Sunday, November 30, 2008

15 Facebook Don'Ts

Read this from 8-days (8-days every week...) Interesting, furnie & Oh So True!! Let's have a test, go through each of the 15 items and see if You are guilty of them!! I'll go 1st :)

1. Do Not Write Anything On Anyone's Facebook Wall That Can Land Them In Hot Soup
Eh ney I don't do tat, I'm more direct, I call them or msn them immediately hahahha - NOT GUILTY

2. Do Not Be A Facebook Whore
Further explanation: Adding people you barely remember from 10-20yrs ago or assorted strangers just to make you SEEM popular...
Nope NOT GUILTY!!! Eh I think most of the time, pple want to add me instead of the other way round.. Haha I'm just too lz to recall my past friends, except for close ones & impt friends.. So all those in my list, you know who u r & How IMPORTANT YOU R!!!

3. Do Not Assume That People Want a Play-by-play Of Your Tedious Little LIfe
Hmm I'm not so extreme, update mayb a few days once WHEN impt things happen tat NEEDS updating... - NOT GUILTY

4. Do Not Be Passive-Aggressive
Nope, TAKE IT UP WITH THE PERSON PERSONALLY if you have issues with them. DO NOT wring sympathy by commenting your feelings on FB. IT IS SO UNCOOL - NOT GUILTY

5. Do Not Tag Your Friends in Photos In Which They Look Drunk, Fat or Are Missing Articles of Clothing
I'll KILL anyone who does tat to me... - NOT GUILTY

6. Do Not Post Photos That Are More Than 10 Years Old
Eh GUILTY WITHOUT APPEAL!!!!! Sorrie folks, I posted by Sec Sch & JC Class photos. But then again, they were CLASS PHOTOS, means small photo of Everyone, & no identification of ANYONE!! Well If tat helps abit...hehehehe..& I WILL NOT acknowledge any requests of identifying who's who in the photos! - GUILTY AS CHARGED

7. Do Not Wait Two Days Before Accepting A Friend Request Just Because You Don't Want TO Appear Parked On Facebook 24/7
Eh Nope, If I don't accept you whn I log in to view, means I'm NOT GOING to accept you FOREVER!!!!! - NOT GUILTY

8. Do Not Use Facebook for Work Related Matters
Tht's just plain stupid. Dono if u guys have read the FB case whr an employee added the boss & got busted haha tat's damn furnie man... - NOT GUILTY

9. Do Not Start a Facebook Group Claiming That you Can Save An Amazonian Tribe From Urbanisation If You Get 1,000,000 Members
Well, I guess those people R Damn bored with live to create such a group. Don't be stupid to believe such groups - NOT GUILTY

10. Do Not Inundate Your Friends With Invitations to Play Texas Hold'Em Poker, Vampire Wars etc
Tat was NEVER MY purpose of joining FB. So i NEVER ONCE accepted anyone's offer to play games. Too distracting & TOo much trouble. Yes I'm DAO. But I think the fever has died down abit, or maybe pple juz got fed up with TRYING to invite me - NOT GUILTY

11. Do Not Update Your Profile Photo Every Three Hours
Let me recall, I only had 2 photos since the 1st day i joined FB. The most recent one was a photo taken 6mths back & used till since.. No intention of changing until I get a bter one... - NOT GUILTY

12. Do Not Have a Protracted Wall-to-Wall Conversation With Your Friend
I May be guilty of this for only once!! Was talking to a friend on a possible meet up sometime next year. It MAY seem alittle too long a conversation on Wall-to-Wall. I accept my mistake. Next Time I shall Use Message Box! - PARTIALLY GUILTY

13. Do Not Engage in FDA (Facebook Displays of Affection) With Your Beau
I CANNOT STAND PDA (Public Displays of Affection). So FDA is a NO-NO to me. So far, i think have yet to see any extreme cases in my friends' list..Heng AR!!! - NOT GUILTY

14. Do Not Break Up By Chancing Your Relationship Status to 'Single'
Seriously, those pple who do this, ought to be PUNISHED!!! N U thot Sms breakup was terrible, THIS IS WORSE!!!!! Don't be a coward. Face the music in PERSON!! - NOT GUILTY

15. Do Not Complain If People Do Any or All of the Above
Oops, I guess I'm Guilty?? Since I'm complaining abt these in the blog? Oh wait, I'm just commenting, NOT complaining hahhaha... - SO NOT GUILTY HAHAH

So Let's Tally the score!

1.5/15 (There's 1 partially guilty) Hmmm, I"m NOT a FB PEST!!! hahaha So how did u guys do??

Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Birthday TO ME!!!

The day of the year has finally arrived...Once again...

Happy Birthday to Me!! Another year has passed, wiser by one more year, smarter by one more year, and pretty as always :)

Birthday wish(es):

1) Quote from ABBA - "MONEY MONEY MONEY"
2) WORLD PEACE!! This is serious! What with the stupid BKK protestors, Mumbai bombing n such, now don u feel Miss Universe is such a meaningful competition??
3) HOLIDAY!! Yes I desperately need one. have not taken a holiday for the whole year! N my dream holiday is dependent on the situation in BKK damn it!
4) Good Health. Yes cliche but IMPORTANT ALWAYS!!!!!
5) Eh, soulmate?? Hahah every year the same wish, but still lidat... But still must keep on wishing la hahaha

15 more mins b4 my bday ends... Enjoy everyone!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Protestors should STOP wasting their time holding Bangkok Airport hostage & Staging DEMONSTRATIONS!!


