Monday, February 26, 2007

The 'Favourites' Issue

Usher in the New Year (in accordance to the Lunar Calendar), let's recap my favourites in the past years.. Yes, is YEARS not just the past 1 year...Past 1 yr is abit too short for favourites, afterall i'm not a super movie junkie or listen to loads of music.

Favourite romantic comedy
Jerry Maguire! Tom cruise is so super duper HANDSOME!!
"You complete me" U'll just melt when u hear that..if my other half says that to me, it'll be like heaven! "You had me at hello" Oh man..all those classic

Love actually!! So many romantic love stories in one film! Well actually i only like some of the stories. The heart wrenching story of a long-married couple where the husband has an affair with his secretary but the wife just bears with it. So touching & sad at how vulnerable & at lost the woman is! The love story b/n 2 pple from different background (1 english, 1 mexican i think) the language barrier does not hinder the love blossoming b/n them. Not even the different country of birth! The story of 2 colleagues, secretly in love with each other, but the lady just couldn't afford to let go of her psychotic brother who requires her care & attention 24/7.

Favourite fantasy
Lord of the ring!! Ultimate favourite! Watched each part at least 3 times (3x3 = 9) & extended version somemore! imagine how much time i had spent watching the show! Great movie, great cinematography, great special effects & story...n of course great elf Legolas!

Favourite thriller
Mission Impossible part 1 & 3! Tom Cruise again! Ha..the 1st was a refreshing idea..all those twists & turns in the plots made it intriguing & fun to watch! 3rd movie is great in action & plot! 2nd was a let down cos it was just a show of style..plot not good.

Favourite fun movie
Hmm..that means comedy! Let me think hard..Don't have a really favourite comedy cos i'm kinda ok with all the comedies i've watched. Bridget Jones was quite nice, Meet the Parents also very furnie..

Favourite song
I'm a sucker for old songs! Haha...I still love "Love Me" by Phil Collins, so touching lyrics. The Chinese version is called "会有那么一天" by JJ. Oh & I love this song by Chicago "Making love out of nothing at all". Latest fav is "Somewhere only we know" by Keane. Nice melody. "Can't stop loving you" By Van Halen also v nice! Introduced by my ex..Nice rock song & catchy melody

Favourite anime
Bleach, naruto!! Ha hooked on it. Death note is nice, but cannot match those two! Kuchiki Byakuya, Kakashi sensei -- Best!!

Favourite activity
Water sport!! Wakeboarding, diving, swimming! I love all!! Oh I like to sleep as well!! Hahah..who doesnt!

This late category is just to put anything & everything that I can't think of to sort. Favourites!

Favourite hobbies
- Travelling!! Watch tv & animes!
Favourite topic during gathering - GOSSIPS!! We gals all love to gossip!!
Favourite snack - NUTS!! Yes i'm a sucker for nuts!! Better control myself or i'll get outbreaks! Prunes also my fav!! Yum Yum
Favourite health food - YOGURT!! I just LOVE yogurt!!
Favourite spread - PEANUT BUTTER! Yes told ya i'm a sucker for nuts! peanut butter is just yummy! "Peter Pan" brand is the best! PB goes with just abt anything & e'rything! Try spreading it on banana & toast it!
Favourite fruit - Yes, those who know me will definitely get this right! BANANAS!! Cos it's easy to eat, easy to bring ard, healthy, can curb hunger, gives energy, promotes the cleansing of the intestines (read: cure constipation)...& makes delicious banana cake!
Favourite household activity - BAKING!! followed by cooking. I still prefer baking! It's great way of occupying ursef & relieving stress (not that i'm stressed). But it's kinda great, producing great eats, & sharing it with others, seeing others liking it & praising! (normally i don't eat what i bake). & i have produced critically acclaimed & taste tested products! My famed chocolate chip cookies, cheese cakes, bread pudding, banana cake...& many more...
Favourite online activity - CHATTING!! hahahah
Wow a whole lot of favourites!! Hmm can't help thinking that I've missed out sth...Oh well it can't be helped..Nothings perfect.. Oh yeah..One last favourites: Favourite wish - Strike toto! Esp the $10mil Toto!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Happy Ren Ri

24th Jan 2007 - Our Annual CNY gathering & Ren Ri (7th day of the CNY is known as Ren Ri, aka everyone's bday!)

