Monday, January 09, 2012

Year End Trip - Koh Muk

After Khao Sok, it was time to hit the beaches! Weather was perfect ever since Khao Sok, great for beach time. My destination was Koh Muk, Trang, further south of Khao Sok.

So it was a 4hr minivan ride through Krabi to Trang. At Krabi stop, I was told by an idiot travel agent who wanted to reap me off that 'No boat to Koh Muk so late, you have to take private transport to Pak Meng, 2000B for you one person'. Shit him man! I found out later that he lied! He called Mookies (I booked with them for Koh Muk accomodation) but he twisted the owner's words. Anyway I knew I had to go Kuantungku Pier and NOT Pak Meng, so I didn't take his words and insisted on heading to Trang and finding my own way forwards.

At Trang I was taken to a travel agent to get my ticket to Koh Muk. Though it was late getting into Koh Muk (530pm in the afternoon) but at least I made it. All for 350B!

Checked in to Mookies for 300B per night in their hut. Simple furnishing - Mat, mossie net, fan shared bathroom but it's all fine by me! Made a reservation via email (luckily I did cos they were full!). You can contact the wife Nasha at or phone her at +660892451946/+66 0805611781. They have a website up now Mookies

The wife Nasha is a lovely Thai lady who moved to Koh Muk only 2 years ago! AND just had a baby 6months ago with her Swedish husband. Every night, she is in charge of dinner for any diners. No menu, just order whatever you feel like having and she'll try to make it for you based on whatever ingredients she has! Very home-styled cooking and very good food!

The next day, my adventure begins! Rented a kayak for the entire day for 500B, turns out the kayak is not the greatest piece of work. The holes in front and at the back were not covered so I had a lot of problem trying to push the kayak out with the waves crashing in. Luckily a Thai helped me push my kayak out. Still I was worried the whole time for waves crashing in, which would drown my canoe.

All geared up hat, rashguard, sunnies to avoid sunburn

Current was not very strong but still it took me close to 2hrs to kayak to the 1st stop for snorkelling. Without any prior knowledge of how to dismount and get up the canoe from sea, I jumped in for a shitty snorkel and attempted 3 times to climb back into my canoe. And I did it without overturning my canoe!

Then, canoed another 40mins to the nearest beach, small and nice for a short break.
As I was approaching the beach, there was a couple already there, setting fire and preparing their food, and they were initially naked! I saw the gf tying her bikini strings as I closed in. The guy just sat there butt naked on the beach.The snorkelling sucked there as well. All dead corals...

After some suntanning, I headed towards Morakot cave to have a look. It was still about 2.30pm and tide was too high to canoe in and too crowded, so I headed back to mainland to rest a bit and aimed to head out again at low tide.

Tourists swimming through the hole

At 4.30pm, I did the canoe through the 80m of pitch blackness. There were quite a number of people doing the same thing! Some were still swimming through.. It was quite awesome and fun!
You emerge from the other side to a small beach. Very small, and not very white sandy beach but quite cool too!By the time i got back to the main beach it was time for another nice sunset to end my day at Koh Muk.The next day it's another full day of travel to Koh Lipe via ferry, bus and ferry...

View along the ferry ride to the pier

Trivia: I lost my key to the lock on my last night, ended up had to climb in and out several times during the night and the following day through the window to get into and out of my room. No extra key available.

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