Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Fun Time with Fun Videos

Ok someone commented that my blog is very long-winded & lor Sor.. So to lighten up the atmosphere, I shall post some light hearted materials & fun videos.

French Open Karaoke 2010. Yes u didnt expect it but tennis players do have fun!! Singing songs, dressing up & acting silly. Damn bet u didnt know Murray could act funny (tho he still looked very very stiff & uncomfy)

Review of the past French OPen Karaoke.. Quite fun! U will see Fed & Nadal singing!!

& then, who can forget Novak the Joker!! Imitating the shakira & nadal MV Gypsy. FYI, i saw the MV, & it totally SUCKSS!!! Nadal was like just a naked meat, parading around for NOTHING!!!

Of cos who can forget Gatsby commercial! Newest commercial seen on TV. If it were true, i bet their sales would be sky high!! But then again, not e'ryone likes Kimura

Lastly i just want to say, it's sad Fed lost out b4 semi final of French Open. Damn now he's facing the possibility of NOT breaking another record!! But then again, I'm sure he'll come back again!! Go for Wimbly No 7!! That's another record for Fed to equal!! THen US Open No 6!! & Get back No1 for year end again!!!

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