Friday, May 25, 2007

Waterspout Spotted!!

Picture no1
Picture no2

Unusual sight in Singapore today at One Raffles Quay - Waterspout!! For those who don't noe what's waterspout (courtesy of Jeremiah), it's like a twister but in water. Around 3+pm (i think), there was suddenly a commotion and a colleague asked if i was going to take a look. I was like 'look at what', and it was a waterspout!

E'ryone in office juz rushed over to the partner's room to get a good view of the waterspout. For a moment, we all thot our lives were in danger!! Actually we were just expecting early release home hahaha.. Damn it... But it looked rather scary, quite big though...

Finally it's friday!! N tomorrow, no parents for 8 days!!!!!!!! N this wkend, home alone!! Horray!! I love being home alone. Don understand y some pple (of quite a few pple) don like. Say i crazy to love being home alone! What's so bad abt that? NOTHING!!! Everything is great home alone (ok except for the fact that i have to wash the clothes n clean up...) but the thing is no government!! No fishy eyes ard the corner, no more feeling like pairs of eyes watching over u (tho most of the time they don, but u juz have that feeling). I'm Free!!! I can do whatever i want! Wake up at watever hour i like, eat or don eat watever i like, do watever i like, lay ard wherever i like.... hmmm maybe i can try sleeping naked!!! Wahahahahah!! See, that's what i like abt being homme alone! Totally free to try out new things... Or hold a great party (lots of booze n sex hahaha NOT). But not this wkend...let me njoy being home alone for just this precious once in a lifetime moment!

Ooo... Confirm going bangkok (aka BKK) in June. Leech on wendy's hotel accomo...n do some real shopping this time! I have not realli shopped in BKK b4. 1st year training in EY was held in BKK n seriously not realli alot of shopping but quite a considerable amt (not many trophies in terms of clothes or shoes). 2nd time a 1 day stopover in BKK enroute to Hanoi, did some shopping but it was not my main aim that time. So this time, i shall term it my shopping trip! Damn, i'm going to bleed terribly.... What to buy? Clothes (beach wear hahaha, shorts, hopefully office wear, dresses), bikinis (i'm starting to become a bikini whore), shoes (hopefully can find some nice shoes), lingerie (triumph is cheap cheap cheap), bags (cheap cheap cheap). Damn like so many things, mayb i shld go with an empty bag hahahah.... Clothes can buy there (Anyone who has more shopping ideas or places, pls recommend!!)..... Wow suddenly i'm so excited abt a shopping trip...This is so NOT ME!!! Ok, once in a while muz go for shopping relax i'm still the backpacker Me. I wun change... I still like scrim n save n trips, n not shop but look ard n njoy the atmosphere. Diving trip a definitely must back to Perhentian. When? Hopefully end June? DX n MT can or not? Else no time liao hahahah....

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Night out at St James

18th May 2007 - Friday night 630pm. That's the start of the official (long awaited) post-peak chill out session organised by AABS 22 Social Committee! Venue is at the most happening place at the moment - St James Power Station! Free flow of beer, soft drinks & housepour!! Yeah... I don't care about beer, but as long as there'r housepours, I'm onz! But of cos, it's limited free flow i.e. 3 barrels of beer, 10 bottles of housepour throughout the night.
As usual, being the kind soul that I am, n being the number help for lcs (manager), i was called upon to be the recep for the night! Fine...No harm being the recep. Me n lcs mandled the booth from 630pm all the way till abt 8+pm before we proceeded to Gallery Bar to enjoy the party! And it was a perfect timing cos housepour started at 830pm! Yeah, let the drinking begin!

Me n Seow Seow b4 she got drunk

It was a great gathering party, the turnout was great! Chatting n gossiping through the night, saw a lot of colleagues who were forever MIA (Missing In Action) as e'ryone was out on job. Great time spent talking n gossiping about the latest news, latest happenings n what's gg on in life. Of cos great time drinking! 6 shots n 5 mix down my stomach! Shiok but i did not get high! Well well, i'm getting pretty good at drinking! Some of my colleagues were wasted after about 1 shot n 1 mix... Didnt reali get to explore St james ( there r several rooms in St james) cos some of my colleagues were drunk so had to take care of them... What a waste...Well i shall go back another day to truly explore!

Feeling not high enuff, we left St James for 2nd round! A total of 9 of us (mixture of snrs n assts) went to Club Street for more liquor! 1 bottle of Chivas, coke n green tea! Let the mixing n drinking begin! WE played some drinking games (guess the number, truth or dare which resulted in an intimate moment b/n 2 guys etc...) I had a total of 3 rather potent mix of Chivas n green tea, mixed with the previous glasses i had, n i announced 'that's it'. But this time, I was able to walk on my own (in a straight line) n I am certain I did not blubber... So much better than that time in Perhentian when i needed Sebastian to carry me n i blubbered then. But of cos still drunk this time. Went home to vomit! 1st time i i guessed i had too much.

