Monday, May 23, 2011

Beginning of the End, Start of a New Beginning

Tick Tock On The Clock But the Party Won't Stop.......

Finally, the countdown has hit ground zero. Sad that I'm leaving behind all the wonderful colleagues & friends, but excited as I'm moving towards a new challenge. 2 months of anticipation, excitment is finally at the finishing line, and I've completed my 3.5 years of marathon. It's an end to one of the important phases of my working career, and with it brings forth the beginning of another new and exciting phase of life!

It all started back in Dec 2007. Fresh out of the torturous, inhumane, slave driving accounting firm (one of the Big 4), I dove straight into the comfortable arms of Electrolux, with the Santa Claus-que boss named Jonny (direct from Stockholm) and his arm of elves and fairies. All seemed lovely dovely but at the same time slightly alien. I was a wide-eyed little ingenue, eagerly anticipating the new job scope and responsibilities, but apprenhensive about how I would fit into this 'festive' team. Truth be told, I was slightly intimidated by the elder elves in the team as they seemed such a closely knit family to break through and I thought they were a little distant. The fairies were ok, but interaction was brewing slowly...

Not long after, one of the fairies left the group to set up her own Xmas factory somewhere in the far far away land, and shortly after followed by the departure of another elf. By that time, I have gained my entry into the mystical group as one of the fairies and was bestowed upon the mystical world renowned treasure 玉女剑. All was lovely dovely once more and with the induction, I was introduced into the world of Higher Chinese by the master elf with all those "High Level" Chinese Poems which only the true master can understand and recite blindly. By Higher Chinese, you cannot take it literally to mean those cheem chinese languages but rather skewered versions of the language where Moulin Rouge is being beautified by words.

Then along came the third fairy and the team was promoted to Charlie's Angels (code name Xiao Yan Zi or xyz, Xiao Yu or fish, Xiao Ching) with the master elf occupying the all important Charlie's role. The years that followed help shape my career and also widen my horizon and knowledge base.

It is also this role that helped fulfilled my dream of travelling around the world, albeit only a few countries in APAC region, but good enough!! I was able to visit Blue Mountains, Manly Beach and Bondi beach in Sydney, Shopping in Bangkok, Scaling the Gwanaksan in South Korea, Freezing in the winter of Stockholm, busk in the sophistication of Shanghai, submerge myself in the wonder mountains of Zhangjiajie which were behind the idea of Avatar, Soak up the supposedly romantic vibe of Paris and exciting live of New York and get to know many many great colleagues from all around the world!!! It was really an eye opener for me, a small town girl who lives her whole live in Jurong (the extreme west part of Singapore), never quite step out into city much often. It also helped spice up my life so much more with loads of exposure to the different cultures and attitudes of people around the world.

Yes of course, life and work is not always lovely dovely. There were times of stress (not that I stress up easily), anger and frustration, jet lag, unfair treatments etc, but there were much more enjoyable times and fun moments within the team! Who can forget those nights during global conferences where we stayed up to play Chua Dai Di (Big 2), the never-ending life stories and advice, family talks and anecdotes, bitching and complaining about alot of things... Those are just CLASS!!

Props for all the efforts in trying to encourage me to eat meat (tho they failed miserably), or to eat sashimi (failed too).

As i'm tidying up my desk, packing up my stuff, there is a tinge of sadness for leaving this group of people who've been by my side, provided all the laughs for the past 3.5 years. I never thought that we can be such a close family, but we have! This is one family of people I will not forget. I mean, who can forget??

Not to forget friends I've made in the company itself. And all the auditees I've met, you all have been the best.... Maybe it's me (who can resist a cute pretty face), but I must say, the auditees have all been really nice to me and I really appreciate it.