Usual affair - Steamboat dinner & Lo Hai (Tossing of Yu Sheng)

1st up, Yu Sheng. U have to toss it, the higher the better & to say auspicious phrases for the new year (like 财圆滚滚, 身体健康, etc)

Next up, steamboat!! & as always, we always end up perspiring while eating due to the heat of the steamboat.

After dinner, it's gamble time!!! Ha, whats CNY without gambling! Played blackjack, with a minimal bet of 50 cents to $2. I started out winning a few bucks, but in the very end, I lost the $$ I won back to Mr Alvin Loke. Damn! In the end, I lost 50 cents haha.

Then we switched game to "Polar Bear". Ha it's a really fun game where we'll hv at least 1 Polar Bear & 1 Hunter, while the other players r villagers. Polar Bear = Bad guy who kills the others. Hunter = Good guy, s'posed to find out who's Polar Bear. Villagers = innocent pple. So e'ryone will try to source out who's Polar Bear by accusing each other & voting who they think is POlar Bear. Game ends when POlar Bear is found out, or all villagers r killed. Super fun!!!

Left when they started their Mahjong session (ha i can't & dono how to play mahjong). THat's the eventful Ren Ri!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

You Are A Romantic

You life your life like a fairy tale... or at least you try to.Living for magical moments, you believe there's only one true love for you.Love is the most important thing in your life, and you don't take it for granted.Your perfect match loves to be in love as much as you do! think that I'm actually a romantic!!! I always thought I was a Practical person, & i still do!! Maybe deep down inside, I'm a hopeless romantic, just that I need the right key to unlock... Which unfortch has just suddenly slipped out of my reach... So I have to find another key to unlock the mystery within me... Like my sex appeal below...

You Are 73% Sexy

Your Sex Appeal Is: Extremely High
You're very sexy. You just have that certain something that takes over a room.You know how to attract, entice, and keep whoever you want. You are truly appealing.

Which goes to show that my true self is actually hidden, waiting to be discovered!!! Haha.. Just need the right key.. Like i said b4, i knew i had it in me!! But that said..I'm not Love addict!! Proof as per below:

You Are 34% Addicted to Love

Might as well face it, you're a little addicted to love.You won't do anything for love, but sometimes you do more than you should.No one's worth losing your head for - because in the end you'll only lose your heart.Don't avoid falling in love. Just make sure you don't get too hooked.

I mean..How can someone be addicted to love!! Love is not sth u can or shld b addicted to!! Love is sth which comes naturally! It is sth to wait for & allow it to just happen!! Love-addict?? What's that??? Just sounds plain stupid.. I look forward to love, but i'm not an addict.

Your Lust Quotient: 19%
Congratulations, you have your lust under control.It's not that you aren't a lustful person, you just like to save it for the perfect occasion!
See!! I'm not love addict & this shows!! Haha, Not much lust in me...Oh man, maybe i shld work on my lust factor wahahahahah

Sunday, February 18, 2007

CNY celebration!'s the time of the year! Yes, Chinese New Year is here!!! This is the year of PIG so for all the PIGS out there, Happy PIGGING OUT!!! hahaha...

For me, CNY is just CNY. Nothing spectacular or special cos i don't really celebrate it. Also, cos i don't have much relatives in SG as 98% of my relatives are all in M'sia. So i'm always hard pressed for ideas and things to do during CNY. Maybe i shall watch movies & animes during these 2 days... But boring...wana go out but most pple would be busy visiting relatives and colleccting angbaos (red packets).

So what did i do on CNY eve? Yearly affair for us is to go back to M'sia (JB) to my granny's house. But that's after we have our own reunion dinner at home 1st. My 1st agenda for the day -- Cycling at ECP with my 'Lesbian' pal Daixing!!!

Daixing on blades

Me & sandcastle

So early in the morning we headed to ECP for our morning exercise! She blading, I cycle (cos i just can't seem to blade). Great weather! SUn was up & bright & we missed out the rain which fell down after we passed that particular area in ECP!! What a miracle!! & we saw sandcastle, albeit a weathered & tattered one. Our activity lasted for 2hrs b4 we headed back home. Yes, had to be back home early for the reunion dinner preparation & to clean up the house for CNY.