2nd day woke up hungover n headache...But i still persevered n went to the gym for 1hr of combatting n 1hr of yoga!! To clear my mind! After which it was farewell dinner at cafe iguana for my dear fren Qinyi who is going to Vietnam for work. She'll be away for 1.5yrs in Vietnam. Ha, now i have a reason to go Ho Chi Minh! All the best to u Qinyi!

Group picture (split) at Cafe iguana. Lady beside the guy is Qinyi

Sunday, May 13, 2007

My Henna

Nice? Another Henna on my hand, this time much nicer design. I love this, though the colour after the scab is peeled is alot lighter (becomes brownish, so no pict taken cos not as nice). Got this for free at California Gym on Sat cos of the Mother's Day promo they were having. My lucky day! N Of cos I must try it! Leave a mark (temporary one) on my hand is a nice feeling haha...Especially for someone who is thinking of getting a tatoo soon on her body. But of cos this is not the design i'm going to get. Still waiting for Sebastian to draw more designs for me to choose instead of pinning on just that particular one design. Shall ask for opinions when i have those designs to choose from. This time, I think i'm serious. Got advice from colleague that it is alrite, only a bit more painful than ant bite (more like big ant bite) so i shall go do it! Yes, another change for me, about time. I'm going to get a tatoo, n cut my hair again! This time to a shorter length, realli short at the back, but long fringe... Sounds stylish rite...Vict Beckhams is sporting this hairstyle now so i'm just going to get it in maybe 2mths' time. Sth like this:

This is the style i'm looking for. There, u c it here 1st!

On another note, Today is a sad n heavy day for me. My best friend has just got her heart broken by her bf. N she was devastated! Really really devastated. It was really heart breaking to c her just now, all shacked, tired, worn down n crying... Her eyes were both swollen. It was really the 1st time i saw her so vulnerable n alone. A 5yr relationship is not sth that is easily forgotten or let go, but since it has come to this ending, she just has to accept the fact n move on. Cindy, be brave, u have a grp of friends n ur family to support u and help u pull thr this tough period. I'll make sure to jio u out to party next time n we'll go man-hunting :)

Friday, May 11, 2007

Perhentive Dive Trip 2007

After a break of almost 6 months, I'm on my way to obtain my Advanced Open Water Dive Certificate in Perhentian Islands!!!

Yes, Me n Tingmei decided to just do it 2 weeks prior to our departure. So we did a little research, booked our transport, called the dive center (Scubaholic) and went ahead with it.

Bus journey was long n tiring. Stupid bus broke down just 2hours into the ride and we had to wait for bloody 45 mins for another bus to pick us up. So sleepless night on the bus until the next morning when we reached Jerteh Terminal, where we waited for the bus to the jetty with a group of Malaysians. Then, it's a half hour boat ride to Coray Bay, where our destination is! Perhentian here we are!

Long beach

Me Under the coconut hut

Checked into our resort (fan-cooled n dusty) early in the morning and embarked on our journey. 1st off, to Long Beach for a walk, dip in the pool and some suntanning! It was a nice, sunny Thursday morning! After the visit, it was back to the dive shop to register our course. OUr instructor - Sebastian Ng! Some say he looks like Louis Koo (What do u think?) N Guess How old is he? He's only 26!!! Imagine, only 1 year my senior! More abt diving later cos the 1st day is just R&R.

Me n Sebastian (My Perhentian Husband)

Friends from Perhentian (Nik, Yenni, Carol, Angie, Sebast, Tingmei n Me)

Met Up with some of his other friends on the island - carol, Yenni and Angie. Chatted over dinner and headed off for drinks. TIng Mei fell sick after the dinner (due to heat stroke) and went off the bed earlier while we (Angie, Sebast n Me) Continued to chat. Tucked in to bed at 12am but had to wake up at 745am the next morning for my 1st dive!!

Poor Tingmei, fell sick, as such she had to abort the course. So it's down to only me alone taking the adv course with Sebastian. 1st dive was deep water diving, to about 23m. Wow. My descend was slow due to slow equalising and i was a little too heavy on the weights. But all else is good. Saw lotsa fishes ard n NO JELLYFISH!!! That's so damn important! Back to shore and more chatting session with Sebastian b4 the 2nd dive in the afternoon - Vietnamese Wreck.

Vietnamese Wreck = Lotsa jellyfish! Poor Sebast, had to keep saving me from jellyfish stings as there were juz too many for me to keep track. Haha...well what to do, that's the job of the instructor! To save his students! N he promised me that he would protect me from jellyfish. Great dive, tho visibility was poor. Saw baby sharks! 2nd break onshore b4 the highlight of the day - Night dive!

