Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I STill Got It In Me

I've staged a comeback! Finally! After almost 8months of 'No Baking' period, I have made my very 1st step back into the once comfortable zone of BAKING! Yes, my once mastery baking skill is ALL COMING BACK TO ME!!

Like I announced, I STILL GOT IT IN ME!! Loads of it in fact! Decided to bake my famous, world-renowned, tasted and reviewed and acknowledged Chocolate Chip Cookies! To those who have had the HONOUR of tasting them during the past Christmases, you know what I mean. Yes, I'm selective in baking and distributing. I don't bake just for the sake of baking (cos I normally don't eat what I bake). I like to give instead of consume. So if I don't eat, I don't bake! N i just don't bake for nothing. I usually bake for occassions so that I can distribute the fruits of my labour! So out goes cakes n bread (unless it's a birthday or gathering). Usually do cookies, muffins (not so much as well) or cream puffs!

ANyway, back to my COMEBACK master piece. Yes the famous cookies! FYI, I made only half the recipe n it took a total of 3.5hours! From preparation to baking to packing. Yes, 3.5hrs for only half the recipe and in total about 1.4KG of cookies. Yes IT IS HARD WORK!! So don't just make me bake them for nothing! I don't entertain those unless u pay me for them! N by 3.5hrs, I Mean 3.5hrs of NON-STOP baking (no resting, no time for even toilet breaks). It was just start n go all the way, with 2 OVENS (yes 2 ovens, imagine if I had only 1 oven, it would take so much longer), n loads of trays going in and out. It was HECTIC for sure, but i like it! I always find baking therapeutic. Haha, yes tat's my way of relaxing myself. It's fun to bake n even better when u see the perfect outcome. N the pride when pple taste ur bakes and shower u with praises! So SHIOK!!

Yes, I'm all beaming now, cos once again, without fail, the cookies have HIT THE POPULARITY ROOF! My colleagues are eating non-stop and were convinced at one point that I bought them from Famous Amos (yes it is THAT GOOD). My PT is also eating non-stop, never mind that he is on a diet and those cookies are sure to put a dent in the plan. I'm sure I have much more supporters out there who can attest to this fact - MY COOKIES ARE GREAT!! Hahah nope i'm not going to be humble about it. Yes, my forever fervent supporter of the cookies, a Mr Tan, has even requested for additional container, which I had already declined cos i'm not baking additional.

Well, 8months of rest is nothing when u have the talent (which i have). So what, when u've got it, u've got it! Ha! People, I'm Back in the Baking Arena! Suddenly, I'm filled with baking desire! Who knows, maybe i'll start baking more often just to test my skills! But of cos, I bake what I want! Chocolate Chip cookies again? Not till at least Xmas, however, if u PAY ME, i MAY consider.....

So morale of the story (besides paying me to bake cookies for u), be nice to me.....It Pays to be nice...

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Gotham Penthouse Night Out

The long awaited girls' night out to the much known Gotham Penthouse! Gotham Penthouse, well-known and famous for its fun, sexy n maybe kinky dance performances at night, that's bordering on alittle strip-teasing (but not to the last strand). 4 pretty, sexy ladies on their 1st night out! Well, it's sth to be excited about!

The ticket to entry!

A brief history, it was part of an NUS alumni event, courtesy of Cindy, the 4 of us said 'Yes' quite immediately! N so begun the countdown to the date 4th July (coincidentally US national day).

Finally the friday came n we all gathered at Danlin's house to wash up & doll up! Hehe, well party night of cos must doll ourselves up (not too extreme though). N off we went for makan then Gotham!

Us gals by the Poster of Gotham!

We arrived close to 10pm n entered the much awaited clubhouse, anticipating more fun, music & party. However, much to our dismay, the atmosphere inside seemed alittle quiet & peaceful for a club!!!! E'ryone was quietly drinking at their own corner, no one on the dance floor, no mingling ard of any sort. N there wasnt even a crowd to start with!! Sparsely populated for such a well-known night club!! Must have been due to this NUS alumni night event that caused the dip in atmosphere n party.

We came juz in time for the 1st dance performance by the Odyssey. In the past, it used to be all male dancers, now they changed to be 3 males n 3 females. Well, it was only an opening performance so it was nothing too HOT or raunchy, slightly disappointing cos we were expecting MORE. Well, it's Gotham Penthouse for god's sake! All over the papers for its raunchy dance routines & hot bods! Somemore, the female dancers were rather FAT & not fit.. a GREAT disappointment! Imagine watching a professional performance with jiggling bods eeks...