Reunion dinner? Steamboat!!! What else hahah..easier to eat. Just throw all the raw food into a pot of boilinng water & let it cook! We had our own reunion dinner instead of at my granny's cos it's just so much easier for us. After we're done, head to JB!!

Traffic was good..No jam, just that the custom was full of people & had to wait in Q for quite sometime. Other then that, the journey was smooth. Reached granny's ard 9pm. Yes, they were also having steamboat. Everyone was there...Actually the mood was jovial, no hint of what happened the last sat (the passing away of my uncle). I think for them, i felt also a hint of relief, that after all these times, finally he has gone off to another world & no longer suffering.

& my granny couldn't recognise me!! Cos i went to cut my hair again! THis time to really shorter.. Well, i needed a new start & to do sth so snipe off, colour up! I'm getting hooked to cutting my hair!!!

Me & my cousins!

At night, close to 12, people started to light fireworks! It was a starry starry night!! Fireworks galore!! All sorts of fireworks up in the sky, bursting & lightened up the clear, dark sky! Spectacular sight!! That night, slept at close to 2am..Damn tired.

Longevity noodles(with gingko nuts)

2nd day morning woke up at 10am. Routine habit, to have a bowl of longevity noodle in sweet soup. For good luck & obviously longevity! I don't particulary like it but eat for luck! & in the afternoon, gamble time!! Ha, it's a must for CNY. Gamble is nvr forgotten! Played poker (where you aim to get a total of 21 points for max win) We played small, 20 cents RINGGIT. Ended up, i won 20 cents!! Haha, it doesnt matter..what matters is we played & had fun! And after the downpour stopped (yes, it rained..) we headed back to SG (home sweet home).

1 day gone, 2 more to occupy...What to do???

Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Time of the Year

Guess what time of the year? Easy one... Yea, yesterday was V-day (Valentine's Day). The Time of the Year, the blood sucking day of the year!!! N Yes, dateless once again on V-day (not that I care abt celebrating V-day, seriously I don't) V-day to me is just a stupid commercial hoax to cheat people of their hard earned money (unless u r so gullible that u enjoy being cheated). Imagine everything being marked up at least 50% just on that particular one day!! Flowers go for at least twice the original minuscule amount, restaurants offering romantic set dinners for exhorbitant prices (when the portion u r getting is no different from the normal meals on other days), V-day related gifts & cards suddenly popping up everywhere & priced dearly... SO many stupid things changing just for that one day!! It really sounds meaningless! N i wunder why people r so willing to spend to enjoy just this one day! It's so cliche! Come on be different! Why do u have to celebrate V-day? Just cos it's so damn commercialised that u would feel left out if u don't? Because it is so commercialised, it has lost its whole meaning! What do u get just by celebrating V-day with ur loved ones on that day? Extreme satisfaction? Extreme exhilaration? Extreme romantic atmosphere? Bullshit lar! Forgive my vulgarness... But I feel that such feelings don't just suddenly appear on V-day, those feelings r already embedded deep inside each other's hearts & as long as both of u r happy, that's all there is!!

I see some girls who will not take No for an answer on V-day. Meaning, they have to celebrate V-day. So childish. I hate V-day, cos it has become so unspecial! No point at all! It's like everyone becomes robotic, & automated to have to celebrate V-day on 14th Feb every year. N not to mention people jacking up prices to take advantage of those gullible people!

V-day is passe... As long as a couple is happy together, meant for each other, deeply in love, everyday is V-day (haha ok this is even more of a cliche) but it is so very true! U can celebrate ur own V-day any time of the year!

I prefer impromptu. When u feel like it, u suddenly give ur loved ones a surprise! This is even more touching & romantic! Yes, i've said it, so my potential, future partner should get it! Give me surprises bah! I'm always full of ideas to provide to pple be it how to propose, how the wedding shld go, how u shld chase after someone... hahaha I like to do those sorta things, give pple cute & interesting ideas!

