Saturday, September 15, 2007

Car Practice...Gone Crazy

4 years after I passed my driving test, I finally get to practice behind the wheels again today! Courtesy of Superhose (a.k.a. uncle). His bright red madza cool! N it's auto car somemore! Wow auto car is reali amazing! No clutch, only brake & accelerator & they will automatically move w/o u stepping on the accelerator! How cool is that! Haha sorrie ar, I drove manual car the last time, nvr had contact with auto car b4, so it's an eye opener for me...So cool, u don't have to keep changing gear, just accelerate or brake..hahah auto car is so so so convenient...

We started off fine circling around the carpark area at my place, then ventured out to the main roads also around my estate. As i said, I have faith in my driving and yes, I'm quite steady on the roads! Superhose can attest to it ok... Only thing is I don't realli dare to step full on the accelerator, but hey it's the 1st time, i'm sure everyone is like that on the 1st try. But after a while, i can step on the accelerator quite confidently. Went all the way to JP and back home & to NTU!

Driving through the winding rounds & slopes was quite cool but I managed, until........ I did a Flying Mount Kerb!!!!! Yes, till now i am still not quite sure what happened & why i suddenly lost concentration & did the incredible! I have nvr in my entire driving life mount kerb, n now my maiden mounting kerb! N it was quite a BIG one! THe car just went up the roadside & down in a BANG!!! It was like 'Bang Bung Bong', up & down flying! THe car seriously flew up a little! We were both stunned & shocked! Luckily the car is intact & no damages else my head will roll... SEriously apologise Superhost... I realli didn't mean it & had no idea what went on in my mind b4 all tat happened. It was reali reali reali v v v v sudden... But u can trust me! No nextime ok...

Lesson 2 will still exist ya? When i come back ok...I promise nth will go wrong, & maybe the nextime i can drive to orchard! I still need to practice parking a car....U need to bring pole leh..

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Crabbing, crapping, whatever

The much anticipated, long overdue crabbing session was finally materialised on Wednesday! Initial location was Still Road, but unfortch, it was closed! Note to all crab lovers, the Crab Restaurant at STill Road is CLOSED on Wednesdays so DO NOT attempt to go on Wednesday! Our strategy - Proceed to the next best alternative, which is Ang Mo Kio! STill a popular & famous location.
We were lucky. Reached ard 630pm n crowd had not form yet. By the time we placed our orders & sat down, the long Q started to form! Just a matter of minutes! Heng ar..
Our orders - 2 butter crabs, 1 crab bee hoon, 1 kangkong, 1 tofu, 1 meat.
After abt half hour, our crabs arrived! Ooo, they were HUGE!! With huge pinchers which i like keke... Easier to eat.
Point to note, I have not eaten crabs for a v long time! Reason being - I hate to de-shell them for the meat. I just hate it. So troublesome & dirties my fingers which make it uncomfy to eat other dishes. So i choose NOT to eat crabs or prawns. However, if someone is willing to do the dirty job for me, i'll eat! Hahah, that's the only condition. This time is exception cos the whole point is to EAT CRAB, so i allow myself this time to do the dirty work myself. Which is really quite a task! Ur entire hand & even wrist will be messed up & it does not feel good... But the crabs were nice! Really tasty, juicy, tender & lotsa meat! Look at the picture! The shell is the size of my hand!

The bee hoon was good too! The soup is very creamy & rich but i think alot of MSG went into it cos it makes u feel rather thirsty.

How popular is this place? Evident from the fact that even when we were done at past 830pm, there was still a Q outside. N it was Wednesday, not wkend..

Our total damage for 5 of us, around $175! The 2 butter crabs + crab bee hoon cost $135. Bloody expensive but well..i guess that's the price u pay for good food. Will i go back again? Probably not, cos i'm just too lazy to travel so far for food haha...

On another note, i went for another image revamp! Yes, another one in 2 months! Hahah... Starting to go havock. Trimmed my hair shorter, with a more defined slope at the back, while still retaining the length of my fringe &... Walau, a new hair colour! Only highlighting certain parts of my fringe to a bright red! Yes bright cos the last time i tried red, it didn't quite absorb the colour so decided to just go for it!

