Thursday, November 29, 2007

It Happens Once In A Year

I'm a quarter century old! A precious dear person (u know who u r) sent me a birthday email, telling me that... I really appreciate it..SOunds really old...HOw sad..Ok but it's true! Can't deny, just that the mention of 'century' makes it sound a little terrible. At the end of the day, it is just another day (just that it is the day u were brought to earth)

Had lunch with Mr Alvin and Tingmei (thanks alv for the treat). Then went down to DFS (yes, birthday doesnt mean u don't have to work). Surprise surprise! I got a surprise celebration from my team members! Led me to the pantry & presented me with a super big chocolate banana cake from Secret REcipe (this is their famous cake). HOw sweet. Got a card from all members as well...Sweet..Made me happier...

Make a wish,make a wish

Time to cut the HUGE cake!!

Altogether smile!

Then my good clients wished me happy birthday (they wanted to buy cake, but luckily they didn't else I would have loads of cake) & treated me to champagne! Moet & Chandon champagne! Nice! Drank the whole 200ml bottle & felt abit tipsy ahhaha.. Thanks everyone!!!

THis is the bottle I drank..Nice though

As usual, peak period have to work even though it was my birthday. But I had to get back home b4 midnight (for another round of cake cutting) so left at slightly after 11pm, managed to just make it b4 12midnight! N that's the story of my birthday! Nothing special (i don't really celebrate) & cldnt do it with frens (cos i had to work). Friends, ur turn this saturaday! Let's Havok & have fun! Haha... but if u were expecting major big parties or celebration then u'r wrong.. It doesn't happen in my world..hmmm but if it did, i seriously DO NOT mind (hint hint....) Surprise me!!!!!
Update: 9 more days to my last day with EY...So Happy!!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Girls Gotta Doll Up ThemSelves!!!

Yes, taking that advice in our minds, we signed up for the makeup course by Ettusia (don't know if i spelt it correct, doesn't matter). N boy do we need it!!

Of course, there were saMPLES for e'ryone in the class, and hands-on practice to doll yourself up with instructions and demonstration from the experts!

3 of us were like 'babies' to makeup, didnt know how to apply eyeliner, or how to best apply eye shadow. Luckily our instructor was patient and thought us the way to do it.

Preparation steps b4 makeup were horrendous! wash up, slap on moisturiser, essence, n god knows what's like at least 1hr of preparation b4 u put on the makeup!!

Then comes the eye makeup. 1st, eye concealer, then highlighting the eye area, then eye shadow 1st layer, then another layer...Then eye liner, then eye brows, then mascara, then blar blar...damn tedious steps! N tat's just the eye area! Well, pple always say eye area is the most impt area, which I agree...

Then blusher, then lips..oh my god so damn tedious! In the end, walau! 3 pretty ladies transformed!!

Ok we had to don this stupid head band which made us look really terrible (like a chambermaid) N no pictures taken of that (thank god!!)

But at least we learnt the art of makeup! Maybe we shld do it more often...But we are lazy!! Hahahhahaha

Sunday, November 18, 2007

What the heck! People say if u don't get sick easily, once u do, u'll have it HARD & TERRIBLE!! It has happened to me... Been coughing since I got back from SF, actually started coughing when i was in SF (the last few days) but it wasn't anything serious until i got back...

2weeks since & no improvement! Visited the doctor twice, but still... Damn disrupted my sleep (have not been able to sleep well since, always waking up in the middle of the night to coughing) Damn i hate this, bter get well this week, I don wana waste another wkend (heck i miss gym!)

On another note, been to 1 counselling session with my counsellor..well the usual, ask u why leave, wat's wrong, y unhappy in EY, consider to stay blar blar... watever, i'm done with EY. I don want this kinda life anymore, I don wana face another FRS or late late nites... New company seems good, at least better benefits (tho the pay increment is not incredible but good enuff). I get to travel for work & the boss seems nice! Biz class for long flights cool! Looking forward to starting my new job!

