Monday, December 31, 2007

Reflection 2007

"Who is that girl I see, staring straight, back at me, Why is my reflection someone I don't know??" - Christina Aguilera "Reflections" from "Mulan"

Haha, a cliche opening but well, the essence of this post (the last post of 2007 and my 112th post) is on reflections. Of the past 12 months. History, some people say what's there to reflect on? It's already past tense! Well, why do we study or learn history? To learn from the past and prepare for the future! To understand what we have achieved or done wrong or done incorrectly and hope to change for the better!

2007! Ah, it has been a great, fantastic year for me! For the past quarter century (yes, now u know how yound I am!!), I must say 2007 has made the most impact on my life. It's a cliche, but really, it seemed like yesterday when I just celebrated the start of 2007!! Ok, I was too young during the 1st few years of my life to really reflect on what I did. But 2007 was really an important year for me in many aspects. All the ups and downs, happiness and sadness, surprises and developments. All those dramas happening within the year. Eventful year, year of change and new realisation....

Year of happiness, Ah.. Lots of beautiful memories... Best year of my life in travelling!! 2 trips to the US, on short assignments led to my extended tour of LA, San Diego, San Francisco and San Jose! Great trip I had, saw some really beautiful sceneries, experienced really cool american culture and met great people! I really loved the place! Then there was my annual backpacking trip, which is by far the most adventurous and biggest scale so far -- 3 weeks to Vietnam and Cambodia with my buddie Ting Mei! It was tough at times and tiring cos of the travelling but the experience we gained is priceless! The beautiful place, the great pple we have met along the way and the rich culture of the places we went to... I love it!! Must say thanks and sorie to Ting Mei for tagging along with my sometimes extreme way of backpacking kekeke...

Then there was the diving trip! I really AM glad that I went for the diving trip to Perhentian in May with Ting Mei. It almost did not happen cos of a previously arranged trip that was cancelled due to some reason (which I shall not explain). But am glad it did cos this trip was really one of the highlights of the year! It made me love diving even more and of cos got to know more great frens! Which I initially DID NOT anticipated. I thought, well just another diving trip like the one in Phuket. But lo and behold! We bonded like old frens! Met really great personalities there like Sebastian (our instructor) and Angie (haha the wild one). And we are still great frens till now! All thanks to them and their crazy antics, it made our short stay there so much fun! Of cos our 2nd trip back there in July was as much fun since we've gotten much closer since!

Then there is the change of job, for the better! Finally after 3.5 years of suffering under the wings of EY, i had enough and changed my job to Internal Audit. Hope for the best in the coming year!

Of cos there are some sadness and down moments. The leaving of the dear senior manager on my most important job in EY - Priy. He was and still is the greatest senior manager I have ever met! He is one without pretenses, without air and u can easily just chat with him like a regular colleague! He speaks his mind and appreciates if u do so as well, not like the locals who r so damn political. He is the only senior manager whom I can speak my mind freely with, even though he has gone back to Australia, we still keep in contact and gossip once in a blue blue moon!

Then there is the end of a wonderful relationship. It was great and happy while it lasted but painful when it ended (I don't show it, but it really did hurt) I was really happy during the period. It really opened me up much more, opened my eyes to the world and brought me out of my hermit state. I got to know more frens and they were great! While it did not last, I was happy that it started. Maybe it's just fate...

Of cos, the passing away of my uncle, who fought with diabetes and pneumonia before finally losing the battle. I am not one who sheds tears easily, but this was one moment when I really did. Looking at his emancipated body and lifeless face, I'm actually glad that he left us, as that meant an end of his endless sufferings. It made me ponder on life. He was such a strong and healthy man, and suddenly just suddenly he was down with diabetes which literally reduced him to someone without life! He was weak and shrivelled down to near bones. It really is heartening to see a man who was once strong and fit, become weak and unable to excert too much strength. Life is so unpredictable. So LIVE LIFE!!!

Of cos, there are many 1st times as well for me!