Missy here WANTS, NEEDS, DESIRES her well-deserved HOLIDAY!!!!!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Blissful - Redefined

Was looking through my past blog entries... I guess retro/nostalgia is starting to kick in to me. Yes, i've started posting photos from the past (from baby photos to kid to graduation), looking through the scanned photos of the past 20++ years or so, and marvel at how pple changed over the years! It's really interesting going through the phase called 'Growing up'. There was a period of young n innocent, a period of nonsensical fashion sense, flat hair and high waisted jeans. Those were the days.....

Anyway, was reading through the blogs, especially blog written on March 23 2007 on Blissful! For those who have forgotten, please refer to March 23 2007 entry on my definition of Blissful. Yes i said i was NOT blissful and WILL NOT be for years to come. I think, pple mature through the years and thinking changed.. Come to think of it, i was too harsh on my words. Reflection upon my current status and thinking, I think Simplicity is Bliss :) It chanced upon me yesterday when i was surfing through Facebook and noted one of my fren's facebook comments - "I am a simple man with a simple heart". It made me think - 简单就是美。Imagine a world where life is just simple, no pressure to perform or shine, e'rything is peaceful and simple, just like the life of the villagers in Vietnam (Sapa). U c happiness written across their faces! Granted, they have poor access to clean water, poor sanitation or even less than desirable food, but u just feel like they are satisfied with their way of living!

Beauty in life lies in simplicity. Nowadays, in the current world, survivor of the fittest is KEY. Survivor feeds competition feeds pressure. Everyone is so caught up with work and work and how to work even harder tat we forget our surrounding and minuscule things around us that matter most, or that makes us smile! How many times have we slowed down, sit in the park n njoy the day just doing nth n reading? I admit that I don even do tat! I was in Sydney in Sept. What i saw was pple sitting outside the air-conditioned bldgs, having their simple packed lunch, sitting outside njoying the sun and food and just some peace alone time, reading. Simple but it's theraupeutic. Or in the morning, just sitting by the bench, reading a book for a couple of minutes b4 heading to work! Well, we don't do tat in SG. We would rather spend tat 10mins catching up on sleep than to go out n read a book! Maybe it's the difference in culture, maybe it's the difference in mentality, but whn I look back at this, I feel like 'Hey, y don't we do tat'? I ask myself, and the answer I gave is 'I rather sleep'. Yes, I admit even tho i envy tat kinda carefree lifestyle, I too m guilty of rather sleeping...

Blissful... I think i'm alot more open on this idea than 1 year ago. Granted my life is not perfect, I mean no one is perfect! Look at those millionaire superstars, do u think they r perfect?? They have loads of money but no privacy, lots of stupid gossips. Of cos who doesnt like to have loads of $$, but $$ can't buy love, can't buy true friendship. I have all my friends ard me, I have my family ard me, I have gd fun colleagues ard me, I have a gd stable job. What's not to like abt my life?? Yes, I still don't have a boyfriend (working hard in the process), I still don't have 1mil in my bank acct. But hey those r additional perks! I have my health, my life! I should be grateful for that!

I m blissed with having a grp of crappy psychotic frens who can go crazy with me (don't have to act up in front of them). Granted some tend to be 重色轻友 and it actually do hurt when tat happened, but what r frens for! U noe that they'll come back to u and u'r the one they seek solace from in times of trouble or vice versa. It's hard to let years of friendship just go down the drain just cos of a few unhappy incidents. Let Bygones b Bygones.. Give and let go :) It feels good to be able to b there for frens whn they nd u. N they know that!

I m blissed to have my family still ard. Yes, i'm guilty of not communicating with them often. I guess that's just the way we were brought up, my dad being the 'master' of the family, creating a barrier between making it hard to talk to him freely. But hey, at least I know they'r alwz there if I nd help. Over the years, I have learnt to soften the defence wall I have built ard myself, and tried to communicate more... It's a slow learning process..

I m blissed to have good fun colleagues for the past 4 years since my graduation. Not some snorty, high class pple who don't bother to joke and b crazy with u. It's so impt to have good colleagues..

I m blissed to have good jobs so far. My life in EY can b considered one of the bter ones, not having those shitty portfolios, late nites r not as plenty as others.. Current job is good with good exposure n boss, not having to slog late hrs as well..

N my health is still with me, working twds a much bter physique and stamina! I have my whole life in front of me still! Many areas n lands unexplored!!
I m blissed with the fact that I can continue my exploration of the land beyond! So what can I say...

It's time to try to let go of myself.. Over the years, I have put up too many defenses, too many criterias for myself to fulfil. Sometimes, being too hard on myself. I'm not a perfectionist, but I have certain criterias that I muz c myself stick to. Mayb it's time to redefine these criterias and set new ones...

I feel blissed.. I m blissful... Learn to let go...