Thursday, August 26, 2010


I'm sure all of you would have read/watched the news about the Manila hijacking of HK tourist bus. Yes, i just returned from that country the day after the incident. It was all over the news channels with live footage of the situation. Sad Sad incident that happened...What was to be the relaxing tour ending soon, became a night mare for all of them. Deepest condolescences to all the tourists, especially those who lost their lives or lost their loved oneds.

& to further prove how small the world is, I met with the group of HK tourists on Sat during my tour as well! Yes, I rem the tour guide (whose picture I confirmed in the papers yesterday). I remembered my group of 3 arrived at the bamboo church and was just about to head up for a better view & camera taking when the group just swarmed in ahead of us. & there i was thinking 'damn they're going to crowd the area & spoil my view!!'. But they actually were quite accomodating. & that was the last i saw them.

THen on Mon, the news came out, & i was thinking "OMG, could it be the same group?", but i couldnt get confirmation cos no photos/footages were shown, until yesterday on the papers, I saw the photo of the tour guide & "BAM"!

Even tho I was not in their group, it was a close enuff encounter. I still remembered the grp was quite lively & enjoying their time. TO think that 2 days later, the whole situation would change!!

But, the atmosphere in Manila was not tense at all. I mean where I was staying (Makati), it seemed that everything was alright with no feel of being in dangerous grounds etc. But you never really know...

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Life....Never know what comes tomorrow.