Moving on to a new company with new challenges is always difficult. Paranoid about the new environment, new colleagues, new job scope, new boss, new auditees...All kinds of new things always make you ansty but you've gota do what's to be done! Time to move on and accept new challenges. For better or worse (of cos hope for better), it is a path that needs to be treaded. Life is about the unknowns, about taking up challenges. Like Forest Gump once put it, life is a box of chocolates, you never know what you'll get (unless you bought a box of single flavoured choc...), any other way, it's not gg to kill you! Hey, i mean it's chocolates, any other way it should taste fine right?? Ok, except mayb mint flavour (Yucks)

Special thanks for & to:
The love and tender care from my fabulous team (you know who you are)
Countless life and love advices
Gossips and bitching sessions
Dear's words of encouragement XoXo (Haha scandalous??? Don't think too much into this)
Food Glorious Food during overseas trips
China Project for helping me attain Platinum Starwood status
The ever fabulous and wonder auditees

I grew out of the uni box with E&Y, I blossomed into my own with Electrolux, and I look forward to shining in my next challenge.

Cue *Should all acquaintance be forgot.........* There was a conspiracy to try and make me cry, but I don't cry easily :) but I know i'll miss you all!!! Miss Miss Miss!! Must keep in touch always!!

Off to Palawan in Philippines for a short holiday recharge before my new job begins!! From 25 May till possibly 4/5 June. Frolicking by the beaches, enjoying the sun and sand and hopefully beach boys :) It's been such a super duper long time since I've been to a nice beach.. Over 1 year (Pulau Aur doesn't count) Man I miss the sun, sand and sea! Bring on the beach babes and hunks!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Diet Revamp

Doctor: Your cholestorol abit high. Have to eat less meat

Me: Huh very high?

Doctor: Slightly on the high side for someone so young. Bad Cholestorol is abit high. Ah u know, less meat less meat...

Me: Er, but I don't eat meat

Doctor: *Shock* Wah, u don't eat meat, still high cholestorol, so sad

Me: ..... *smile*

Doctor: You don't eat meat but still have enough iron, no anemia. Maybe it's genetics la. Don't worry, no medication for you but need to monitor.

Damn it, I had feared this result but the truth is out and what's done is done. Yes, I have high cholestorol! Shocker!! Cannot believe it right? I don't eat meat, i exercise hard so bloodly active still kena high cholestorol. Yes, my good cholestorol is high which is good, but the bad one is also high which is bad.... Doc says could be genetic, so I'm the unfortunate one. Now i've got to watch my already very minimal diet of food..... No excessive cheese/eggs/prawns/seafood/fatty food. Ok, i need to stop munching on nuts, those killer nuts damn it! Need to be even more healthy in my food choices..

Thursday, May 19, 2011

What's worse than spraining your ankle?

- Spraining it AGAIN, exact same spot, exact same activity causing it, exact same fashion it was sprained. Fuck! Exact same time period of the day too!

- Spraining it with ankle guard wrapped around it!! Double fuck! (Apologies for the vulgarity) And you thought ankle guard can help protect a weaker ankle! Damn it!

But this is not going to stop me from engagin in the activity again. No way I love this sport too much to give it up. I think i need a super duper fantastic ankle guard. And I need to double load on my ankle strengthening exercises. Luckily though, this time round it's not as severe as the last one. And having learnt from the last time, started treatment immediately and results are good. Swelling's gone down, just needs a couple more ankle exercises and days more to recover......How you hate it when u have an injury which prevents you from engaging in rigorous activities....

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I dream a Little dream

No not a Susan Boyle song. And Not exactly A little dream... Two to be precise

I dreamt abt the beginning of the end of the world! (Big pause) And to think that I was talking abt the end of the world (thanks to the Mayan prophecy) just 1wk ago in Mulu (the How would it end, and what would you do questions).

So here is my dreams:

1st dream, I dreamt that we saw the sun being swallowed by the Moon (i.e eclipse) and everyone was so excited to witness eclipse. Then suddenly when the Moon totally swallowed the sun, it started to glow like it was burning, brighter and brighter and brighter until it explodes like a bomb and swallowed the entire earth within seconds, no time to even react - END.