Dancers at work..Look at the fat one on the right

The performance ended quite soon, think it was only like 15mins, n it was back to sad, quiet drinking. Even the performers were disappointed with the lack of responsed that they had to request for some applause n cheers!!
Anyway, we stayed there for 1hr more, talking abt raunchy subjects then left. We were too bored to wait for the 2nd performance, which i think would have started ard 1230am. That was like another 1hr+ wait in the quiet n boring place so we just left. Point to note though, they started allowing entrance to outsiders after 11pm, which sorta brightened up the atmosphere alittle with pple on the dance floor n the place becoming more like a clubhouse. So we concluded, it was cos of the NUS Alumni Night thingy that drenched the whole place! So moral of the story -- Can still visit, but on normal nights, n preferably after 12am for more raunchy performances.
The night ended ard 1230am at coffee club where we juz sipped coffee and talked. And not to mention the fiesca we had in search of Danlin's car!!! Who knew M3 meant somewhere between level 3 and 4! We searched thr' levels 3,4,5,6,7 but cldnt find her car and panicked until i saw M3 and clicked in my mind that 'hey, I think it's M3'! Well who could blame us! I mean M3 sounds more like somewhere below level 1 n in our minds, we rem we went from up to down and NOT vice versa...Anyway, we spent almost 30mins trying to find our car before we ended the night, happy but tired...
p/s: I just got a letter from IRAS cos i forgot to pay my taxes n its overdued!! Haha been busy travelling the whole of June that I totally forgot i've got taxes to pay! Anyway, I've been granted pardon for the moment so fine will not be imposed if I pay them by next week. N i'm so going to be a law abiding citizen now!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

I have been told that my blog is becoming BORRRRRING...n outdated..

Well truth be told, I agree it's slightly outdated since the last post was done in May 2008 which is abt 2 months ago.

What to do when your life now is so much better, more relaxing, less bitchy, less stress n complaints to moan n grumble about!! Maybe my life has been so peaceful that it's bordering on..OMIGOD, i'm so NOT going to describe that word.. It's just me happily living a peaceful life after those 3+ years of hectic lifestyle, slaving away free time & wkends at work.

Now I'm a happy internal auditor, in an almost stressfree (there's nothing known as total stress-free, I have to give myself some credits) company n job nature, surrounded by great & furnie colleagues to keep my mood so high up! I knock off on time (at 6pm) or even slightly earlier when i'm in SIngapore, and that just means that i'm able to hit the gym & sweat it out almost everyday! But of cos, i don't do tat e'ryday, maybe abt 4-5 times a week, including wkends.

Staying in Singapore means our field work is completed, n just left with the admin things & tidying up like writing the final report, tidying up workpapers etc etc n some admin admin work. SO our real WORK is performed when we're overseas! That's y sometimes we seem less busy in Singapore. But the fact is we worked hard overseas! Ok, not so hard as to drive round the clock till 1 or 2am but hard enuff to sniff out issues!

I like my current situation. Though SOME PPLE say my blog has become BORRING cos i don't have much to complain about! Isnt tat great!!! N my life has been pretty normal, no winning of 5mil TOTO, or striking an oil field or meeting TOm Cruise, or hitting on some rich, gorgeous man on the road... Well any of the above would DEFINITELY guarantee a full page report on my PRESTIGIOUS blog. What is laughing about some silly gossips in the office pantry, or chatting up with old friends, or discussing abt upcoming weddings? Not so major as to grace to pages of my blog! Oh talking abt weddings, i attended 2 in June alone, damn it, pple are juz flocking to get married nowadays... In the fashion world, u have VOGUE magazine being the pristine magazine, hard to get one cover. My blog has the same criteria. Only talks about really really interesting happenings, or trips or news! Something i like to talk abt, anyway it's MY BLOG!! I get to choose n decide! So for now, i think my life has been pretty stable, no serious ups or downs, so not going to blog abt something which isnt too exciting!

I can give u fervent readers an update though... SInce May 2008, i had only been to SHanghai for biz trip for 3weeks n boy was the audit interesting n tough. Lotsa happenings which included a potential fraud incident (but that person resigned b4 the case was unearthed). Not going into much details, we discovered loads of 'holes' in the design of their controls n operations which led to whatever happened. Quite shiok to dig n dig their dirty laundry. 1st time in SHanghai but not going to be the last. Still had not have enuff time to walk ard n visit places...Now back in Singapore (no more travelling till august) to tidy up n write report...

Juicy update..I may post a blog next week due to the up and coming GIRLS' NIGHT OUT this friday! Yeah! We're going to GOTHAM PENTHOUSE!! In clarke quay. Where there's a SHOW at night, teasing show... Excited? Blood boiling?? Me too!! Hehe, we're so going to have a good time out (hopefully) Can't wait for Friday to come. Maybe after that, I'll give u pple an update on the blog.. Going to be my best on the night! Party people!!