Saturday, September 25, 2010

Swimming Pool Etiquette

I think I need to edificate people of the necessary etiquette at a public swimming pool to ensure e'ryone is happy. Yes, unfortunately, there are some pple who do not practice that, n i'm not trying to be bias or discriminate agt certain nationality but they are the ones e'rytime who are not sensitive to others. I'm only talking abt those that swim @ the pool i go to e'ry wk (not sure about outside public pool tho), so I re-iterate here what shld be practiced @ a pool:

1) DO NOT swim into other pple's lanes! Imagine how irritating it is when u were 1st there, swimming happily when suddenly pple started to occupy ur lane whn the pool is so big n empty;

2) DO NOT zig zag across lanes when swimming! Swimming pool is rectangle, and lanes are straight, not zig zag;

3) If u'r not swimming, DO NOT hog the swimming area (esp the ends of the pool). Swimming pool is for pple to swim. Ok if u are not a good swimmer & u want some R&R after a few laps, please stick to 1 corner & don't spread urselfs across several lanes! There are pple who WANT to swim!

4) If u'r trying to compete with your frens, pls do so professionally! DO NOT splash ard foolishly and knock into pple's swimming path. This is especially irritating when you are NOT even any good in swimming!!

5) DO NOT touch other pple's things! This is a BIG NONO!!! Things don't juz appear out of nowhere @ the edge of the pool for u to take, they have to come somewhere & from someone! So DON"T ever ASSUME u can juz take it & use it!

6) Be flexible & Move ur butt! Do not stand still & hog the ends of the pool & 'will' the swimmers to move their butt to the next available space to complete the lap. The pool can be crowded alot of times, so swimmers have to be mindful of tt & move for actual swimmers to complete the lap, NOT to wait for the swimmers to move (when sometimes it's easier for stationary swimmers to move). U don't own the pool ok

I like swimming, & I enjoy uninterrupted swims, so all the above r distracting.... Maybe it happens to alot of other pple, but my observations so far still pinpoint to this grp of nationality (and it's not just the same grp of swimmers, or rather non-swimmers). I just need to vent my anger, nothing personal...

Oh yea, not to mention, they are very loud alot of times

Saturday, September 11, 2010

New resolution for the year (maybe next year too) -- To learn freestyle swimming!! Yes, I'm good @ breast stroke, able to swim 1hr non-stop (sometimes 90mins), but i know NOTHING abt freestyle. Although I love how it looks when someone does tt style of swimming, and love how stylish it looks, I seriously dono how to swim it, and have not tried to learn it until now. Cos of my knee problem, freestyle is a better stroke cos it involves less friction to the knees. So now, i only know how to kick (kicked 18 laps @ the pool just now) but I dono how to move my upper body! Tried to do upper body (i.e. the hands) just now but failed seriously, almost drowning. SO EMBARRASSING cos there are alot of pple @ the pool just now.

Dono how to learn the arm movements leh.. Any good freestyle swimmer volunteer to teach me? Keke very much appreciated.