2nd dream (starts immediately after the 1st), the earth is engulfed in total darkness, like a massive worldwide blackout with no life. Come to think of it, it may have been a continuation of the 1st dream, but I can't be sure...

Wow, my dreams are dark. But it kinda fits (alittle) abt my idea of how the earth ends - Suddenly 'poof' the earth is destroyed entirely. Not like the movie 2012 where all lands are being destroyed, with human beings left stranded in sea. Nope, my idea is earth will just suddenly disappear 'poof' gone, zero, none. And the planetary has one less planet. Nobody suffers from lost loved ones, anguish blah blah...Everyone treated the same way. The unlucky ones would be those astronauts who happen to be out in space at that time, they would be the survivors with nowhere to return to.. How sad would that be?! So morale of the story, don't go on space expedition in 2012 hahaha...

Do you believe that the world is going to end in 2012?? I don't

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Adventures of Mulu - Unveiled and Uncovered

Finally, the long awaited blog is here! I'm just 1 week late, that's not too bad considering that it could have been worse... I will be as detailed as possible without boring readers with unnecessary information, but at the same time provide as much information about Mulu Caves as possible because I really think you people should visit this place. But then again, I'm long-winded hahaha so I don't care! I'll just ramble on and on and on.........

Short introduction on the place - Gunung Mulu. This is a Unesco World Heritage site, with the biggest caves amidst the natural rainforest (one of the few remaining in Malaysia). Not to be missed are the Pinnacles, limestone formations that looked beautiful (similar to Stone Forest in China, but you have to scale 1500m to view Pinnacles)

How we came about deciding on this location? Actually the idea of a short week long getaway stemmed from Last year, sometime end Q1 of 2010. When we were talking about our Beijing Oct 2010 trip, I planted a little seed in Angeline's mind about a short getaway prior to Beijing (Aug 2010). We started looking at places (Perlis and Langkawi were shortlisted) but the plan fell through as our vacation days could not coincide. So KIV for 2010 while we concentrated on BJ 2010. But the little seed was planted and cannot be deseeded (courtesy of my constant watering). So after BJ, I started the talk once again for a short getaway and somehow, it became Mulu! I can't really remember how Mulu came into the picture, but i think it had something to do with adventure, nature and Angeline suggesting Kuching to visit friend. So Mulu it was, and we started planning sometime end Q1 2011. Come to think of it, i'm actually glad we chose Mulu cos it was really fun!

So looking through the official website, we started to draft our activities to fit into the plan and decided upon a number of activities to fill up 5 days of Mulu. Of cos, Pinnacles looked like the most interesting thing to do given that I like hiking...So we decided upon it, thinking it shld not have been too hard (but he he he...more on that later). Then we planned a 1 day stop in Kuching (visit Angeline's friend) and fly back via Miri (a boring little town). So that was how it all started. Anyone interested in knowing more about Mulu Park can refer to this website

On 29 April 2011, we embarked on our flight to Kuching where we later spent 1 day touring the entire Kuching town.

The Kuching River

Truth be told, Kuching is small and there's really nothing much to do. We woke up early and left to 'tour' at about 9am, thinking early bird gets the worm and that we might have much things to do. But by like 1030am, we were bored and racking our brains on what to do.. Of cos unless you're interested in the cultural village and the Bako National Park, then you can easily spend 2 days here...

So we decided to take a 1hour sampan ride along the Kuching river to kinda waste time...

On the sampan

Then on 1 May, we finally embarked on our Mulu adventure, starting with a 1.5hr flight on a propeller plane! The flight is actually rather smooth, and half empty

Propeller plane we took to and from Mulu. They serve drinks; and food if the flight time is longer

From the Mulu airport (a really small airport), it's a 2min shuttle to the Park HQ where we booked our accomodation. You can actually walk from the airport (it's only 1.5Km) but since Angeline had a large suitcase, we opted for the van...It's only RM5 each per way

Crossing the bridge from the drop off pick to enter the Park HQ

Actually there are 2 more accomodations located outside of Mulu Park HQ that offer rooms (or rather beds) at more cheaper rate, but we didnt know. We thought the only accomo was inside Park HQ and the highly atas Royal Mulu. So anyway, if you want, can consider. One of them is Rainforest lodge at RM35 per bed (it's a dorm), the other is like a homestay. Both have very basic facilities but I think they're sufficient. Our first night, we booked into the 20+bed dorm for RM40 each (with b'fast). It's actually not too bad and the bathroom is attached to the room.