Can see? Hmm think too dark a background to clearly c the brightness but it is really bright. And no photoshop! This is original, un-edited photo..(i'm not Xiaxue, i don't do photoshop)The next day when i went back office, my colleagues got a shock. N that's when i got the nick - Flaming Flamingo. It is especially evident under the sun. Haha, even my client is shocked. Ok i'm daring.. Ok maybe it doesn't look professional, given the nature of my job but don't care! Haha anyway it'll tone down to brown in 2-3weeks. Just let me enjoy it while I can. Next time maybe i wun dye it..or i'll choose a darker colour.

Ok, i'm going to be MIA for the next 3weeks at least, cos i'm going for my annual trip! Vietnam (Hanoi - HCM) & Cambodia all in 3 weeks. Sounds long but in fact, not enough to cover some interesting places, but well have to compromise alittle... Excited. Flying off this Sun 16th Sept. Shall blog about it when i'm back... In the meantime, don't miss me ok... Do stay tuned for my bloggings on my trip! Pictures promised!

Monday, September 10, 2007

And The Federer Express Cruised On...

And it is No 12 for the All-time greatest! Ok, soon to be all time greatest cos he still has 2 more to equal Pete Sampras' record. Yes, by 7.30am SG time, Roger Federer claimed his 4th US Open title, bringing his Grand Slam haul to 12, 2 short of Pete's record 14. Also, he has managed to clinch all but one grand slams in 2 consecutive years. The only one eluding him is French Open, the big obstacle of Rafael Nadal in the way. That is how great he is! Imagine for the past 2 years, only 2 Grand Slam champions - Him & Nadal.

Some figures for you to understand the great Swiss:

5 consecutive Wimbledon titles
3 Australia Open titles
4 consecutive US Open titles
161 consecutive weeks as world number one (a record)

That is only the more prominent achievements by the great Swiss. Granted he is not invincible, he has lost in some matches & tournaments, but when it comes to what matters most, he is at his tip top performance! Cool & calm & collected during matches. It is just so effortless to watch him play! It's like a walk in the park when he plays while the opponents are panting & running & grunting all over... Just a genius... Amazing player! Just like Pete Sampras but I think he can do much better. N he is only 1 yr my senior!!! He is still THE player to beat. It is just so amazing to hear some players losing in every match to him tournament after tournament. Case in point, Andy Roddick. He has lost to Federer in all but one of their meetings! Wow! And Andy is a talented player, but against the genius, what can u do...

Enough raving over Federer.. Maybe next yr is going to be THE year when he completes the Grand Slam (i.e. 4 slams in a yr)

Moving on..Justin Henin. The female world no1, collected her 7th Slam this yr with US Open win. That lady is also a wonder. Just looking at her, u wouldn't think she's tat powerful or capable cos compared to Williams sisters or Sharapova, she's not tat tall or muscular! But she is a hellavu good player! Tennis is not all about strength (though it is an impt aspect) but also abt ur tactics & technic. Justin is smart! Another thing is she's likeable! Not someone u will outright hate or have sth against (like the Williams sisters). She just looks harmless! Like Steffi Graff!

I used to quite like Martina Hingis (tho she can seem alittle arrogant at times when she was at her peak). That woman, doesnt seem to fit in the power play era. Strength wise, she's not powerful, n she's short. But she played smart, which led to her claiming several Grand Slam titles before she retired temporarily. But now, she is not able to reclaim her glory days... But Martina is short tempered and used to be unable to accept defeat gracefully.. So my preference is still Justin!

Who do i hate? Williams sisters! They are too damn muscular & look like men on steroids! Hahha...Also v v arrogant & just can't seem to give credits to players who defeat them! Think they're so great that any defeat is their own fault instead of better players. Yes, u made a sorta comeback this year, but u still lost to better players so admit it!! Their father is even more irritating!! Hate them... Power players they are, but lack the EQ.