Just recently, a colleague of mine told me he's gg to propose to his longtime gf during V-day (unfortch due to work commitment, this has been postponed to Fri) & i just started throwing him ideas of how to propose! I'm sure girls like to be surprised! Old-fashioned way of proposing still works, but if u can do it creatively, it would b even better! Afterall, proposal is a memorable event! So i started throwing him ideas of how to hide the ring, when to present the ring as a surprise to her! haha all those funny ideas derived from watching too many movies! N he said i'm crazy! well, i tried to help! haha it would be great if I get a spectacular proposal (ok i don't even hv a bf now, & i'm NOT dying or dreaming to get married now..No such thot at all across my mind, not even within 5,000km of my vision) I'm just saying for the fun of it!

Oh CNY is coming..& I'm feeling the mood---Of not wanting to work!!! Haha, nope i don't feel the CNY mood, just the holiday mood of not having to work!! That said, i'm not a big fan of CNY. I find it boring cos all the shops r closed, all ur frens r not at home, & u hv to entertain ur long-lost relatives whom u have nvr seen b4 in ages (only once a year). N u hv to greet them by their seniority which takes a few minutes to recall how to say it out. Haiz... As for this year, it'll be even more solemn affair cos of the recent funeral so can't celebrate CNY at my granny's (which is unfortunately in JB) Yes, hv to make a trip back to JB to my granny's. I hate JB!!! Damn dangerous, dirty & terrible place. I wana skip CNY!!!!! But hard to find pple cos e'ryone is staying for CNY as per instructed by parents. Haiz...what to do?????

Half day on Friday (which is tomorrow) Yeah

Sunday, February 11, 2007

In the end, it was inevitable

Tragedy strikes not once but twice (ok, the 2nd is not so much a tragedy)..

2 hits in one day.. How lucky can one get..

1st hit
My uncle passed away today from TB. Expected yet unexpected because he had survived through 4 near death experiences but gone through all 4. The last was the fatal one. It really makes one think hard abt life, how life is so un predictable...anything and everything can just happen like that, with a snape of finger. He used to be really strong and healthy man, family man no doubt, no hint of any impending illness. But alas, misfortunate just happen to befall on such a great man. 1st was diabetes, which wrecked havok to his family n the extended family. It made him weakend to a sad stage n unable to work to support his family. Apparently, his condition appeared to be better with time n the dialysis, but TB striked! N he was reduced to skin n bones (literally). It was a heartening sight which I still remember till now. Tears filled my eyes (n i'm not one who cries easily). It just melts my heart. To think that he used to be so fit n healthy, now reduced to almost useless, blind n unable to communicate. Just when everyone thought "hey maybe he'll make it through CNY", he passed away. Maybe it was for the better.. If it had happened during CNY, it might have been worse.

This makes one think hard abt what they have done with their life. Life is really unpredictable. U'll nvr know what is going to happen next or what future lies ahead of u. So what u can do now is to fully utilise every moment of ur life! LIve life to the fullest. Leave no regrets! Love ur loved ones with all ur heart, fulfil ur deepest dreams, do what u have always wanted to do (i think i still have no guts to do sky-diving), talk to ur crush, or end a meaningless relationship. Do what u feel u have to do, else u'll have regrets if you don't. My regrets? I think i have a long list which I need to slowly go through (hmm sounds like i'm influenced by "My Name is Earl", he keeps a list as well) I regret letting go of a possible beginning 7 years ago. I regret not studying hard enough in NTU. I regret not travelling more when I was younger. I regret not scoring an "A" in F-Maths. I regret, i regret, i regret... There are just so many regrets in life, u just have to deal with it. The best way? Fulfill it so that u have no regrets..

Which brings me to my 2nd hit:

I shall not elaborate much on this. Yes, this 2nd hit is one of my many regrets. Well, come to think of it, I should have known when it all started, but sometimes, when things happen, they happen for a reason and you just can't stop. Afterall, human beings have feelings. And sometimes you just feel "Hey, this might just work out". If you really put ur heart in it, u just feel that everything is possible, but reality is always harsh n opposing. It's hard, I know. I knew all along, but I just refused to put much thought into it, just because I had this small part of me thinking this might just work out (but a larger part thinking this is going to head for the other direction). Yes, we all know that this can work out n we've seen or heard of examples of such cases leading to a happy ending. But they are just a small portion of a larger sample size.