After checking in, we went for the Deer and Lang cave tour (RM20 each). FYI, 90% of the activities in Mulu Park have to be guided. It's compulsory. I guess that comes with being UNESCO listed. With the exception of like 2 walks and wandering around the lodging area and I suppose bat viewing, all other visits to caves etc have to be guided.

1st Lang cave, limestone caves with loads of Stalactites (top down) and Stalagmites (bottom up). They are quite impressive but lightings within the caves are alittle lacking I would say. Compared to Halong Bay caves where they have loads of lightings and Naracoote caves... Photographers enthusiast, no big tripods are allowed. Yes, small ones ok (which i brought along)

The beautiful limestone formations in Lang Cave

After Lang cave, we visit Deer cave, world's largest natural rock chamber!! It's really really big and awesome! Standing inside you just feel awed by the sheer size of it!! It can accomodate London's St Paul cathedral 5 times over and fit 40 Boeing 747 planes side by side!!! Why is it called Deer cave? Apparently, long time ago, deers are attracted to this cave to feed on guano (bat's shit), hence the name.

Just at the far end from the opening is Garden of Eden It just looks like a mystical valley! If you have time, can take a tour to this place. We didnt have the time unfortunately

After the cave tours, it's time for the viewing of bats when they fly out of the caves in search of food! Hence, pls choose the 230pm Cave tour, as by the time you're done with the caves, it's almost just right for the bats which come out around 530-6pm. We went for the 2pm tour, and ended up waiting from 5pm. But the viewing area has chairs and seats, so it's not a bad wait.

2nd April starts our adventure - Pinnacles trek. We were worried that we had to pay for 3 as the day before, there were only 2 of us confirmed on the trek. Luckily 3 more people paid for the trek on the same day. Hence we came to know the 3 as Max (from wales), Edward (Holland) and Gabo (Hungarian, we think his name sounds like this...)

While waiting for the briefing, we were sorta shocked to hear that Pinnacles trek is actually harder than Mt K trek! Ultra shockness! Angeline went completely white! We had signed up for it, thinking it's just a mid-level trek uphill. I've trekked up Gunung Belumut and Stong (over 1000m) and did a number of trekking in Thailand, so i figured (at 1st) Pinnacles can't be that bad, if not we would have heard of it way b4! But this was confirmed by the guide, and Angeline was just simple frightened. We talked about it, and decided to give it a day to think over if she'll do it..

Our adventure starts with a boat ride to the Clearwater caves. The day started pretty cooling only to be followed by slight drizzle

Boat ride to the caves. It was drizzling already

Clearwater cave is Asia's longest cave. You can actually do an advanced adventure caving within the caves!

Just when we were finished with the caves, it started pouring and we had to simply walk in the pouring rain, and ended up soaking wet all the way... And this pouring rain contributed to more adventures along the way

After the clearwater caves, we took the boat to the start of our trek to Camp 5. It's a 8km trek, which on a normal good day is fairly simple and relaxing. Alas, this was not a normal day. Heavy rainfall meant flooding of the lower lands, and what was once an almost stagnant trickle of flowing water became a pool of rushing river! We first started with walking through knee high water, then proceeded to crossing a quick flowing river that is almost thigh high, not once but twice! We totally had no idea that was to be expected!! Can't imagine doing it alone, think I would have been washed away..

