Thursday, June 18, 2015

Ningbo adventure 1 - Danshan Chishui (red mountain crimson valley) 丹山赤水

Betcha didn't know Ningbo has anything to do yea? I thought so at first which was why I didn't bother to bring my camera.  Little did I know there are a bunch of places around Ningbo that are worth a visit!  Thanks to the handy tourist guide book from the hotel.  With so many places, I chose the ones easier to get to from Ningbo i.e. not that far away and reachable by public transport and at least a class 4A rating (this is a china rating but apparently the more "A"s the more expensive the entrance is).  So I chose Danshan Chishui 丹山赤水, which is a 2H drive from Ningbo city.  A place even some locals had no idea (my driver was surprised and amazed that I even knew the existence of the place!).  Anyway I had planned to take the public transport, which would have meant 2 transfers - first from Ningbo South bus station to Yuyao (direct 45mins), then from Yuyao to Dalan (public bus which would take about 1.5h), then Dalan to Shilin village which is where the place is (public bus about 15mins).  Problem being from Yuyao to Shilin, the buses run on certain time (which is practically impossible to find accurate information on).  Still I was hell bent on doing it that way because I'm sure I'll figure it out when I get there, but my client offered me a car which solved the problem easily!  2H in a car direct to the place, yea much easier.

The drive there is really pleasant! Passed through villages, mountains and valleys. A completely different scenery than the city and buildings. Nature makes me happy!

The valley where the obstacle course starts

Entrance to the place is RMB65 each, and during the season (summer time), you can add on the obstacle course to your ticket for a total of RMB165. The obstacle course takes place in one of the valleys and will take an individual about 1.5H (for me was just 1H). If you happen to join a big group, then good luck, it might take 2H. The obstacle course was really fun and a great way to explore that part of the attraction. Just take the first left all the way down after you go through the ticketing and you'll get there. You can walk through half the valley if you do not participate in the obstacle course.

It's all the way down
One of the obstacles - walk across the river
Happy face after I completed the course

Went for a hike up to the top after my obstacle course.  Nice view from up there!
View from the top

So many ways to go down the hill - left or right?
Just because it said STOP i went on
Towards the end of the valley
The dragon waterfall. Nope you are NOT allowed to swim or play in the water

After exploring the valley and obstacle course (which took me a total of almost 3H), I went on to Shilin village, which is an old village. So called Shilin as that is the Chinese word for Persimmons. Yes, if you come in October, you'll be in time for the persimmon season!!! Spent about 45mins just exploring the old houses and area. There are a few local village eateries as well if you feel hungry. No cafes though. There is a lodge in there if you want to stay a night. There is also a lodge right at the end of the valley near to where you can take a ride down the rapids. The scenery there is really awesome, though there doesn't seem much to do. Also, if you want to eat, you'll have to hike about 30mins uphill at least to the village for food.

Narrow alley of the village
Shilin Village (Shilin - persimmon)
Overall, it's a really nice place to explore if you love nature.  Nearby it is surrounded by Siming mountains and there is a Siming scenic area nearby where there are beautiful fields and mountains to explore.  I didn't have time for that.  Give yourself at least 3H to explore the valley.  And get a car.  It is really alot more convenient as you wouldn't be wasting time waiting for buses that do not come frequently.

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