Wednesday, December 31, 2008

总结篇 - 完结

Ok, first of all, I'm back! From 10days of solo travelling in Pai (Northwest Thailand). I'll blog abt that next year..

2nd, I had intended this to be a trilogy, with 一部曲,二部曲,完结。But lazy bug hit me, and well, forget it, juz end it now! Why prolong it into 3 parts when u can do it in 2! & it wouldnt be in all chinese (like the 1st), it'll mainly be in English.

So I had sorta summed up my 2008 in the 1st series, now I'll talk abt the future! Yes, resolutions! Hah, I've not been one for setting resolutions, cos well most of the time, we don't stick to it! So y set it when u forget abt it later. Also, tt doesnt mean I'm aimless. This little brain of mine contains tremendous amt of information, thots, and ideas tt r hidden most of the time, but will come overflowing at the opportune time. So when the opportunity arises, the brain will click & tada! That idea/goal/thot will b fulfilled! So it's not like i have no resolutions, i just don write it down in black & white, properly defined.

Thanks to the edification provided by tks, i realised tt it actually helps to write it down, so tt u go thr the motion of seeking to fulfil those desires, goals more fervently. Gives u more motivation to search for more, to really do what u want! So here I am, writing down my resolution! I spent the past 10days while holidaying, to reflect on my life past & ahead, n came up with the following goals/objectives! Alot of them r not juz to be achieved in 2009, rather they're for constant improvements & learning, to be achieved consistently thr'out the years, & not juz stop at 2009. I rather prefer it tt way than to set one thing for 1 year!

So here we go!

1. Invest more time in my love for baking.
I love to bake. I find it theraupeutic. However, I don normally eat what I bake, it's just tt the time n effort put into making those produces make u appreciate the outcome rather than savouring them. I've ignored tt passion of mine for the past yr, for some reason I can't explain. Maybe I just lost the interest. Instead, it sparked the interest in my little sis! I've only baked twice this year, n I want to do more often in the coming year!! Starting with 1 Jan 09, my ever famous choc chip cookies!

2. Maintain my health & fitness
Proud of myself this year for achieving the best fitness I ever had achieved! I've dedicated myself more seriously to exercising for toning & fitness & I'm happy with the results so far! I've grown much stronger & fitter, & I believe I have more room to grow! My goal for the coming year is to become toner & fitter! To lose those still remaining flabby arms & tone up the core muscles. I haven been sick for a long long time, & the feeling is great!

3. More responsibility for my job
1 yr has passed in my new job. Happy so far with the work, colleagues & boss. Work environment has been really great! For the coming year, I want to work even harder. To learn more abt the tactics & art of internal auditing. I have yet to fully grasp tt concept. I want to be taken more seriously & take my job more seriously. No more 'swimming' ard & see how things go. I need to be more proactive & excel!

4. Challenge myself with 10km run
Haha, this is actually very simple to achieve, but my main problem is the lack of motivation from lack of kaki! No one to train with me makes me NOT want to take part. Actually i've alwayz had the idea of doing a mini triathlon, but have yet to take tt step cos no kaki. Of cos it would be great to be able to achieve it. So any kaki interested?? 10km run or mini triathlon?

5. Improve communication with my family
This is my achilles heels. I admit, it hasnt improved much over the years. Just when I thot it improved, somehow it fell back to grd zero again. Maybe it's the way we were brought up, daddy being the ultimate head of the family, making all the decisions, making him alot less approachable & creating an invisible barrier. Maybe it's gota do with his character & personality, always wanting things to be done his way, & not too receptive to other pple's ideas. SOmehow, it prevents us from really talking to him abt matters of the hearts or even work. But over the years, I can feel tt he has mellowed abit. Maybe it's not tt hard to get thr. I just have to try. N i resolve to do more on my part!