Of cos, leeches were the last thing I expected until Angeline felt the 1st bite! That was when it dawned upon me that leech bites feel that way and I discovered I had been bitten a couple of times prior.. And that was not the last of it. Subsequently, I was bitten alot more times, and suffered 2 'fatal' bites that just simply would not stop bleeding! Yes, it continued to bleed for hours even after I arrived at Camp 5, after a refreshing shower... So that was how everyone in the Camp knew I was bleeding, cos I kept going back to change the dressing to soak up the blood. It wasnt until late night, just b4 we went to bed that the bleeding finally stopped. I bet the Vampires would have loved to meet me then...

Of cos the trek was made harder by the fact that we had to pack our own b'fast, lunch and dinner for the 3d2n trek, so that's like extra 10kg of load...Depending on how big an appetite you have.

One of the nasty leech bite and it still hasn't completely healed

Camp 5. It's pretty decent with bathroom facilities, and sleeping rooms (slept on mats only anyway) and a full kitchen (minus food)

River along the Camp5

The next day, we started our trek at 7am, and was told that we had to reach the ladders (about 400m away from the top) before 11am, no later, if not we will not be allowed to proceed. Angeline had decided by then that she'll stop at mini Pinnacle (at 900m in distance). That is the point of decision where you will be allowed to trek back alone. If not, at least 2 people are required b4 you can return back to Camp. I felt alittle bad that I had dragged her into this, so I resolved to carry on no matter what..

Break time. Look closely, he really looks like Novak

After about 1hr, we reached mini Pinnacles! Frankly speaking the 1st 900m was the hardest as the guides were moving a little too fast and it was hard to catch up. Once after, you get used to the pace and it was not as daunting. Angeline made it to Mini Pinnacles when we had all thought she returned at 800m. Good Job Angeline!! You can do it the next time, I'm sure!!

One of the many stunts performed along the way, courtesy of Max. FYI, I slipped a couple of times downhill

The climb is alot of hands and legs work cos alot of times, especially towards the top, you really had to do abit of rock climbing, scaling rocks & ladders and ropes. When they say this is harder than Mt K, it's cos of the steep slopes and pointy rocks all the way up

We reached the top in record time (3.5hrs) at 1030am!! WooHoo we were that fast!

Lunch break at the top at 1500m

The Money shot! Group photo time! On 2nd thoughts, we were alittle serious in this shot

Our trek up Pinnacles included another group which was doing Headhunters trail. Pinnacles is part of the trail. Another 5 people - 2 from Denmark (1 of whom bears an uncanny resemblance to Novak Djokovic) and 3 from Russia.

Another tip - Always bring playing cards! At least 1 pack. What do you know tucked away from civilisation amongst the trees and bushes with a bunch of people?? Play cards of course!! Else i'm sure you'll die of boredom, unless you fancy night trekking and a game of hide & seek in the woods... We spent the 2 nights playing cards and having a ball of a time!! Two new games learnt & memorised (hopefully) - Shit Head (confirmation from the master himself) and 31. I shall commit them to my long term memory and bring it out whenever

The next morning, 830am move out time, and we started our trek back to Park HQ. Thinking that we may encountered the same adventure we had on the way to the Camp, it was lucky that we didnt! Haha, although some people were definitely disappointed.. I was glad cos I wore my trek shoes and didnt want it to be soaking wet. My nice comfy sandals was a victim of the muddy grounds and flash floods on the way to the Camp RIP :(. Now I have reason to go shop for another pair!

Indiana jones-que bridge with 2 wooden planks. One mistep and you're in for some fun

Without the flood, the trek was alot easier, also contributed by the fact that our loads were all lighter (no more food)!

The weather was nice, sunny and hot, so I was literally like an open water tap, except what flows out is perspiration....