Sounds v pro ya? Haha but i dono how to play tennis, which is a pity. Someday i will pick it up & play! Some day... ANy coaches out there???

Monday, September 03, 2007

NTM Fever!

For those who do not yet know, NTM = Next Top Model. It all started with ANTM = America's Next Top Model. The one & only original series hosted & created by Tyra Banks (FYI supermodel) which spawned the many many different versions all over the world, from Britain to Germany to even Thailand!

What makes this so interesting is the bitchyness of the contestants & also to ogle at those chio bus (well some not so chio) & the different themes of pictures they take on every week. Really quite cool & impressed by some amazing talents who can just become drop dead gorgeous in front of the camera!!! Of cos the hosts & judges make for interesting TV show - "Smile with ur eyes!". "Connect with the camera", "Fierce eyes", "Show me model"... Oo la la! So bitchy yet entertaining! I can say i'm an expect with modelling now hahaha... Ok maybe more of looking & analysing others than myself being one...But hey, maybe i have got potential... Judge for urself:

Moody feel to the pose ya

Attitude pose

Haha okok, maybe i shld take more front view shots..Ok i'll try but it's just tat i'm not used to taking full frontal shots hahaha..alwz feel abit weird..

Talking abt NTm craze, I've watched all NTMs english version. Yes, from America, canada to British to Australia! Every NTMs that is in English, i've watched, not just 1 season but ALL seasons! I have even watched Germany NTM with english subtitles! Yes some are great, some just suck big time. Case in point, Germany NTM is fantastic! The contestants r really professional & even greater than ANTM!! They are just so BEAUTIFUL & the tests & training given on GNTM are so much better! They even get to go on real job assignments that expose them to the real fashion world! Prizes & rewards are so much better as well! They also get more training (like catwalk training etc) throughout the whole show. Not like in ANTM, u only see like 1 or 2 trainings & that's it! U can really see the contestants grow in GNTM! N i agree that they are so much better in quality. They really have the kinda star quality & air to them! Great!

My favourite contestant on GNTM - Hana! She is a sexy babe who is both editorial & commercial & great catwalker! look at how hot she is in the photos! I mean imagine! Too bad she came in 3rd.. Yes GNTM standard is HIGH!! This quality came in 3rd..just imagine!

Worse - British NTM. Really sucky. U would have thought the place where Kate Moss or Sophie Dahl came from should be full of good potentials. But u are so WRONG!!! The contestants suck BIG TIME!!! Really BIG TIME!!! I really do not understand y the contestants r so sucky!!! They cannot model, cannot walk, no personality! UGLY even! What shit! IT's like after so many episodes & training, u would expect them to improve vastly but NONONO, alot of pictures still suck big time! N alot of them don't even have the MODEL look or even figure. I really don't understand. U watch & u really cannot tell or even believe any of them can be a model! Imagine how bad that is! The latest season is much more improved but still bad. Contestants suck big time & the only better one is a plus size model (she looks really good in picture but with a bad attitude) & the rest is just blar..... Seriously eeks eeks eeks...

Canada NTM - season 1 sucks BIG TIME!! the 2 finalists - what the fuck! Both can't walk, both r ugly, no quality...Not sure y they were there in the 1st plc! Anyway the other contestants r not any much better. SEason 2 - Much better! The winner so deserves it cos she is a model! Editorial more than commercial but she is good! Look at the pictures::

Xiaomianyang: This is called vogue! Look at the fierce eyes & expression!

But still, on a whole not a good season cos alot of the contestants CMI!!

Australia NTM - Not bad actually. But the latest season 3, the winner is so damn obvious. She just stands out from the rest & led all the way from the beginning. But not bad la..

Alice winner of Aus NTM 3. So editorial again!

Now, ANTM cycle 9 is coming out soon..Yeah hope it'll be good cos cycle 8 wasn't really tat great... Waiting for GNTM 3 as well but tat's going to take some time...