6. Pay more attention to the process of reaching the goal, rather than focusing too much on the goal itself.
This is sth I want to change & improve. Alot of times, I get too focused in reaching the ultimate goal tt along the way, I missed out on the joy of the process or the nitty gritty information tt may come from the process of reaching the goal! It makes me less attentive to the surroundings. Alot of times, I become too focused tt I missed out on fun! I miss out on spotting friends, I miss out on stopping to enjoy the scenery on the way to the destination, I miss out on just understanding the environment ard me. I think in this age, alot of us become too goal-centric tt along the way, we juz choose to ignore whatever comes our way tt either assist or hinder our path. It's a pity cos sometimes (of alot of times), this is the time when we could discover gems! On my recent trip in Pai, I did a whole day of cycling, aimed at reaching certain destinations in record time (i.e. b4 night falls). Along the way, there were times when I wanted to juz get on with it rather than stop to enjoy the scenery, but the emotional side of me persuaded otherwise. I thot time off the cycling, breaking my momentum to enjoy the mountains, rice fields along the way. It was then tt i realised, the place is so beautiful! Reaching the destination was fulfilling, but taking time to enjoy the scenery along the way was way more rewarding!

7. Learn a new skill/enhance a current one
活到老学到老. I believe we have to constantly nourish our minds to remain current and active. However, as we get older, we become more resistant to learning new things. So instead of learning a totally new concept, why not improve a current one! I would love to try blading again, but of cos I need a patient enuff teacher. While cycling in Pai, I kept cursing along the way, on why I cldnt ride a motorbike (would have made my life abit easier), or y i wasn't a better mountain biker. Maybe it's time I improve my cycling skills!

8. Conquer the sky
Ok, this one, maybe not in 2009. But it's sth in my mind tt I wish to accomplish. I've done the sea, mountain, left with the sky. Have to do tt to complete the cycle! It's a matter of conquering tt fear of jumping into nth-ness. It's like committing suicide. Who likes tt feeling! But once u'r off, u juz feel lightness & greatness. It's sth tt can be conquered.

9. Travelling
You don't think i'll leave out travelling ya.. No way, I like travelling. Even tho i travel alot for work, it's always different when u do it for leisure! The joy, excitment, adventure & experience u gain from each travel r unmeasurable! The world is so big, & we'r only a tiny dot each!

10. Live a simple life
Not tt I'm living a complicated life. But simplicity itself is a beauty! 简单就是美。Alot of times, pple think tt by piling on lots of articifial coverings or superficial stuff, it makes life so much more glamorous & great. Yes it may be glamorous, but underneath all those coverings, u may not be truly happy! Look at those Hollywood stars. They have e'rything u can only dream of, but u hear stories of them down with depression, ugly breakups, lonely hearts. Things tt u thot shld never happen to them, but they do! Their lives have been complicated by the scrutiny of the media & pple ard the world tt makes it difficult for them to be themselves, to truly njoy life, to truly seek what brings happiness! I was staying at the village huts for one night during my trip. They had nth extravagant. Maybe only tt of solar powered lights for the night. Other than tt, no electricity, tv or computers. No stoves, no proper sanitation, not even a proper bed! But u look into their eyes, & u see tt they'r truly satisfied with their lives! They don complain. Their lives r not complicated by the materialistic outside world. It's true tt they don have much money, but they don really care tt much! They have their farms to take care of, their rice fields. They'r happy as long as they hv enuff rice to feel the mouths. Who cares of grade A or B rice! We see children running ard, in torn tattered clothes, no shoes, N they r truly beaming with happiness the way they r!

Sometimes, we need to take a step back & look at ourselves. We r really lucky! We have e'rything. I am lucky to be born in Singapore, where we have no natural disasters, where the govt is good & no political turmoil. We don nd tons of money, juz enuff to survive. 知足常乐。Do we really need Prada/Gucci bags to make us happy? Yes, good to have, but tt kinda happiness is short lived. We should be happy n grateful tt we r living!

