Friday, October 29, 2010

Stay Tuned for Updates about my recent Beijing Trip.

Been Busy travelling have not had time to reorg the photos, get them uploaded and write the travelogue... Be patient, AKAN DATANG!!

This Blog is still very much ALIVE

Monday, October 04, 2010

Yes, I have successfully self-taught myself Freestyle swimming! Youtube is so wonderful! Thanks so much for the creation of Youtube, which taught me how to swim the freestyle!

Just completed 40laps (as usual) with 23 laps using the full freestyle technique. Man, freestyle is tiring! I'm like panting mad aft 1 lap! I can swim non-stop in breastroke, but i cannot sustain freestyle non-stop! Need to like rest to catch my breath after 1 lap b4 continuing another lap. So in the end it took me like 20-23mins to complete 10 laps, when usually i take 15mins for 10 laps of breastroke. But it's an achievement! Happy! I may not be so technically correct in my strokes, but i think passable...

Need to practice more. Next target - 10 laps non-stop (i.e. no resting after 1 lap at poolside).

You know how relaxed swimmers appear when they do freestyle? Don't be fooled! Haha, u may LOOK relaxed, but it's hardwork man! Catching breath is so tough, i feel like perpetually out of breathe even when I have taken a breather. Really trains ur lung capacity man! I bet I'll have bigger lung capacity after training freestyle hahah! Man, to think I thought I have pretty good lung capacity and ability to hold my breathe! The youtube site even suggested doing 1 full lap without breathing! That's like 50m without breathing! How is that even possible! Ok, the swimmers from the youtube site were able to do it...But it's like ridiculous hahah! I'm doing 3 strokes per breathe, and tt's already difficult.