Oh man i just LOVE NTM. How crazy am i? I can just stick to my comp & watch YouTube whole day!!! My record is finishing the whole season in less than 2 days. Yes, non-stop watching & watching & doing nothing else...Now i have british NTM 3 to keep me company till ANTM 9 comes along...

& not to forget, the host makes a hella difference! Tyra Banks is what makes ANTM so interesting. The other versions, i must say i kinda like australia NTM host for season 1 & 2 cos she's bitchy enuff. The others...bland!!!!! Heidi was great! She was really good as a host & mentor to the contestants, alwz there guiding them for the shoots...I must say she's the best (of cos Tyra is the original so no contest there)

Wana be on top?????? can't wait for cycle 9!!!!! Another endless chase to the finale!!!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Last full day in LA...What was the plan? Universal Studios of cos! Woke up at 6am sharp, and left the hotel b4 7am to catch the bus to Univseral Studios. As I have said b4, airport is near nowhere... It took me almost 2hrs to finally reach Universal Studios so i managed to be there just b4 it officially opens. It was rather cool cos they have like an opening speech and a countdown to 9am, the opening time!

1st stop - The Universal Studio tour that lasts 45mins. Cool way to start the day. There was no Q, so it was fast fast fast. Next off, to 'Back to the Future' ride. Yes, the last time u get to see this ride cos they're tearing it down by the time u read this! Replacing with 'Simpsons' ride. Wonder how that is going to be like... I mean Simpsons is a family cartoon... Maybe a donut ride??

Then it's off to the lower lot for the fun rides! Mummy ride 1st!! It was the greatest ride!! I met a little Mexican girl who was to go on the ride alone. So i ended up accompanying her to the ride 4 times! Yes, we went on the ride 4times! I enjoyed it every time! It was so fun! LIke a rollar coaster ride. Now i understand y some pple say they went on it 10times... The little Mexican girl did it 10 time b4! Then we went to the Jurassic Park ride, which got us really wet...A great relief from the terrible hot weather! Yes it was real HOT that day! AFter the ride, I parted way with the Mexican girl and went on alone to all the other rides n shows.

Next up backdraft where i got 'fired' up... Hhaha literally. Cos it's a show abt fire! Then it was on to special effects. After i'm done with the lower lot, back to the main arena for more fun!

Went for the waterworld show. Wow, the 'actors' in the show were all from some famed TV shows like the girl from Heroes, CSI casts etc... Nvr knew that! But the show was good... Makes one wonder why the movie itself tanked real bad. Went for the Shrek ride next...Well kiddie ride it was hahahah

Went for a scare in the 'House of Horrors'. Truth be told, i hate being suddenly approached by pple hiding in the dark, esp when i'm walking the house alone with no1 beside me. Nextime i must get some1 with me, that'll be more fun.

Met lots of characters and took pictures with them... marilyn monroe, spidey, flash, shrek, simpsons..... Of cos, the thing abt being by myself is no1 to take picts for u, so u had to ask others to help...But who cares!

Me & Spidey & The Green Goblin. Spidey really is good..he keeps posing!

Like i said...Spidey kept posing! He posed just for me to take this picture

Me & Marilyn & gang...Sexy

Moving on, I went to almost all the shows n rides, except for the 'The Blue Brothers' show. Cannot understand what that is abt so forget it hahahah... Went for the animal actors show, terminator 3D show n fear factor live! Yes, they do have fear factor live show! Contestants will have to volunteer and attend an audition on that day so it's real!! They grossest thing they did was to drink a concoction of eeky things..I don't even wana mention what those were... That was the last show b4 i left Universal Studio and endured another 1.5hrs ride back to hotel. That night, I was too lazy to buy back from downtown so ended up ordering room service which totalled to USD50! I ordered a plate of linguini, salad & soup... How extravagant! But it was my last night, so just order! (Anyway can charge n claim back kekeek) Of cos, had to watch tennis as i ate... damn exciting match it was!

The next morning, back to SG..another 18hrs flight home...