I'm not blaming anyone, n in fact noone is at fault at all! Things happen for a reason n I'm glad that it happened in the 1st place because it was great! U learn n treasure everything that happened and I sincerely do. It's just that it's hard to work things out with the physical distance being a major hindrance. Even if we put our hearts really into it, I don't know if it'll eventually work out. But that does not mean that everything stops there n then. Life continues & if route A is not meant to be, there's always route B n that might turn out to be the 2nd best thing!

Love is all about taking risks; the risk of rejection, the risk of heartbreak and the risk of falling in love and not being able to get out.

At least I have loved before, than to never have loved & be loved...

P/S: I don't entertain unnecessary questions at this point in time..Interpret what u read, do not ask..That's me in case pple reading don't understand..I don't like to answer or entertain questions

If you're reading this (not sure if u'll still remember my blog), just want to let u know that I understand. I thought it might work out, but in the end i guess it's really hard on us. Trust me that I really had a great time. But hey, we can still continue in route B!! N while u'r still here, we can still meet up for dinner or movie! Or go for a drink! We nvr did fulfill our sentosa outing :) If u'r having a birthday party, hope i'm invited or at least let me drop a gift.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Wedding Photos

Hey, finally got those wedding photos of Kan's.. As promised, I will post some of the photos... See how blissful the couple is!!! Makes you wana get married as well???

That's mengsiong, kan, wendy, tingmei & Me!!

Superhose (Mark), Me, Kan, Tingmei & ailing

Here enters the lovely couple!!

Table picture. We had posed for this shoot way b4 the camera crew actually came!!

Look at all our lovely pearly whites!!

The MC for the night!! Tough job they had!!

The couple & relatives offering their toast! Yum Seng (aka Cheers in local context)

Drinking session starts!! And the groom has to get drunk ha!

And that was the end of the lovely wedding dinner. Held at Club Chinois, an unlikely place for a wedding. Nice & cosy feel to the whole event! Left at ard 11.30pm.. Dead beat tired but had fun!! This is only the 1st in 2007, hopefully there won't be any coming (at least not to my knowledge for the moment). But more to come in 2008...It'll be the year of RED BOMBS!!!

As for me?? Wait long long!! I'm still too young to commit myself!!

Friday, February 09, 2007

What makes a woman Tick??

Another interesting research conducted by YES researchers... SOunds like they have nth better to do than to conduct all these crazy but interesting experiments.
What makes a woman tick?? Apparently sweaty men!! Haha... we get turned on by sweaty men! Ok not those fat flabby sweaty men...but those Hot, taut bod sweaty men! I agree!! haha.. Men hard at work in the gym or running,...they're kinda appealing!! Of cos it must go with a hot bod! That's eye-candy!
It must be the image of hard work potrayed when men get all sweaty after exercise.. Makes them so much more appealing (sans the smell) Of cos a pretty face is a prerequisite for that statement to work, I feel..
So what does this mean? Go for a long run to get all hot n sweaty n suddenly u'r all so much more appealing! haha makes for a good foreplay for sex aiy...
Maybe it's also the wetness which makes men so much more appealing and women aroused... U become so much sexier when u'r drenched in water... LIke women in bikini emerging from the so sexy...hahaha..ok 1st must work hard to get a toned bod b4 it is really sexy..u wun want all the budges showing which sorta minus some points!
Then again... Another poll shows an interesting result!
Women rate clothes HIGHER than sex!!! hahahhaa... They would willingly give up on sex for 3 months to 1 year in return for a new wardrobe of clothes!!!! hahah this just goes to show women cant leave without clothes n fashion!! The conclusion given: Clothing is more reliable than their man in giving them confidence and making them feel sexy!! Hahah...well true to a certain extent cos u wear the clothes n they're urs... While men, well they'r human beings after all n feelings change...
Relationship is a weird n complicated thing, but clothes are dead n easy to manage.. If u don't lilke them, just throw or change. You cant do that to a relationship. It's alot more different! I'm not a love guru (wendy i need to correct you), but somehow or other, I always give pple advice or talk on this kinda thing... like i noe alot, which in actual fact, I don't think i'm that qualified. When it comes to relationship, I'm as puzzled and rash. Do I believe in ever-lasting love? I don't know seriously..I want to believe it exists (n i'm sure there r lots of examples ard me n u), but u nvr really know until u r living in one!! So just take 1 step at a time n c what happens!! Some serious topic aiy... Well cos Valentine's Day is coming.. Another of those over-commercialised, money-sucking day of the year. So stupid to celebrate that day just because. Y allow those blood-sucking vendors get what they want (our money)! Y celebrate just cos it's V-day? E'ryday is V-day when u'r in love (haha it's so cliche) but it's true. U can celebrate it anytime u feel like it! Anniversay is also V-day! N much more memorable n meaningful! Hmm...come to think of it, love gurus r alwz the last to get hitched or nvr!! Argh, then i'm not gg to be a love guru!!!
Ha, our engagement team at DFS is having a PINK theme on wed (V-day). Luckily I have a pink top!
wow another fact - Crossing the street in New York while engrossed with a cellphone or iPod could soon get you fined US$100!!! Kaoz!!!