We checked into the Longhouse (private room with 4 beds) upon return. Decided to reward ourselves abit. It's nice, own bathrooms with aircon (that stays on for a limited time). If you're a group of 4, and don't mind spending alittle bit more, can consider this. Or there's actually a chalet that can sleep like 8 pple! Yes we checked out the entire area. It's like RM200 for 2 people and you get the entire chalet! That's like only RM20 more exp than longhouse. Extra person is RM0 each up to a max of 8, that works out to be like RM62.50 each if you have 8 people

After we reached the Park HQ, onto other activities!! We decided to do DIY walks to Tree Top Tower and Moonmilk..

Tree Top was a disappointment. Yes it's FOC but even if you have the time, Don't Do it.. I would rather slack around then walk up the tower and see nothing...

Then we proceeded to the Moonmilk walk, not fully expecting how long the trek is and what to see. At the base of daunting 425 steps, we looked at each other and thought 'Is this part of the walk?' and decided against going up, seeing that black clouds were starting to form. So we turned back, and within seconds, it poured!! Poured really heavily!! No umbrella or raincoats, we braced the rain and walked back the whole 30mins or so. You couldnt really run as the ground is very slippery. So we actually had a free shower! Glad I didnt take one b4 the walk, save some water...

Next day, we went for adventure caving to Lagang Cave, one of the beginner's course. As usual, almost had to pay for 3. So morale of the story, if possible go with a group of 3.

Initially we thought 'Oh nothing much, just walking in the dark amongst limestones'. Then the fun begun. The walls started to become lower and lower until we had to be on all fours!! The American who was with us started complaining (and He Just wouldn't stop complaining!!!)

It was fun but tiring, and damn I should have brought knee guard cos my knees are now all bruised (still alittle bruised now).

The start of the crawl

And just when we thought the worst is over, the gap between ground and wall narrowed further until we had to crawl on our bellies and wiggle through! So that is why it said 'wear old clothes, be prepared to get muddy and dirty' on the brochures!

And the rolling begins...

It was stuffy and tough wiggling, so I resorted to simply rolling along. It's actually a very effective way, beats having to crawl on belly.

After much fun in the mud, we then had to navigate through rocks and stones (much reminiscence of Pinnacles). After 2.5hrs, we came out victorious and muddy!!! It is really really dark inside the caves. When you switch off the torches, you really cannot see anything. NOTHING AT ALL. Not even after minutes of accustoming to the darkness...

Us in our dirty clothes. Luckily I threw those clothes away. Imagine the trouble to wash it

What is the best thing to do after getting down and dirty? Clean up in the waterfalls!! So without resting, we headed directy to Paku waterfall (one of the free DIY walks you can do). It's a 40min walk along muddy paths (again!!) to the waterfalls. Muddy cos it rained the day before. But it was damn SHIOK and refreshing to dip in the water and wash the mud off (not entirely). Swimming towards the falls is hard cos of the current but the reward is worth it!

Unfortch, my camera is not water-proof and the distance is too far away, so couldnt take picts of me actually sitting under the waterfall

We spent quite some time frolicking in the water and it's a good thing that there were noone ard but us (except for the same whining American who appeared a few mins after us. Damn it) And feeling bored at night, we went for a short nightwalk trail (lasted all of 30mins) where we saw nothing much except for a couple of fireflies and scared ourselves when we caught something or touched something at our legs....

Our last day in Mulu saw us going for the Canopy Skywalk (RM35 each). It has 15 bridges and rises 25-30m above ground.

I feel so small

It took us almost an hour to complete the 15 bridges. Nice walk. And we learnt that Fig Trees are actually a kind of tree leech, latches itself on its victim, suck the vitamins out of them and totally take over control once the victim dies... Survival of the Fittest

After the Canopy, we decided to give Moonmilk walk another try cos we learnt that on top of the 425 steps, there is actually a Moonmilk cave!

Luckily no rain on that day so we once again climbed up the 425 steps (Like Pinnacles trek itself is not enough..) and was rewarded with the cool air of the cave! Moonmilk cave so called because of the white creamy substance found inside the cave..

So ends our adventure in Mulu. We came back with loads of mosquito bites (Angeline mainly), some scars and scratches and leech bites. And of cos, I would like to say perkier butts and thighs from the many climbs and walks and treks over the 5 days! Beats any session in the gym anyday! I've developed some more defined calve muscles i think!