Overall, an enjoyable trip..though a little short (if only i had a few more days)... Wish i have more of that...Cross my fingers n hope that my next business trip works out fine n i'll get to go San Francisco n San Jose!
Continued from previous post...

Yes, the night i returned from SD to LA. Met up with Winston after checking in to my hostel (more on that later) and walked along Hollywood Blvd. Yes, it's THE place where u have all those stars, it's the Walk of Fame! We walked to the Chinese Theater, where u will get to see all the imprints of stars' signature like John Woo, John Travolta, Harry Potter stars, even donald duck! Nope, no sign of Mickey Mouse tho... N of cos, my aim was Tom Cruise which I finally managed to find! N Jack Sparrow was there...or his impersonator. Cost me USD1 to take a picture with him! We had dinner at BK, which was a wise choice cos i got a USD15 discount coupon there for Universal Studios! Yes, how lucky!

The Chinese Theater

Me stepping on Donald Duck

That's Tom Cruise!!!

My $1 picture with 'Jack Sparrow'. He's really good

Walk of fame

Well, the street is actually not happening at all! N it was only like 9pm. I had expected it to be noiser n more happening but it was rather quiet n all the shops were like almost closed. No crowds on the streets, except for the Chinese Theater area. That plc was full of tourists. It was like dark n quiet all the way, then suddenly a clutter of lights & noise in that small area... Well, after dinner walked all the way back to my hostel.

Yes my hostel - Banana Bungalows Hollywood. Quite a nice & interesting hostel. Bathroom & kitchen attached to the dorm rooms n the room is quite big n cosy. They have a courtyard at the entrance. I had fun roomies. An Indian English (Raj) and Irish (Comase). Interesting persons to talk with. We had a long long long interesting conversation through the night, talking abt our lives, what was up, what was our plans blar blar... Then the next room traveller from Germany walked in n chatted up with us! He had been on tour since June 2007 and will continue till June 2008! That's 1 full year of travelling! His aim - To find himself n what he wants to be! Wow! That's very admirable! He wants to find out if being a photog is what he reali wants to be, so this trip is a trip to discover himself! Hope he will eventually figure out what he really wants. His next stops would be Australia, NZ, and SEA. Wow! About the Irish (Comase), he was on attachment with a marketing firm in California for the past 3 months n it was time for him to go back home. N Raj was in LA en route to his friend's wedding a few days later... Interesting bunch of pple. Because all of us were at least in our mid 20s, our topics were much more on track n interesting than talking to young teenages. Oh, n they actually thought i was an actress wanabe in LA seeking for fame! Hahah... goes to show that i have the acting chops to make it! It was during this conversation that I learnt that Irish is a language! Hahha...sorry but i seriously did not know Irish as a language actually existed. Our conversation lasted till the next morning abt 5am.. I did not go back to sleep cos I had to meet Winston at 840am to go hiking up the Hollywood sign. So a sleepless night for me... Which affected me in the late afternoon during my stock take.

Me with the HOllywood Sign

Took the Dash Bus to the foot of the Hollywood sign hill and hiked all the way up. Took us abt half an hour to get to the halfway point. Nope u cannot hike up to the sign, but we got close enough to get some pictures. After the hike, i packed up and moved to the hotel (yes, time for some luxury). It was near the airport, hence close to nowhere... Took me almost 2hrs to travel there... N at 3pm, time for my stock take to start! Cos of the sleepless night b4, i seriously had to try real hard to keep myself awake! After 4.5hrs, it finally ended and i just headed straight back to hotel n slept for 12hrs. Room service came knocking on my door twice the next morning to clean my room! Ha, forgot to put the 'do not disturb' sign, made the lady came in twice.

Finally i got up at 1130am and headed to Venice Beach. My walking day begins once again! I walked from Venice beach to Santa Monica and back, n onwards to Muscle Beach. Venice beach, an interesting plc, with a unique quality to itself. Loud music, streets shops and performances... has a hippy quality and characteristic. Onwards to Santa Monica, the music dies off, and everything becomes quieter & more family. There's even an amusement park right at the end of Santa Monica. Onwards to Muscle Beach, where yes, there was a gym by the beach n u can see pple working out there... What a crazy idea! Nice walk along the beach, nice scenery... had wanted to stay for the sunset but decided agt it cos my hotel was too far i went back b4 the sunset. Pity though, cos i think it would have been a great sunset that day...but well....