Countdown begins! Let me see, last day should be 12 Dec, about 25 days from now... Hahah I told cinderella man I'm not good at keeping up with too long a countdown. 25 days is too long for me, i very much prefer to start at 10 days hahaha...Soon Soon Soon....
Can't wait Yatta!!!!

Monday, November 12, 2007


I did it! Finally after 3years, 4months & 12 days, today is officially the day I submit my resignation letter! What a relieved feeling! So surreal! Actually, it’s abit of mixed feeling & jittery.. Suddenly, I’m leaving EY, a place I call home for the past few years (literally home), and heading out into the commercial world! No more comfort zone, no more familiarity, no more group of peer support… In a way, happy that I’m leaving the shit hole & the late nights.. But also feel a bit sad cos I’ll be leaving my colleagues & peers into deeper shit, especially those in my major portfolio, really going to struggle hard! But, well, opportunity is hard to come by, and when it comes, you really have to appreciate & grab it! Every man for himself. Can’t also be thinking about how others will survive. The world is cruel, if you don’t do it, there’ll be others who will be doing it…

1month from now, I will be free!!! Counting down from today.. 30days to go…

I'll have my farewell soon.....Pals, don't miss me..I know u will but don't cry for me, be happy!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

San Francisco & San Jose

Finally after 3 years in EY, it's my turn to go San Jose for this job (which I have been on since year 1). Cool, now i can tour San Francisco!

Flew off to San Francisco 1 week b4 the job started, so I had time to tour around SF!! Nice little city it is!!

1st, it doesn't have the feel of States. Less hectic, less rush... Alot more European feel. Nice weather - Cooling in the early morning & late evening, but HOT in the afternoon. Luckily it is not humid (dry) so not as bad... Pple there are nice... I like the place!

Touched down ard 130pm, got to hostel by 2pm, checked in & started walking. Yes, i like to walk. So i walked to Chinatown (which is about 20mins walk). 1 thing abt SF, the streets are damn steep!!! 60 degree steep at least.. so it was a challenge to walk up the steep slopes but hey, it's me u'r talking about, so it was not a challenge for me!!

Fisherman's Wharf

Pier 39, home to sea lions

From Chinatown, i walked again down to Fisherman's Wharf! Enroute, i stopped by Coit Tower, with a great view of the ocean & city!! Then it was another maybe 20mins walk to the Wharf! I love walking ok...

Fisherman's Wharf - Nice feeling great view! Stayed there for the rest of the late afternoon just walking along the bay & enjoying the terrific view of Golden Gate bridge..Then started walking back to hostel again... Keke decided 'what the heck, just walk' & off i went, I think i walked for almost 1hr back home so it was dark by the time i reached back to the hostel..
Hoeshin was there at the same time, so we were sorta travel buddy with each other! Hah, she said I was crazy to walk to Fisherman's Wharf...But i like it & if i had not walked, I would not have discovered Coit Tower, I would not have had the chance to take a look at the town itself, the colours of the town, the little shops & just experience the feel!
View of the Golden Gate Bridge
Me with GG at the back


Finally, I get to do my biking trip this time!! Yes, set off for my golden gate biking trip for the entire day! Went with Hoeshin (surprise, surprise!!). Started off at ard 11am & all the way through Golden Gate bridge. Not an easy ride cos of a little slope but we made it (though hoeshin nearly died by the time we reach the GG bridge).

1st stop - Sausalito! Ah, what a romantic name & the little town lives up to that name! Nice little idyllic town, pretty houses lined the coast, facing the ocean.. Wow! What a fantastic feeling! Of cos u have to be RICH RICH RICH!!! If i become rich, I would love to buy a house & live there!!

Old mill park

After a short break, it's all go again to Old Mill Park for the Redwood trees! After a few lost directions, we finally arrived! It looked like Lord Of The Rings has become alive in SF!! Tall trees in the forest, with some houses within So Cool!!!