Look at my transformation, from long hair to short & funky(within 1yr)

1st time after 8 long years, I cut my hair SHORT!!! Yes, from near waist length, I cut it to shoulder length 1st, and further reduced it to the famous POB (named after Posh Spice) within 2mths and dyed it red (yes also my 1st time dyeing my hair). Then followed much more trimmings to even shorter and dyed my fringe bright red, hence the name Flamingo bestowed upon me by Guy Fawkes aka Cinderalla Man aka Ho Wee Lin. Still have my short hair 1 yr since and I think I'm going to keep it short (tho i told myself b4 to give myself 1yr of short hair). I think i look good with short hair. But who knows what will happen few mths down the road.

1st time i got drunk, all thanks to Flaming Lamborghini! That's a drink ok. I really was gone case after that drink. And that happend on my 1st trip to MOS!!! After that 1st time, I got drunk 2 more times, once in Perhentian and once during our EY drinking session. That was all. I hate to be drunk, what a terrible feeling after!

1st time i missed my company's dnd. haha n it just happened to be my last year with EY and I missed it! Damn!!

1st time on business trip, which were the 2 US trips.

Of cos I got lasik!!! A new fantastic development that spelt the end of spectacles and stupid lens! I can see clearly now the sky is blue! I LOVE IT!! Must take care of my eyes now.

This is also a year when I really started to be more adventurous in my dressing. Think I started to be more feminine in my wardrobe haha.

I think I changed quite a bit in 2007. I have become more open and adventurous. My outlook of life has changed a little and I think I've become more outspoken (though I shld improve on that). Maybe it's the short hair that influenced as well! Ever since i got my hair cut, people start to think I'm a wild gal! Which I AM NOT!!! I've become much more independent as well! It's a change for the better i think.

I have also got to know more of my colleagues in EY (now become ex-colleagues). 1st and foremost is Cinderalla Man, whom I found out to be quite as crappy as me!! Of cos some other new colleagues whom I sorta clicked with and can just talk crappy things with! Those are the pple who made my last few wks in EY really really great! Of cos there are those who left long b4 me...

Recently, all thanks to facebook, I have found alot of my old classmates and noticed that alot of pple have changed. One of my JC mate pointed out that he sensed that I have changed since my jc days. And that was only through msn-ing that he pointed that out! C how drastic the change has been since JC days (abt 6yrs ago).

Quarter of a century. Maybe that's the time to mold a person to what he or she will become. Maybe it's the working experience that changes people. World is alwayz changing, and pple will change in response to environment. For better or worse. Nothing is for certain. So we must learn from the past, and forecast for the future.

What do I hope for 2008? Resolutions? I don't believe in them. Cos most of the time they are not fulfilled.

I hope for the best in my new job. I hope for a healthier lifestyle (I will try to go gym more often and try to stop snacking on tidbits). I hope for more money (maybe i shld start to buy 4D and ToTo). I hope for some sparks in my love life. I hope for good health to my loved ones. I hope for WORLD PEACE (not kidding this is damn important)

Also, I hope u guys will continue to read my blog!!!

Happy New Year

Continue in 2008!!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

A New Beginning!!

A New Beginning has finally BEGUN!!

1st, I've got lasik done, finally after 12 years, I can finally see the world clearly, without the help of glasses or lens. What a wonderful world! The feeling is so shiok!

Of cos it doesnt come cheap at $3K+ but it was all worth it. No more hassle, no more spending on lens (which can be bad for eyes n dangerous if contaminated), no more glasses which is inconvenient when it comes to sports. I LOVE the feeling. Money well spent. Well, the only inconvenient thing is the after care. For 1-2weeks after, cannot do alot of things like gym, washing eyes etc. So I must tolerate!!!

Of cos, a new job beginning! Started work on 21st (Friday). Office was damn empty cos e'ryone was on holiday. Good too, cos it just means an easy start to pick up things. So far so good, nth much to do n colleagues seem reali nice. I'm the most junior so i'm the baby of the team hahahah....1st assignment for 2008 will be a biz trip to KL in mid jan for 1 wk. Then after tat will be china, thailand, australia and possibly a Global Audit Meeting in Stockholm.