Venice Beach

Santa Monica, with the amusement park

Beach goers

Near the muscle beach

Anyway, went back to hotel in time for part of the Federer match agt some unknown tennis player.. Yes it's the US Open! N he was great in that match! I could have been stuck to the TV just watching tennis match if I had nothing better to do!

Jet-off to Los Angeles - The City of Opportunities

24th August 2007 - The day i jet off to Los Angeles, the city of opportunities, especially for those who aspire to be leading stars of the century! Yes, it's the place where anybody aspiring to be somebody goes to. N yes, pple will just ask u 'Are u an actress'? More on that later...
Flight (SQ flight thanks) at 5pm. Endured like 17hrs of cramped economy seat. Luckily, the seat beside me was empty from Taipei - LA, hence i could sorta lie down n rest. Didn't sleep much (i was on the plane for god's sake!)

Touched down in LA at ard 8pm (LA time, which is 15hours behind us), and the bloody customs took more than 1hr to clear. Ended up reaching my hostel ard 1130pm (cos the bus ride from airport is ard 1hr). Yes, LA is BIG BIG BIG. Not like SG. Airport to anywhere is far far far...

1st nite of hostel (at WEst Hollywood Banana Bungalows) is just a stop over cos the next morning, i'm off to San Diego... 3hours by Greyhound bus ride.. Smooth ride over. Forgot to mention, due to jet lag, i DID NOT sleep at all the nite b4.
Met a traveller from Singapore on the bus but he was heading to Las Vegas. Made an appointment to meet up when we're both back in LA..

Checked in USA Hostels in San Diego and started my tour immediately. Bought a 2-day Bus pass for USD9 (unlimited rides for 2 days) SG should consider having this option! Esp for tourists... In SD, their fare is based on per ride, not distance. So u pay USD1.75 each time u board a bus or trolly n u can take it as far as u want! Actually, trolley rides seem to be FOC, cos no1 checks when u board it, but they put signs at the trolley station that u must have a valid ticket...Hmmmm

Went to Old Town, but it's disappointing. Nothing much to see there... So went off to Balboa park instead. Basically, it's just a park of museums, nothing much there... Alot of 'free' performances by the roads. "free" in the sense that u don't have to pay entrance fee, but tips are welcomed.
Trolly in SD. Well, u can actually board it for free cos no1 checks.

Group of students dancing in Balboa park

Juggling performance in Balboa park

Next stop, Coronado island. Yes, rushed there to watch the sunset but in the end missed it cos i had to wait bloody long for the bus. But anyway, the weather was not good for sunset tat day, so it was alrite. Reached there n toured ard the famed 'Hotel Del Coronado'. Nice hotel by the beach n it was bloody freezing by the beach! Must have been the jet lag, cos i fell asleep on my way back to the hostel on the bus. Dangerous thing to do, esp in a foreign plc. Due to jet lag, i slept like a pig tat nite, for abt 14hrs straight...Which caused the next fatal mistake...

Hotel Del Coronado.. If i had $$, i'll stay 1 nite here

Which is, i woke up at 3pm the next day. Yes, a damn fatal mistake! Half a day gone, n disrupted my plan! Wasted half a day sleeping..could have gone somewhere in that half a day, but well what's done cannot be undone. I jumped off my bed when i saw the time. Yes i reali jumped! N quickly settle off my cleaning n washing up within 15mins (the fastest time ever) n rushed off to the beach! Again, the wait for the bus alwz kills me..Ended up reaching the beach at ard 445pm (the beach is not near) Rushed to find a bike shop (which is surprisingly not a common sight there) but too bad, came too late, no more bikes available. Damn it!