We had to spend one night in Miri for our flight back home. Miri - Boring little town. We wanted to find a cinema just to watch something to spend time, but their one and only cinema was closed for renovation!! Imagine!! Now I wonder what the people there do for entertainment! We spent sometime shopping (didnt buy anything really, I bought a green sarong dress which I 1st saw in Mulu Park HQ shop at a much cheaper price!)

But at least we were rewarded with a most beautiful sunset @ Miri!!

The quintessential sunset photo

So there you have it, our 1week long holiday in Mulu (mainly). People ask 'Why so many days?'; 'What the hell are you going to do?'. I guess if you're not doing the Pinnacles, 3days in Mulu is good enough to cover the essentials. With the Pinnacles, of cos I would say at least 5 days, so that you have 2 more days to cover the attractions within the Park.

Oh, there is actually another trek up Gunung Mulu (called The Summit). It's 4D3N, and you literally have to hike up the slopes with your full pack(food and everything) for the entire 4D (oh well, 1 day is just the hike up the summit without full pack) It's a challenge, but heard that it's quite nice too...Hire a porter to carry your heavy stuff, cos it's not easy upslope..

Yes, I highly recommend going to Mulu. It is a nice way to spend a week or so surrounded by nature. Yup no TVs or radios (unless you bring your own entertainment) And of course CARDS!! Or any other games or even your Iphone. And hopefully you're self sufficient in terms of snacks cos things are not cheap in the Park HQ shop...

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Random Ramblings

While I'm brainstorming and collating the information to blog about my Mulu trip (well ok it's more laziness to start an avalanche of writings), I shall post a short post about random ramblings.

Random Rambling #1

So what the hell is going on with Novak Djokovic? He's on fire man! 34 straight wins and going and he won every tournament he participated in, and in the midst, beating Nadal, the KING OF CLAY, on the king's favourite most formidable surface -- CLAY! In straight sets! That's a feat. I was not a fan of Novak, he was an arrogant, childish, no determination kiddo who thought the world about himself when he obviously failed miserably before. Who can remember him after his 1st AO 2008 win? Non memorable at all! But i must say, he's matured since then. ALthough there were still the occassional withdrawals (heat stroke, bad stomach etc etc), he stopped acting childish and became less arrogant. I still can remember how he thought he was so much better than anyone else (including Fed) but in the end still lost hahaha.. And those entourage of his esp the parents, bloody noisy and arrogant people. But since last year, think he has really matured and stopped all those nonsense. Seems like at least the men's tennis scene has brightened up a little once again. It was getting real boring. But I hope he stops his winning streak :) I don't like it when people exceed Fed's records

Random Ranbling #2

I've been thinking for quite some time, since Jan this year when I last went to the hairdresser. Long or Short hair this year? Yes, it has come to a point where I'm getting bored with my hair once again. What more transformation/changes can I do to my hair & image this time? I've done short, shorter and extreme shortness. Bob, crewcut, pixie. Maybe it's time for another change. I've had short hair most of my life (Pri 1-6 + Sec 1-4 + 2007-2011) that's like 14 years of my life, then 8 years of long hair from JC till EY days & a couple of years when I was a tiny kindergardener.

Maybe it's time to revisit the days of long hair -- More shampoo & conditioner required, longer time taken to dry it naturally (no hairdryer), gota tie it up whenever I exercise (else I look like Sadako), extremely hotness under the extreme Singapore weather, messy look when I wake up..

Maybe I will give my hair time to grow a little longer and get used to it...Maybe i'll decide to let it grow longer past shoulder length... Or maybe in the end, I'll decide to snip if off hahahha. You'll know come end June

Random Rambling #3

I'm having trouble getting my beauty sleep. Period. Ever since I came back from US in Jan.

