Wednesday, January 08, 2014

H.E.M Ankle Rehab System

Just wanted to share with my readers about this H.E.M Ankle Rehab System which I can truly say WORKS!!

If you recall, I had a terrible sprained ankle back in 2010 that lasted 4 months - took 4 months to fully recover.  As you can read from the links of the 2 posts I updated back in 2010 :

Feeling desperate and down at that time, I searched online to find cures and fast way to recover and chanced upon HEM Ankle Rehab System!  Which I briefly talked about in the UPDATE post in July 2010.  Unfortunately, I didn't take the chance to update you guys on the recovery process!  So now, I guess I shall!

1st, as I mentioned back then, this works in a different way - combining hot and cold treatment, plus lots of ankle exercises right after you sprained your ankle and massaging it.  Which is quite different from the old story of icing it and resting your ankle till it gets better.  And I for one can truly say - It really works wonder!!  Tried and tested and proven to be effective!

See, my ankle sprained did not recover after 2 months of resting and resting it.  But after I followed the instructions from the HEM programme, the swelling did really go down SIGNIFICANTLY and with the exercises, the agility of my ankle improved vastly!  And coupled with the castor oil massages, my ankle really felt much better just after days of doing the steps.  Compared to months of the plain simple physio workout which didn't do much for my ankle.  What's more, I sprained my ankle again twice after that heartbreaking serious sprain, and the first thing I did was to do the HEM program right away and the sprain went down in 1 day.  Granted, it was a minor sprain the 2nd and 3rd time, but we all know how sprains are.  Yes, there was swelling the 2nd and 3rd time, and when there's swelling, it is not that minor that you can go run immediately.  But after going through the steps straight away, the swelling went down in 1 day and I felt like new again the next day.  I'm not joking here or exaggerating.  It worked for me, and i'm pretty sure it will work for anyone who uses it.

I for one, am not one to do online and purchase a fitness program or exercise program.  Don't even mention an ankle rehab program??  Nope, I am not one to do such a thing.  But at that time, this program really seemed very legit and had loads of great reviews, so I gave it a try and I am still very glad I did.  So here, I just want to share what I discovered and hope everyone out there who has sprained their ankle or who needs to rehab their ankles do give this program a try and purchase it. 

The link to the website is permanently posted on my blog right at the top and I will also include the link here and the poster for more information: