Sunday, June 13, 2010

New Jersey Woman Wants to Weigh 1,000 Pounds

Yes, you heard it right here! This woman is in a bid to become the fattest woman in the world, aiming to hit 1000 pounds to gain that title. This is crazy!

p/s: I kinda like the commentators' sacastic remarks. Maybe she shld realli start to listen to other pple...

Of cos, embracing themselves for who they are is no crime! I'm proud that she's not shying away from being bigger than normal! Hey, being fat is not a crime! But stuffing herself full of greasy, unhealthy food to gain tremendous amount of weight is the same as starving oneself of nutrition & food in a bid to become a size 0. It is so wrong!! Obesity is the gigantic version of anorexia. It is a disease that needs to be cured. It is wrong to starve yourself empty to gain a distorted version of the perfect body, so it should also be wrong to put on the pounds unhealthily to balloon. It harms your body, health & everything!

She claims to be healthy, but she has trouble even moving an inch ard. How is that healthy? With that amount of body fat, it is not hard to list down all the possible harms her body is facing: Heart disease, clogged artery, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes etc etc... Haven she heard of that fat guy who was stuck & glued onto the bed & had to be excavated by firemen?

She gave birth to her daughter at 500+pounds, a difficult feat i must say. Imagine one day, when she can no longer move an inch, wouldnt she miss taking small walks with her husband & daughter? Or if whatever happens to her, with her gorging, who knows when she'll get a heart disease... Isnt that like selfish to her loved ones?

I'm not against pple being bigger. No No! I'm not skinny myself. It's good to love yourself for who u r. But to deliberately gain weight to an unhealthy size is not right. It just is not.

She says she wants to tell all fat ladies ard the world to not be afraid of their size, to be their role model. But i think what she is actually doing is NOT a role model. It is like saying 'It's totally ok, right & not harmful to subject your body & health to this kinda treatment'. Do you want your kids to stuff themselves crazy with tons & tons of food & fall sick? No! I wouldnt want that! Not even for my friends. Having a healthy appetite is different from overeating excessively.

Maybe she has her own thinking, & thinks what she is doing is totally fine. But i think she's harming herself. Apparently she has a website showing pple her life being fat, how she's having trouble moving ard etc etc etc, in a bid to raise $$ to pay for her staggering food bill & it is apparently quite lucrative

& get this, she wishes her children be slim... & what is she doing to teach them on being & staying slim?? Does eating yourself crazy make you slim?? If you want your children to be slim, don't stuff your face with food!!

Yes, her fiance is so totally supportive of her act & he's all of 150 pounds... Woohoo! How surprising.. Ok sorry maybe abit sacastic...

What is the world getting to. Next we know, some girl out there is in a bid to lose incredible amt of weight to be 20kg at age 30 years old! & we get to watch how she vomits out all her food, exercise 24/7 until she faints!

Sorry, but i cannot support this act...

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Fun Time with Fun Videos

Ok someone commented that my blog is very long-winded & lor Sor.. So to lighten up the atmosphere, I shall post some light hearted materials & fun videos.

French Open Karaoke 2010. Yes u didnt expect it but tennis players do have fun!! Singing songs, dressing up & acting silly. Damn bet u didnt know Murray could act funny (tho he still looked very very stiff & uncomfy)

Review of the past French OPen Karaoke.. Quite fun! U will see Fed & Nadal singing!!

& then, who can forget Novak the Joker!! Imitating the shakira & nadal MV Gypsy. FYI, i saw the MV, & it totally SUCKSS!!! Nadal was like just a naked meat, parading around for NOTHING!!!

Of cos who can forget Gatsby commercial! Newest commercial seen on TV. If it were true, i bet their sales would be sky high!! But then again, not e'ryone likes Kimura

Lastly i just want to say, it's sad Fed lost out b4 semi final of French Open. Damn now he's facing the possibility of NOT breaking another record!! But then again, I'm sure he'll come back again!! Go for Wimbly No 7!! That's another record for Fed to equal!! THen US Open No 6!! & Get back No1 for year end again!!!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Sprained Ankle

Unluckiness has befallen once again... This time, my ankle kena. For someone as active as I am, sprained ankle is one of the worst (if not THE worst) thing that can happen... Means a long long time of 'confinement', cannot do any forms of cardio exercises (like run, cycle, steps, play tennis etc). Yes, I do still go to the gym to do strengthening exercises, but for me, I believe in getting a real workout, if you don't perspire, pant or be out of breathe, it doesnt quite equal a workout. NOT SHIOK in short.

So i shall not elaborate about how the accident happened, let's just say it was stupid mistake by me. Yes, every now & then, i recall what happened and lecture myself on how stupid I was to make that fatefull step & mistake which resulted in a sprained ankle. Damn, If only I could turn back time.....

So after examination, it is diagnosed as a ligament tear, which is not the normal simple sprain. Sprained ankle is categorized into 3 degrees:

1st degree is normal sprain where the ligament is just overstretched. This means you get swelling but recovery is faster. Maybe within 1mth u can move n jump.

2nd degree is partial ligament tear. More time required for recovery cos u need to train your ankle muscle for better mobility. Maybe 1-2mths of recovery b4 u can do slightly vigorous exercise

3rd degree is complete ligament tear. Serious case, may need to cast your ankle to let it heal & prevent movement. Takes even longer to recover.

So my case is 2nd degree, partial ligament tear. Sad case. Means i have to NOT move around for another 1-2months for complete recovery. meanwhile, need to do physio to train ankle muscles so that the injury will NOT recur again. Cos once you've sprained ur ankle, it's easy to do it again...

Lest you think that after recovery period, your ligament will somehow 'grow' back. WRONG!! Ligament, once stretched or torn, will NEVER grow back. It's non-regenerative. Not like your flesh where it grows back after a cut. Once torn or stretched, it stays that way. So actually a ligament tear is somewhat a permanent disability, cos it cannot grow back! Insurance should take this into account, but unfortch, alot of insurances only allow for 'fractures'.

FYI, it's my right ankle that has been sprained. Yes, my poor right ankle, seems to be so damn weathered and mistreated. Every single accident seems to happen to my right ankle. The doc asked if i had sprained my right ankle b4, & i seriously can't remember! I rem i sprained my foot in 2005/2006 when i was in EY. I got 1 wk MC for that but i don't think i sprained the ankle. I think it was the front foot though... Eh ex-EYians and SAT auditors, if you all rem pls let me know. Then i banged my right toe with the door, dropped a heavy weight on my right little toe, pain in the 2nd right toe due to stress..So on & so forth.. All right foot kena. Only thing my left foot kena was bruised toe, but then again, my right toe also kena...

So now the more serious case of sprained ankle. Wah I didnt even get MC for it this time lor. Stupid doc..Even tho i went to see doc on sunday, i think i shld still get MC for Mon mah..sprained leh, & swelling..serious!!!

Luckily (unluckily??) i had a scheduled physio session on the Mon, so went for assessment by my physio therapist, who diagnosed it as ligament tear. So means my ankle will be rather loose now, and weaker cos no more ligament support. The plan is to do physio exercises to strengthen the ankle muscles so that they help to support rather than relyin on the ligament.

Then went for ultrasound therapy! That's the fun & interesting part. Nope it's not those for pregnant ladies, you don do scanning.. rather, u apply a special gel & using the ultrasound hand-held equpiment, massage the affected area for about 15mins. The feeling is abit cool cool cos of the gel, then will feel abit of heat. The purpose is to use ultrasound waves to stimulate the blood flow & to speed up the healing process. By healing i mean the inflammation & the swelling, bear in mind ligament WILL NOT grow back. Quite effective. Thinking of actually buying one (portable one of cos) for investment and can use at home for other purposes (like pain in shoulder or knee etc). They sell it on ebay & US, but cannot find locally...

I even went to Sinseh to see to the injury & they sorta cracked my foot back into alignment. Apparently, due to the sprain, my right ankle was so loose that it somehow became longer than my left ankle. But now that's realigned & i have equal length now... But then again, with ligament tear, not even sinseh can miraculously cure you! They can only place your ankle back in alignment if it was out of alignment. Other than that, nothing much they can do... But if it's a normal sprain, they should be more helpful! But my suggestion is wait for the swelling & pain to subside abit b4 gg. Don't go immediately cos if it's broken, DO NOT go sinseh for massage cos it'll be worse! Even ligament tear, better get a diagnosis first... Sinseh is not wizard or magician...

So now, 6weeks have passed. Been working really really hard @ physio to train the muscles. The trick is to move ur ankle & do resistance exercises to build the muscles. OF cos with the help of an elastic exercise band for best results! Doing at least twice a day, with lots of repetition. Feeling much better, at least the pain has subsided & the ankle is feeling stronger... But still a long way to recovery... Have to keep working hard. Giving myself another month to be able to fully work my ankle. I still wana play tennis & run & etc etc....

Something i learnt from my physio.. My walking posture is wrong & places alot of stress on my knee & ankle. So now gota re-train myself to walk properly. Pelvis out alittle, foot abit more arched...