Damn, what's wrong with me, I'm feeling tired almost always, but sleep just does not come easily. I'll sleep early but wake up in the middle of the wee hours (4-5am) feeling tired but refusing to open my eyes. Happens often such that I'm perpetually zombie-like. I think it's affecting my personal life. Sometimes i get so tired i just give up on going to the gym. & just look at the size of my eye bags.. Is there anyway to cure this? definitely not insomnia. I need more hrs of sleep but it's fighting a battle with me, and I'm losing, and I HATE LOSING!!

Random Rambling #4

I realize my blogs were alot more interesting in the past as compared to now. Am I losing it? Or am I simple just can't be bothered? I have 200 posts dating back to 2006 but just 13 in 2011, approx 20+ in 2010. Seems like i'm getting lazier and lazier...or is my life getting more and more boring?? ahahhaa...

A friend of mine had asked if i wana start a travel blog, and I think why not!? I've already been blogging about most of my personal trips and I like doing that. But i realise alot of my business + leisure trips/day tours are not updated in my blog, even though sometimes I do the most adventurous stuff during those business trips (like mountaineering in Korea, hiking Manly in Sydney). Maybe I should start refreshing my memories on those trips and put them down in words!

Side note, i've started compiling Montages of my past trips, getting there but not quite done yet.. It's nice to reminisce all the old photos and look at how I've changed (mentally and physically) Ahhh Those were the days. Plus, I've just uploaded my Russia Trip back in 2006 onto Facebook! Wow those were amazing photos! Even though they were taken with an old camera. Goes to show what a GOOD photographer can do with any equipment... Now i'm contemplating if i should upload some other earlier photos (2006 Chiangmai or 2005 Eastern Europe) Hmmm thinking...

Random Rambling #5

Ok, i've run out of ramblings but anyway i want to say this -- I'm starting a new job soon! In June! Yes, my 3rd job in my whole working career. So i'm looking at approx 1.5wks of break b4 my new job kicks in. Wondering if I should go somewhere.. But am abit lazy to sit down and plan where to go haha.. Anyone travelling in Asia? I'll just leech (I'm liking the word leech) on your itinery and travel plans?

Random Rambling #6

To Brace or Not To Brace, that is the question. My dentist told me last year that I can correct my slightly crooked teeth with braces! Wow it never dawned upon me to get braces. I've been so used to my crooked teeth haha..But hey, it can possibly improve my smile even further (of cos I have a fantastic smile now but who can argue with better) Plus, after the braces have been removed, you get a sorta sculpting effect on your face haha! Who can argue with sharper or smaller face...

Ok, maybe I should get started on my Mulu travelogue & photos... Procrastination is my biggest enemy. I'll put up a good post (don't I always do??) and amaze you with photos haha so that you will WANT to go mulu!!

Sunday, May 08, 2011

What I have Been Doing the Past 7 days...

Hiking Up 1.5m (2.4KM in distance), walking walking and tons of walking, adventure caving, rolling in mud and enjoying it, perspiring up to 2L each day, baking in the sun most days, getting leeched (i.e. bitten by damn f***ing leeches) more than you can count, bleeding non-stop for >3hrs due to the leeches, swimming in the waterfalls, walking/running/soaking in the rain for like ever (ok maybe 30mins or so)

WooHoo, that's what I call FUN!!! Back from Mulu, UNESCO world heritage site!! Biggest cave, fantastic Pinnacles and of course 'cute' little leeches, now probably too full from my blood to suck anymore people.

Now, I'm like 2 shades tanner, grown a little calve muscles and man, the best ABT workout EVER!!! Weeks of gym do not equate to just 7hrs of hiking. I can get used to this.

Of course, photos will be posted soon, complete with the travelogue that ALWAYS ALWAYS and NEVER FAILS to follow each of my adventure. Be patient. Good things are worth waiting for... I need time to recharge my battery, reshuffle my photos and regroup my thoughts for my next edition of interesting travelogue reads

Till then, stay put, sit tight, WAIT FOR IT!!!