perhentian but still a tan!

Learnt more abt diving from the instructors. U learn more with each dives! How to breathe, how to control bouyancy. Instructors and divemasters are nice! Well they always are! They are so carefree people! This John, he used to work in computer line for 10yrs b4 becoming a dive instructor & has been for the past 10yrs! Interesting characters u meet on dive trips!

Also, met an NTU mate there! He was with the big grp of Singapore divers. What a coincidence!

So the next question is -- What next? Where next? And When next? hahaha.........

For the sake of my faithful beloved readers, here is the link to the entire REdang photo album... See i so nice...
Redang Diveologue 2008