Monday, October 21, 2013



Drinking - bane or boon? Bane for making me do something I would never do in public, or in front of someone. Boon for finally purging my feelings and emotions and finally got down to deleting anything that would remind me of that memory.  So that I'll never do it again.

Sorry Alex for shocking the shit out of you.  I still blame you for asking/saying whatever it was that triggered it.  Sorry Tio, drunk texting sometimes do not make much sense, especially at the height of the emotional drunk craze (at least half of what I said was true, or all of what I said???) 
Shit, so embarrassing!!! Fuck!  Note to self: Stop talking when you are high!!! Whatever is in your mind, just stop it from being verbalized.  I need to stop the bottles from abusing me now.
Peace out! I'm fine.  Mighty fine :)