Wow, 10 resolutions sound like alot, but well they'r not meant to be achieved in just a snap of the fingers. Most of them r long term goals. Well some of u may say, 'hey what about finding a bf' or 'getting married'. Duh, those r not resolutions. Those r defined by fate, & not by force. If it comes it comes. And when it really does come, grab hold of tt opportunity real tight & not let go. Sometimes, u'll only regret when u lose it, n it'll b too late when tt happens.

Wow, it's 20mins past 12midnight! It's the new year!!!! Happy new year to all!!

Yes, I'll blog abt my Pai adventure later the week. 1st thing to do, bake my famous choc chip cookies when I wake up later in the day.

Till then, maybe love n peace be with all of u. Pursue ur dreams & nvr look back!

Friday, December 19, 2008

总结篇 - 一步曲

又到年终了!一转眼,2008到了结尾。1年前的今天,我满怀希望,超兴奋的期待新的工作岗位。开始我的第二春!没想到,那么快,我已过了1周年!其中,渗透着喜,怒,哀,乐!ok,多半是快乐的!同事都很open,funny,humorous,做得好开心!学到很多,见识很多!又长大了!喜欢这分工,飞来飞去,见识不同的工作地点,不同的工作环境,不同的工作习惯,各式各样的工作伙伴,超爽!i like! 我喜欢到不同的地方工作,不需每天对着同样的desk,office,pantry. 偶尔换个环境是挺不错的!其实,这份宫廷适合我的!至少,keep me occupied! 到国外,有不同的东西做,not so boring :)

总结清单,2008还好!没拾么大起大落,超悲凉,哀怨的事。2008 is a happy year! 结婚是in thing! 2 close friends got married,many more other friends too! expected! 这个年龄,因该差不多是时候。next year may be worse! 祝所有新婚夫妇,幸福美满!早生贵子!!Happy for them! 拾么时候轮到我?Haha,等咯!找到了再说!Time is still on my side...Sorta!

Anyway,看似好像去了好多地方!但都是公干,还没真正的放假!终于,我可以放假了!1 & half weeks, to North Thailand! 22 Dec起飞!元旦前夕将返回!始终还是选择了在祖国过元旦。So, I'm still available for any new year party!!!

又是一次的单独旅行,no kaki no choice! 但还好,其实有时,蛮喜欢这种一个人独处的时候。OTOT -Own time own target,Plan自己想做的事,想看的景点。像光洁就走,想slack就slack.不需care友人的感想。听起来,好像很selfish,但有时挺Accurate & true.清净,有时间,自我反省,检讨,憧憬未来的方向,目标,旅程。也能认识更多来自远方的旅客,朋友。Maybe有时,在夜深人静时,会有孤单寂寞的感觉,但也是烟消云散,一闪而过。Peacefulness is actually quite therapeutic。这是第二次,单独出门。I can take it! Don’t worry! 行程表已安排好了!Fun packed and action filled 1 and a half weeks of trekking, rafting, sightseeing & slacking! 挺期待,但又有点不以为意。Just another trip! 但还是高兴,兴奋的!End the year with a bang! FYI, I’ll be touring a small city west of Chiang Mai called Pai. 说了,你也不清楚,但Just to let you know。典珊历险记即将展开!敬请密切留意,关切期待!

Set 了resolution吗?I don’t believe in setting. 要就做,敢敢来!通常,set了都没去fulfil。还是不要set。顺其自然。

Seems like 2008 may end peacefully. 希望如此。美好的圣诞,完美的开始新的一年。

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of YOU!! Be back next year to update!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

麦哈北派 (mai hiam bei pai)

Do you know there's a Shanghai Road and Kay Poh Road in Singapore? Does it mean people stayin in Kay Poh Road will be Kay Poh or have to be? Does it mean Houses along SHanghai Road are influenced by the SHanghainess culture??
I have been edificed on the locations of Singapore road!! I should continue to understand my country!
Btw, the Christmas lighting along Orchard Road doesnt seem that bad!! Why are pple complaining? I have not witnessed the lightings last year, so i have no benchmark but judging by what I briefly glimpsed of this year's lightings, I think it is a good enough job!! Come on pple, stop complaining and start feeling the atmosphere! Does it mean brighter and more lights will bring abt a more Christmassy feel? Or should the atmosphere come from within? We don't need superficial ornaments to tell us how and what to feel! Don't be so shallow (quote from my colleague)

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Attended my LAST wedding for 2008, and it just so happens to be the wedding of one of my closer ring of frens! & the 2nd gal from our group to take the walk down the aisle!!!