So far everything seems smooth, just hope it all goes well. A little scared abt the new job cos it's reali sth new & looking at their past reports, seems like alot of findings & a little amazed at their ability to pick those up. Hope I can learn quickly n contribute as much as I can!

Finally got a desk of my own (abt the size of the EY manager's table), own wireless phone. Can start decorating my desk! Of cos it comes with cabinet & cupboard. & a new pantry with food (containers of biscuits & a posh coffee maker).

Well, Xmas is around the corner, and 2008 is fast approaching. So wish everyone a GREAT XMAS and a fruitful, fulfilling new year 2008!! Hoping for a fun xmas & new year party soon...

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The End of the Beginning

Oh so poetic so cliche....hahahha But it's true!

10122007, the day when it all ended. The end of late late nights, the end of sufferings, the end of crazy standards, the end of stupid managers..But it also spells the end of close peers (though only a pathetic few are left), end of comfort (well in audit, u can just sit and wait to be promoted every year), end of taking ridiculously long leave (like 1month). But all in the name of good! Ah so holy hahah.. I'm leaving for a better world (i believe it to be true), leaving for a better life (more standard working hours), leaving for a new, totally different environment where survival of the fittest is the most apt description. Commercial world is different from audit. In audit, we are alittle sheltered. There is no competition to fight to the top. Promotion is almost guaranteed every year for everyone. U don't get fired ever! Maybe it's time to move on, to test out ur own market value & survival instinct!

Am I excited? I get asked by alot of pple. Truth be told -- I'm actually at peace. I don't feel overtly excited or nervous. I'm just -- calm. When it comes, it comes! I'm not jumping with joy or fidgeting with excitement. I'm just calm. It's just another job. I'm not expecting much cos the more u expect, the greater the disappointment. So i'm just trying to keep a clear open mind. Go in with a clean slate, better able to absorb and observe.

I'm actually more excited about my lasik surgery (next mon n tue) Finally i will get clear vision without lenses or glasses. U can nvr imagine how great the feeling is to be able to wake up in the morning, open ur eyes in bed n be able to see the surroundings clearly! Any chauffeurs available on 17th n 18th late afternoon?? Xiaomianyang, u said u could make it.. can come drive me home??

Countdown begins once again.. 10 more days to the start of a new employment...

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Birthday @ Fish & Co

Belated birthday dinner with some of my closest friends.

Location chosen: Fish & Co @ Glass house.
Nice ambience and really crowded with youngsters, teenagers and of cos adults!
Seems like e'ryone loves to go there for birthday celebration! Birthday song was replaying itself every 5mins!
Starving diners we were, orders were made within 5mins. But dear god! The wait for food was agonising! So we took the time to test out the camera and did some Kodak moments!

Say Cheese everyone!
Me N Cindy

My food, fish,chips n veges

The time came for the star of the day - My birthday cake! N it was carried out by the Fish & Co staff. Yes, i guess it's the Fish & Co tradition to do a birthday song for the birthday star. So being the star of the day, I was made to stand on a chair (although I am tall enuff), put on a hat (which i bet was worn by tons of pple) and sparkle on hand! Then it started.

"Everybody, we have a birthday girl in the house"!! Shouted the staff and everyone was made aware. Ok this is rather embarassing..I just stood smiling & laughing and they started the Fish & Co birthday rap & song. It was very LOUD. Oh well, all in the name of fun! I'm a fun girl as well!!

Me with the hat n sparkle

Us with the cake!

Yum Yum Nutella cake!!

The rest of the night was really fun with us just gossiping, poking nose into alvin loke's private life and dreaming of Seowling's wedding next Sept. Yes, long time away but damn we're so excited abt it! 1st of our close frens getting married, of cos we're excited!

The last of my birthday celebration..N back to working crazy hours the following week...

But, doesnt matter, the end is near, the light is clear! Monday is my last day. The day I say goodbye to 3.5yrs of late nights, sad life, no life....The day I prepare to embark on a new journey, new life, new job! More time on hand, hope to discover more new things!