Thursday, December 24, 2009


Cue background music *who is that girl I see, staring straight, back at me....*

Ok, i lost my background music cos geocities closed down the account & i dono how to get my backgrd music back.. ANyone who knows can teach me? Else it'll be silent blog forever (i don't like to research this kinda thing not my forte)

Anyway, from the title, u know it's abt reflections, abt what the past yr has achieved for me & what i have achieve for others ahahah.. Why am i writing this on Xmas eve instead of New Year eve? Cos i'm gg off for holiday on 26th night! & wun be back till 9 Jan 2010! For you curious readers out there (yes, i actually have genuine readers!!!) I'm off to a road trip from Adelaide to Melbourne via Great Ocean Road! Woo Hoo! Don't worry, i'm going with a girlfriend of mine from JC, so it's not another loner trip :)

Anyway, back to reflections. If u can remember, i posted a list of resolutions to be achieved in 2009 at the end of december 2008, so let's recap what i set & what i have achieved in relation to those goals (This article back in December 2008)

1. Invest more time in my love for baking.
I believe i achieved this! In fact, the 1st thing in did in Jan 2009 was to bake my famous chocolate chip cookies! On 1st Jan 2009 somemore! Afterwhich, I tried coconut cake, chilli chocolate chip cookies, banana cake, muffins, & once again my famous chocolate chip cookies (freshly baked out of the oven on 22 Dec 2009)

2. Maintain my health & fitness
Well this is a hard one. 1stly, I believe i'm more disciplined & worked harder in the gyms (training both cardio & muscular strength). However, due to some unforeseen circumstances, my knees started to give way in Nov which lead to painful knees which lead to me unable to maintain my high standards of exercising, which is in contrary to being fitness & healthy. I have to work my way back to being 100% fit & healthy. + I had my like 1st real sickiness in July this yr, which lasted for abt 2wks. So This goal, considered partial & will be an on-going goal.

3. More responsibility for my job
Yes, i believe this has been somehow achieved. I have much more responsibilities in different areas of my job, being involved in a big project which saw me being stuck in Shanghai for almost 40% of my time (tho in the process, i was upgraded to a platinum member of Starwoods Hotel Group!!) I was also involved in training for 1 small process to a small unit but nevertheless, it made me feel proud of myself. For the coming year, sure will have more to come

4. Challenge myself with 10km run

Yes i did it in 1hr 8min, not my best timing but i did it! Registered for another but due to work commitment, cldnt go for it. Now with the bloody knee problem, i can't even do running leisurely.. I hope my knee recover so tt i can continue to run!

5. Improve communication with my family
I believe slight improvements have been made. Sorta become more open & less resistant to telling them stuff & sharing. Always room for improvement

6. Pay more attention to the process of reaching the goal, rather than focusing too much on the goal itself.
This is a hard one.. I think i did, but then again sometimes i feel like i still focus more on reaching the goal

7. Learn a new skill/enhance a current one
Yes! I learnt tennis! But cos of the knee again, i had stopped for almost 3mths... I wana go back to learning again! I love tennis! I love Roger Federer!

8. Conquer the sky
Eh, no chance leh!! Hahhahaha

9. Travelling
Oh yea! Well i'm gg for a road trip soon so that counts! I went for 2 diving trips this yr! I went sight seeing on biz trip...

10. Live a simple life
Eh, i think i live quite a simple life. Except for the gym membership haha... But i don ask for much la, i don buy branded goods, i don buy expensive clothes, quite simple?? Hahhaha ok la, maybe nd to learn between needs & wants more..

So onto 2010? I think i still have some things i wana do which were not done in 2009. But not tt much different from 2009:

1) Knee to recover - This is bloody impt for me to do whatever i wish to do! I wana be active again!I wana try at 10km again & lower my timing!

2) Mt KK - Yes, it's a surprise & mystery tt someone like me have YET to conquer Mt KK!!! Was planning for 2009 but things happend & it didnt materialize. I really hope 2010 will be the yr. So hard to organize hahaha.. I have already bought the climbing shoes & socks! Cannot waste!

3) Excel in Tennis - Not in the way Roger Federer has revolutionized tennis, but in the sense that i can actually play, volley & not juz try to hit the ball fed over by the coach & nothing more. It takes alot of practice & sense to get the right timing & rhythmn.

4) Read more books! - I think i'm hooked on reading books, especially nice fantasy books that are damn thick & r at least part of a trilogy! Hahah, I'm now reading the Sword of the Truth series (total of about 11 books) & i'm now at book 7. Finished another fantasy trilogy by Fiona Mcintosh, will continue another trilogy of hers aft i finish Sword of the Truth.

Of cos, those resolutions not resolved in 2009 will continue on to 2010, hoping to be resolved...

Damn, time to do some sorting & packing.. Flying off on saturaday night.. I hate packing for leisure trips, cos nd to bring more things & consider more things... Nd to sit down n organize soon.

I'll be gone & this will be my last entry for 2009! Till 2010, Merry Xmas & Happy New Year!

When I return, I may blog abt my trip.. Hopefully I wun be too lazy to do anything...

Till Then..... Dian Shan Out!

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