Friday, September 25, 2009

The Blog about Nothing

Been a while since my last blog (almost 2 months). Not been blogging due in part to laziness. I thot of blogging abt my mountain hiking trip in Seoul but then again, too lazy to write & post photos! Haha, anyway the photos are all on my facebook.

So there it is! The blog abt nothing. Yes, nothing. Don't have much to talk abt. Just wanted to update sth so that u readers know that this blog is still very much alive! Albeit alittle quiet & empty. Yes i will still write when the right time comes!

Really don't have much to update about. Hmm let me think. Went on a bizzare beauty shopping trip (or rather it was due to my biz trip to Seoul that I was allowed to do this) in Seoul. Faceshop, skinfood, laneige. You name it, I bought them! Of cos not all for myself! I had 6 other buyers to take care of. Yes, u can say that i am APAC APO (Asia Pacific, Asia Purchasing Office) I spent >SGD1k on all those products, not all my own. I think i spent abt SGD245 for myself. Hey, it's a 1 year supply so that figure is NOT as terrible as you think! I went with a 16.5kg luaggage & came back with 39.9kg, consisting of my original luaggage (10kgs heavier) + 2 duffel bags. I'm amazed by myself! If not for the limited luaggage space, i MAY have bought more things..U nvr know! I had to stop myself from shopping cos i was already loaded with those beauty products!

I got my 'dead' toenail removed at the clinic. Backgrd story is - I bruised my little nail while doing the 10KM Bay Run. It hurt on the day when i bruised it, & got blue black (it's a bruise!) Well in actual fact, it was sorta a small blood clot hence the colour. So that was like on 16 aug. Then i discovered while i was in my Seoul Hotel room, watching movie on my laptop & fiddling ard, that the bloody (ok there was NO BLOOD) toe nail was coming loose, & damn loose i tell u. I cld almost just pull it out myself! So i waited until i'm back in SG to visit the clinic. By the time, it was 1mth after the bruising event. & the doc juz pulled it out with the small plier. Yes, it was not painful, no blood 'cos the nail was basically dead! The bruised area was at the bottom of the nail where it connects to your toe. So when she pulled it was damn easy cos the bruised nail kinda softened at tt area. So now, i'm 1 toenailess! Well it doesnt make much a difference anyway...

N Yes, i'm mugging! After 5yrs of working, & no studying, i'm back to mugging for my CIA exams. Damn, now i find studying so hard!!! Gota read teh damn thick textbook (i think 300+ pgs) & sorta memorize the impt pts in the book! It ain't easy i tell ya! But i have to do it! I cannot fail paper 1!

& I've got the next wk off juz to study! All thanks to my wisdom tooth extraction! Good timing! Get my wisdom tooth extracted, 1wk MC, & spend the time to study & catch up on my sleep! Fantastic! Haha.. So guys don expect me to answer your calls next week, esp mon-tues, cos i'l hv some difficulty articulating my words!

While i'm resting at home studying, maybe i can catch up on my drama series (downloaded ones) & chill out! Cool!