Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Been 1 month since my last random post.  Yes I still miss my beanie star, it just itches when he's not there for me to hug and grab.  But I guess that's life!  You win some, you lose some, at the end of the day life still goes on and you have to.

Been to Shanghai in May for work then to Beijing in June for work.  Man, I partied wayyyy too much during these 2 trips!  I must say, the most I partied ever since ages ago.  Too much drinking, but it was fun though.  Nice bars/clubs I went to in both cities
It's an exclusive club, open like once a month for public while the other days are reserved for privat events.  Lo and Behold, I've always complained that I don't have the luck ever when it come to going to the right place at the right time.  My friend always say I don't have the luck, but lady luck was with me that night we went!  We were trying out luck to see if Haven was open and it was!!!  So we just walked in, overjoyed at 830pm only to discover that it doesn't start until 9pm.  Great!  And it was raining outside so no point heading to another bar.  So we waited and waited and waited.  Until after 10pm when the party really started.  It was just alright, not exactly really fun, music was alright but the crowd was just alright... I guess it will be more fun during the private/themed parties.  But!  We did get a free drink offered to us!  The bartender was saying it was from the boss but he couldn't even pronounce the name correctly.  We politely rejected cos we were too confused by what happened that we just returned the drink.  Now that we think about it, quite stupid to reject a free drink! Haha

2nd stop of the night, we went to Richbaby, a local shanghai club.  My friend wanted to bring me to experience the local club.  So we left Haven around 11pm, and went to Richbaby to join her group of friends.  Wow!  Totally different environment!! It was misty and loud and smoky!  The music was blasting real loud and it was smoky inside.  The night we went, they had an alcohol event so there were dancers.  The music is actually quite good!  So we sat and drank Chivas+green tea while playing dice.  We were supposed to stay for 2H, ended up drinking for 6H!! Yes, from 12 midnight till 6am!  Geez.. I was soooo wasted by the time i walked out and tired..  Those mix was lethal!

Friend from Singapore came, so we decided to give MUSE a try, hearing good things about it.  Actually our conclusion was that MUSE 1 was the good one, but it was closed when we went, so we had only MUSE 2 to go to.. As usual, we went at like 930pm, no crowd, and the place seemed dead.  Moral of the story - Never step into a club before 10pm.  So we ordered jugs of vodka+orange.  The drink seriously lacked punch, but we had 2 jugs, and we drank a little fast, which we did not feel at that point in time.  It hit Jason real big after the night!  It was not as fantastic though... 

FYI, MUSE 1 has closed, and have moved to a new location at The Bund.  Recently re-opended.  Check it out!  I will have to check it out the next time I go Shanghai..

My shanghai friend called me while we were @ MUSE and told us she had tickets for M1NT, so obviously we had to go!! FYI, M1NT is a VIP only club.  The only time I went in was last year with my shanghai friend when I had to pretend I was sooo into exploring M1NT and I was leaving soon that we were allowed into the VIP club.  Else, you can't really go in if you are not a member or if you have not booked a table (which cost you min spend RMB2K)

M1NT is a great club!!! The music is really good, the dance floor is packed and the people there are, let's just say, eye-candy :-) And the drinks are potent!  Albeit coming at a higher price.  And we danced the night away....  Before long, we made our way out of the club but not before stopping for a short while @ a local bar full of prostitutes...  Then it was way home for us all, and Jason was seriously wasted...  Well, actually I felt kinda wasted on my way back.. It's never good to party so hard on weekdays

My friend highly recommended this bar as one of the best clubs in Beijing.  And so I went with a group of people.  Cool!  I love that place!  It has a really nice outdoor sitting area, and a really good live band playing from 930pm, every half hour.  The music is good and it gets you just dancing straight away!  Surprisingly, the drinks are cheaper than those I have paid in Shanghai (MUSE excluded).  And it was a game of getting the German drunk during the night.  I think we had at least 5-6 cocktails (specifically asked for extra alcohol) and a couple of beers.  That got me really high but not really drunk at that point in time.  Yet, Mission Unaccomplished!  Try Harder next time.  I was fine until I got into my room and passed out...

Nursing a headache, and vowing not to drink again, you know you can NEVER trust the Germans to help you keep the promise.  But I limited myself to just 2 drinks.  Went to the Elements Club.  See that guy @ bottom right corner of the picture?  I got this picture from the Internet and surprise surprise! He was the one who brought us to the club that night!  Regular!!

Well, that club was very much like Richbaby in Shanghai, loud music blasting away, but it was nicer than Richbaby.  Smaller yes, but less smoky and looks a little more upper class.  Music was nice though but we had to stuff paper into our ear drums to snuff out a bit of the loudness.  Did I forget to mention ladies get in for free?  Gents have to pay RMB100.  Apparently, they just started collecting entrance fees.

So we bunked in with a group of Chinese nationals with a table and apparently the girls were wayyy too drunk that they started dancing with each other, hugging and kissing each other, falling all over each other.  Geez, we just stood here and watch in horror/amusement!  At one point, 2 ladies fell down while kissing each other on the lips!  Cool, that was a little amusing though...

Another nice little chill out place - Migas @ Sanlitun Nali Patio 6th floor.  A nice rooftop bar with sofas and comfy chairs to just chill out and have a great view around.  I will for sure head back again, just like XIU.

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