So, i started walking along the beach. Yes, i thought, why not walk instead of bike (not knowing the consequences). So happily, i started walking along the beach. Quite a nice walk initially, until i past the beach onto the roads & La Jolla estate. Again, i continued walking along the roads, admiring the high end estates & houses... Weather was good, cool & windy, so u don't feel hot while walking. This went on for 1.5 hrs and i was no where near my ultimate destination - La Jolla Coves for the sunset. Time was already 630pm n i cldnt risk missing it. So i took the bus. Luckily i made tat choice cos the bus took another 15-20mins to reach La Jolla Coves. Imagine how long that would take me if i were walking...

I reached La Jolla b4 7pm, enough time to walk ard n admire the caves & cliffs... Reali nice plc to live.. But reali cold! Waves hitting agt the cliffs, reali a spectacular sight! There was this man (crazy but entertaining) who was standing on the edge of the cliff, waiting to be washed by the waves n he did! Many many times! Drenched he was, but it was a fun sight to watch! Hahah...e'ryone was cheering him when he did it! I was entertained too!

The guy who was drenched by the waves..Fun to watch great to capture on film

Amazing sunset

Sunset took plc aft 7pm n it was beautiful! Just stunning! Glad i did not miss it. By the time i was done with the sunset, it was almost 8pm, so i took the bus back to hostel...N prepare for my departure the next day.

Next morning, i woke up as planned at 830am. Yes, i cannot afford to miss the time again. After checking out, i headed out to Cabrillo National Monument. It's on top of a hill, n the view if just stunning! Overlooks the Pacific Ocean...Cool! There's a College (Pt Loma University) that is just there overlooking the Pacific Ocean, but I did not go there (no time). Imagine how cool that is! Everyday when u go to school, u get to look over the ocean wow! Walked over to the cemetary just down the road.. How nice to be buried with the Ocean as a view...

Cabrillo National Monument

View from the top of Cabrillo

The cemetary that overlooks the Ocean

Rushed back to the hostel, collected my bag n went to the station for my 310pm bus back to LA. Wished I had 1 more day in San Diego so that i can go over to TJ (Mexico) but well, next time!

Reached LA at 7pm n coincidence, i was on the same bus as Winston (the guy I met on my bus to SD). After checking in to my hostel (Banana Bungalows Hollywood), went to meet Winston for a walk n dinner...

To be continued in the next post

I'm Back!!!

I'm Back!!

Miss me? Haven blogged for quite a while, well cos i was away on a business cum vacation trip to the other side of the World - Los Angeles! Far far away... for just 1 short week. Better than nothing! Loads to blog shall start slowly n proceed with care, in case i miss out anything.

Of cos i had fun! Yes, alone this time again...what's new. But well, i'm used to it, and being alone allows me the freedom to decide what i want to do, how i want to do n when i want to do! Like walking walking n walking the whole day! Ha, don't think alot of pple can stand that yar? I like! Walk walk walk. Good form of exercise! N i lose 1kg during this trip. Haha what's new rite..I alwz lose weight when i travel. But then going to pile them back on soon...Must stop this stupid habit of mine...

Arrived back home this morning ard 2am, din sleep much (abt 7hrs) n now, thinking abt Mon (which is tmr) the feeling is just sucky! But what to do. I've played enough, so it's back to work time! Sian.... NVM, 2weeks later, i'll b set off to another travel journey! Can't wait for that!

Sad thing to say, fell sick during my trip in LA cos of the crazy weather. Day time was hot n sunny, much like in SG but not humid & u don't feel so sweaty. But night time is cool & sometimes even cold! Chilling! N i had no jacket sometimes, so caught the cold bug... So terrible!! Still nursing a cold now... N finally managed to unblock my ears after 1 day!

Oh my total damage in LA (exclude those chargeable expenses) = USD 308. Most of it spent on hostels, greyhound & Universal Studios. Keke, I have already said i wana keep my spending to a minimal.. So achieved that somehow...

So ok, i shall start my LA travel journal with the next post.

Stay tuned........