Sunset view of the GG Bridge

Then onwards again to Tiburon!! A long long ride over to the other side...Passed by beautiful scenery & park.. & i fell from my bike enroute. Ugly scar still remains... Tiburon, by the time we reach it was abt 6pm.. Not much time to walk ard the town cos we had to rush for the ferry back to return the bike b4 they close shop. Had wanted to bike my way back but no time & too tired so took the ferry. Reali great workout, my butt & thighs ached alittle..

Me @ Yosemite

View of Yosemite

Went for the 2D1N Yosemite Hearst Castle tour. Yosemite, a nice national park but unfortch on a tour group u don't have much time to explore. But at least we got to see the 'Must sees' in Yosemite...2nd Day went Hearst Castle. Now you wonder what do rich pple do with their money?? Build castle! This man spent most of his later years building this gigantic castle with european feel!! IT is really huge with 2 pools, huge residential areas on top of a hill, with a private zoo! Crazy rite...but it makes for good tourist attraction!

Hearst Castle

Hearst Castle

Last day in SF spent at Alcatraz.. The isolated island in the middle overlooking SF. Weather was damn cold tat morning, which makes for an appropriate atmosphere to visit the prison. Kkekekek... None has ever escaped from Alcatraz imagine! A little rush cos i had to get to San Jose in the afternoon, if not I would have spent more time at the prison exploring the surroundings!


Yes, San Jose... The 1st time in my life (after my driving test) that I actually drove the distance! Ok, the test drive with Superhose does not count! At 1st, it was nerve wrecking! I was shaking while driving!! N all nervous cos unfamiliar with driving & on unfamiliar grounds! Ok my parking sucks! In the states, pple like to park head in (unlike here, we always do back in) & tat's s'posed to be the easiest way of parking...but i sucked at it! Always had to reverse, go forward & reverse again & again, quite embarassing not to be able to park. 1st 2 days I was driving on my own so it was really scary but after the 2 days, i sorta got used to it & drove with more confidence. The good thing abt States is it's driver-friendly! Drivers all are very courteous & will give way to u! Not like here...

Sat came & my colleague joined me! So we just went supermarket shopping & dinner! I must say, in the states everything is big big big! Food portion huge, food sold in supermarket oso big! Nothing is small there..Even I wear size S in the States kekeke...

Student suntanning in school

I'm a student @ Santa Clara Uni

Stanford Uni, Really nice building

View of Stanford

Stanford Uni, the walkway

We went university visiting the next day & it was reali cool! I would love to study if our university is like tat! SO much greenery around, great atmosphere & feel to it! Undescribable feeling! U have to be there to feel it! The feel is not as stifling as here & with so much space & nice buildings, u'll fall in love with the school!

Stanford Building, so European feel

View of Stanford

Halloween Rodeo Party

Me, Tess & fellow partier

Me with Drag Bride!!

Oh, we were lucky to be there during their Halloween! It's a really big event for them! Everyone is dressed up & lots of Halloween party going on! I was fortunate to be invited to one such party by my client's HR manager. So cool! Everyone is really all dressed up, extravagantly! Superman, batman, guy fawkes, bunny girls..u name it, u see it! Ok i was the black chambermaid (costume from my client) Really enjoyed it! Now i can say I celebrated Halloween!!! On the day itself, u'll see all the children dressed up in shopping malls & everywhere else doing the "Trick or Treat".. It's really a tradition for them!

After 1 week of work assignment it's soon for GOODBYE to US & Hello to SG! So sad, would hv loved to stay longer but too bad... Did a little shopping in the states..Kekek it's our archilles heels man.. Not alot, just a little cos saw some really nice dresses & clothes..& i bought a pair of boots! keke short one, not those long ones so at least can wear in SG

Now am sick..coughing non stop...haiz i hate it! Must get well!!