DFS Night Out

Another of our DFS engagement night out. This time we went to Cafe Iguana, next to Brewerkz (which we went the other time). A night of food (Nalcos!!!YEAH!!!), drinks and fun!

It was great, 1-1 drinks (margaritas, beers and housepour) from 6-9pm. So we went there at 6.30pm, to fully utilise that offer hahaha...Courtesy of our social committee who organised this friday night out.

As usual, Priy (our out-going engagement manager) was in his usual jovial mood and talkative, cracking jokes and making everyone laugh their hearts out! And not to forget, his usual interrogation about everyone's love-life!!! Yes, no hiding any information from him, he's PERSISTANT!!!
And our new joiners were treated to SHOTS!!! As a welcome drink. Yes disgusting shots that taste like medicine, according to those who drank it.
Overall a nice and fun outing. Lots of food (Actually too much food left-over) and lots of margaritas...Ok i think i had at least 5 glasses of margaritas!!! Haha...think i'm getting the hang of drinking, well not hard liquor.
When's the next outing?? 22nd Feb - Priy's farewell party at New Asia Bar... Think it's gg to b really fun! The theme of the day - RED!!! hahaha

Friday, February 02, 2007

The Entry with The Most IMportance!!

1st of All, Congrats to Roger Federer for achieving the PERFECT 10!! Grand slams i mean. Yes, this invincible man has won 10 grand slams since his 1st at Wimbledon in 2003. Amazing feat! Now he has to beat the world record of 14 slams won by Pete Sampras..well, that's only 4 more to go, no problem for him! He is just so damn dominating! More so than Pete Sampras was! It would be amazing if these 2 tennis players could play a match while still in their prime (Sampras can't do that now)
Back to the topic...
Yes, what started off as just a mere travel blog has blossomed and grown into a full length blog!! Full of my complains, comments and views of things ard me.. N now, finally after about 8 months, I'm into my 50th entry! Yes, that's silver anniversay, hence the title "The Entry with the most IMportance". Of cos this is impt. Well than, I must write more to show case my blogging skilss after 8 months hahaha...
i like to write alot...not those short short 2 para entries...not fulfilling enuff for me haha... if i wana write, might as well pour out all my thoughts. 2 para - too short. This entry shall be incoherent particular topic, just random rumblings abt the recent happenings.
Attended a close ex-colleague's wedding on Sat - 27/1/07. The 1st of many more to come in these 2 yrs (2007-2008) so many pple r getting married that it's kinda scary! N most of them r from my batch, means same age or just slightly older. Got to hear of 2 other ex-classmates being married during a recent gathering with my secondary school friends. Scary! Long time no see or hear, suddenly the next thing u noe, they'r married. N they'r just like 25 at most? THat's super duper young to get married! B4 u can actually enjoy ur adulthood, play n have some fun, u'r married, n became somebody's wife! That sorta takes away most of ur freedom cos effectively, whatever u'r gg to do or have done, affects not just ursef, but ur spouse n the related family members. That's an even scarier thought! N u'r tied down with commitments, at such a young age!! Omigod! I can NOT accept that!
2008 is gg to be a super busy yr for weddingS! Already confirmed at least 3 frens of mine getting married. by getting married i mean really getting married, like the customary dinner n such. In chinese terms, ROM is not equivalent to being married (thought effectively by law u r). U need to go through the customary traditional way of the chinese wedding (i.e. the fetching of the bride n being sabotaged by the bridesmaids, the tea ceremony, the stupid wedding dinner). So there's going to be 3 wedding dinners for me to attend in 2008, n they belong to my closer frens, who r of the same or similar age group as me. Scary! That's like 26 years old n u'r labelled as married.