Night dive sounds scary because u'r diving in darkness, only a torchlight (which is not v bright). But the experience is quite interesting. Initially we were going to Sea Bell Rock, but it was swamped with jellyfish, so we changed to Romantic Beach. Not a bad choice ( I do not want to be stung). Saw plenty of fishes, prawn n crab! Scary at 1st but u'll get used to it. Night time activity - Chatting session with Carol, Yenni, Angie, Tingmei, Sebast! Sebast n Me Had special massage from Angie! It was great! Helped to relieve our muscle tension.

3 dives down, 2 more to go. The next day, dive number 4 was photography and there is just nth much to say about it. My underwater photography sucks and the place wasn't really that great. Saw lotsa nemos, stingray but other than that it was just sand. Last dive of the day was navigation and as usual nth much. I sucked at my triangle navigation and Sebast had to pull me back. Furnie thing was, i thot the tug was coral tangling my fins and i kicked it off until he pulled harder the 2nd time! Ha.. My fault. That marks the end of my Adv course! Now i'm a certified Adv O/W Diver! That calls for celebration which will happen later in the night! A furnie thing happened b4 our drinking session. This stupid german guy came to ask Sebast abt diving, and I just happened to be standing beside Sebast. So the german guy just turned and asked me 'R U his wife'? WTF!! Both of us nearly fainted! So being furnie, we admitted to the German guy (just for fun) and we just started calling each other 'Lao Gong' 'Lao Po' (Husband n wife) Haha crazy. This just goes to show when u go to an island, u can alwz do the craziest things!

Jamming session (with liquor n beers)

Yes, back to drinking session! 2 bottles of volka n cans of beers! We just drank, talked and had entertainment in the form of guitar and singing. N Yes, I got pretty drunk! Sebast had to carry me back to my room and watch me fall asleep. I totally cannot remember (Even to this day) what i told him on the way, n he din want to specify. So let's just forget about it!

The next day, woke up with a headache n terrible mood. But, still went for an afternoon dive! Luckily i went! We went to Sugar wreck n it was great! Lotsa interesting things to c! Different types of fish, sharks again, jellyfish of cos! After the dive, it was rest time, time for a nap! NO more drinking session tonight. Tingmei had to return to S'pore while i stayed on. Rain poured heavily at night and we had to seek shelter inside the dive shop until it stopped. N that's when i spotted this reali cute guy - tom cruise look alike! Reali cute!!! Too bad he has got a gf (n an ugly one) damn! Back to my room n more chatting with Sebast b4 going to bed.

Tom Cruise look alike

My last whole day in perhentian the next day. What to do? More diving of cos!! Went Sea Bell Rock again to try our luck and it was great! Great visibility, no current. The dive was fantastic! Saw many fishes, eels...No Jellyfish (important) N we stayed in the water for 61min!! The longest ever and still not low on air! By the time we surfaced, e'ryone was a little tired! But that's not the last dive! We went for another one at 4pm, to the Black Reef. Sounds interesting, and indeed it was an interesting n exciting dive!

Initially down in the water, still ok. Then it got worse. Visibility is just fucking poor! N ricky (one of the dive instructor) swims too fast. Almost lost him on several occassions. Current is also v strong, till a point where we had to grab onto sth to steady ourselfs. Halfway thr, our team of 5 split up. Me with philo (Ricky's gf) n ricky, while another team comprise of Sebast n Cindy. It was so hard to swim cos the current was quite strong. After a while, all 5 of us were reunited, only to be separated again a while later, this time with me, ricky n cindy in front. Cindy was low on air so she had to hurry to inform ricky and b4 i cld catch up with them, they were gone! Yes gone. OUt of sight. I just could not catch up cos the current was too strong to swim pass. N for a few mins, I was lost! Seriously lost cos there was noone in my vicinity, i had no idea where I was n i was low on air (<50 bar =" low" air =" 0">

Beautiful sunset

By Sebastian

Artistic shot of me (by Sebastian) I love this!

That evening, me n Sebast went to the tip of Coral Bay for the sunset. Really beautiful! Nothing happening for the night, cos the next day is a sad day for me. Time to say GoodBye to Perhentians.

The next morning, woke up with stomachache. Went to the toilet twice! Must have been the sotong I ate the other night. Spent the whole morning just lazing ard, dipping in the pool n doing nth! Left Perhentian at 4pm with Philo for my journey back home!

The minute i reach S'pore the next morning, diarhorrea sets in. For the whole day, toilet was my best friend and I lost 2kg in just 1 day! What a way to lose weight!

I love Perhentian and I would definitely go back again. N I was told I looked like GiGi Leung (HK singer). Hahah. I hv no comments, no1 has ever told me that b4, except happy la hahahah

Wow I managed to surmarise the long trip (6D5N) to such a short para... So proud of myself!

Oh, N Sebast has managed to convince me to get a tatoo at my lower back. Yes, below the waist, just abv the butt. Sexy place! N he drew a pict for me to tatoo. Crazy me, promised him i'll do it and use his picture and to get it done b4 i go back for another visit this year. Ok So i really have to do it now! ahahahahha...Things pple do when they'r on an island.

More pictures at Perhantian Dive Trip 2007