Mr Anthony Toh and our dear Christine Tan Qinyi finally become formally unified and declared husband and wife on 4th Dec 2008. & It just so happened to be QIn's birthday!! Quoting from the husband Mr Toh (aka Congming. FYI cos he looks like tat person from the Taiwanese group Tension from eon years ago), 7years ago, boy met girl. Boy told girl, boy will marry girl when girl turns 26! & Walau 7 yrs later, on the day girl turned 26, they got married!!! Hahah sounds so sweet rite!

The night begun at 630pm for the solemnization when they became legally married in the eyes of the law.

TV screen outside the room @ Marina Mandarin

After which dinner commenced at roughly 820pm (or so i presumed). They had an army march in (so cool!!) but no fire engine in sight hahaha (congming is fireman). & as usual, time to play some 'Say Cheese' games to the camera!

Happy version with the bride!!!

Let's pose prettily!

Me with bride

The entourage!!! So cool!

8 courses & 3hrs later, the dinner ended. Stomach full & bloated, we walked outa the ballroom & back home to our lovely beds! So happy for them! Qin looked splendid tat night!

The wedding flavour! Same as Seowling's so now i have a pair!! (Tho diff type)

Me & Cindy

Cindy with JJ & Alvin. NO IDEA what the HECK alv was trying to do man

Table photo!!

Table photo with the couple!

The lovely couple is flying (or oredi in air??) to Europe for their month long honeymoon, covering Italy, France & Spain! So envious 1mth holiday!! Shiok ar!

I want to go on my HOLIDAY!!!!!

p/s: Does eating dried apricots lead to LS, or is it just a natural cleansing & detoxfying process tat so conviently coincides with the ingestion of dried apricots?

pp/ss: Madrid next Jan for conference! WoooHooo!!! Going to extend 1 more wk to visit the city of Barcelona & Madrid & meet up with frens!!

ppp/sss: Hey I'm updating my blog more often now!!! Hmm mayb the fire of writing has been re-ignited!

pppp/ssss: SOmeone finally had the courage to tender! Hope it is for real. To tat someone: DO NOT WAIVER AGAIN!!!!!

ppppp/sssss: I did 90% of my 'NEEDS' list!!! Still need to buy sports shoes (ok deciding b/n sports shoes or trekking shoes now), nice sandals (may defer), extendable trek pants tat can become long or short with zippers (ok i dono how to call it formally)

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Zoe Tay was just next to me for at least 5-10mins but I only noticed and caught a glimpse of her leaving for 5-10secs...

I'm so Bloody Blur!!

When did my neighbour hang the birdcage along the corridor? Just yesterday night or days ago? Never did realise it until it was pointed out to me yesterday night...

I'm so Bloody Blur!!

Things are ever changing every hour, minute even seconds. We either react n be responsive to it or choose to be ignorant. Alot of times, we are ignorant. Maybe it's time for us to pay more attention to our surroundings, be aware of every happening and be proactive rather than passive. So often, it becomes too late when we realise what is happening just when we'r about to lose something. Time to cherish those around us, things around us before all is too late... Love the ones u love, care for the ones u care.. What with tough times ahead, uncertain future and crazy happenings... YOu never know what will happen next... Live life to the fullest, no regrets seem to be the way to go...

Mumbai terrorist attack has been stopped. Albeit the terrible consequences (Deep condolescences to the dead Singaporean lawyer and all the other innocent victims)

PAD protestors finally dispersed, BKK situation seems to be heading for the better HOPEFULLY


Maybe 2008 will end MERRILY... There is still HOPE