Y do people wana get married so early? I can nvr understand that. My ideal age of marriage is AT LEAST 28 yrs. That's when I feel i'll be more mature enuff for marriage life. Marriage life can be scary.. u have lost ur freedom of acting as an individual. U now hv to think bigger n wider. U hv to think abt ur husband, his family, ur own family blah blah... So many things to consider when u want to do sth. (unless both parties r v open, which is quite a rare case). So y tie ursef down with such things at such a young age?? Must enjoy more!
Anyway, marriage eventually is just a piece of paper for security. If u want to start a family, get married. If not, no hurry! Cos what's urs will be urs, nth can change that! So even if u get married, if that person is not destined to be with u, what's gg to happen is DIVORCE, which is even worse off than just a BREAKUP. Ok, i'm getting cynical n pessimistic. But it has truth in it. 1 fren of mine said this-"If u'r marriage, u'r covered for life" which means, if u get divorced, at least u get alimony n some form of compensation. True. But u get alot more sadness n trouble, esp if u hv kids. Hey, not trying to discourage pple from getting married. If u feel u'r ready for the challenge or that u hv reached that stage, go ahead! But pls don feel that "hey, we've been together for ages, next step shld just be marriage", that's not gg to wrk. It's a wrong mentality. U shld get married cos u feel that's where u want to be, maybe u wana start a family, u want to settle down, not just cos u feel hey 10 yrs together shld get married already. N Make sure that's the person u wana settle down with hahaha...
For me? 28 years at least..i still wana hang ard n play for a while, travel carefree ard the world. When u hv a family, travelling is not just 2 of u, it's a full family! N it's expensive! My client is now troubling over the amount of money she has to fork out to send 4 pple (2 adults, 2 children) to australia. That's a lot of money n alot of other considerations. So must enjoy ur own world longer haha...
That said, children? I'm not sure they r in my mind now. They'r troublesome ahaha too noisy n naughty. Well that's what i alwz see in public. Kids screaming n running ard wild, not listening to their parents... N more problems to come when they go to school, worrying abt their grades, what school they go to, how they will perform academically... I think i'll faint thinking abt these.. Sometimes, i think to myself if my kids become delinquent, i can't take it! If their grades r bad, I can't take it. Then again, pple kept saying to me that if it's ur own kids, u wun let that happen! But who noes?? Paranoid hahaha... But i think i'll slap my kids if they'r bad, which alot of parents nowadays do not do so cos they feel u shld teach them instead of punishing them.. many troubles rite.. No kids also not bad rite?? Who knows...
Oh, i have to start training now.. Taking part in vertical marathon in Feb 25th. 66 storeys of stairs up the Republic Plaza.. Dono if i can take it. Stamina is not as good as b4, cos lack of exercise these few weeks due to the stupid peak period I'm in. Must start running n exercising more often now. I hope i wun collapse haf way up the 66 flrs. Hope i wun let my team down..
Oooo... CNY is coming in abt 2 wks' time.'s the time of the year again. Seriously, I do not quite like it. Have to travel all the way to M'sia to visit my relatives, stay at the boring plc with no entertainment for abt 2 days...c unfamiliar faces come visit...Boring... I wana go elsewhere for CNY. Escape CNY!! ahahah... I especially hate those silly CNY songs!! They are like on automation! Running again n again n again all over Singapore! N it gets worse in M'sia.. Get them outa my head!! Eeks... N as usual, my angbao money is minimal cos in Ringgit..n i don hv much relatives in Singapore so no use for me. Haiz... I wana escape CNY!!
Wow, I've achieved another super long post! Ha...Happy 50th anniversay BLOG!!