Sunday, June 19, 2016

Diary from The Netherlands

Hola Amigos y Amigas! Wait, why am I writing in Spanish when I'm now in Netherlands? Fuck Dutch, I'm going Espanol! 

Dear readers, friends, strangers, it's been A LONG WHILE since I updated this blog.  I know I've been lazy with the blog lately and it's not really due to the lack of travelling! I've been travelling for such - mainly for work.  But it's just a lot going on in my life now!  As most of you know, I've recently moved my ASS out of comfy warm tropical Singapore to cold rainy Netherlands due to job rotation.  And to be honest don't ask me why I chose Netherlands if the weather is so bad.  I got a chance to move somewhere, I took it - weather permitting or not. And Europe ain't that bad - Netherlands ain't too!  And it's been some hectic (ok not really that hectic) months settling down, meeting and finding new friends, getting myself acquainted with this  new exciting country.

It all started with the moving, the administrative chore of getting registered and settling in, making my home a home, stocking up my already furnished apartment with more stuff, finding a gym, yoga studio, joining new activities and just going out there!  And at the same time, work goes on and I still had to travel for work whilst all these were going on!  And you start wondering "where the heck has time gone?"  It's at that stage that you start realizing that your day is just so jam packed with stuff to do, activities, meetups that you miss the alone time at home, chilling, watching some TV and basically do nothing!  And there are still so much I want to do, learn that I find I don't have time to do everything!  Well that's not happened in Singapore before!  I guess that's what happens when you get out of your comfort zone and into a new environment - makes you take that extra step out of your circle and do stuff.  3 months into Netherlands life and I have NOT taken any short weekend trip to neighboring cities/countries - my weekends are so scarce!

Many people have asked me if I miss home - to be honest I don't right now.  Seriously.  And that's because I have just so much to do that I really don't have time to start missing home or anything.  And also, I'm like a caged bird set free - I'm enjoying my freedom right now and definitely do not miss the cage.  I can do anything I want at home - walk around butt naked, half naked, eat anywhere, organize my stuff the way I like it without anyone saying or nagging about it.  I live my own life now without judgement, and I do what I want and like.  I'm learning new stuff and doing things I've always wanted to but never had the time or companions to do so - pole dancing, hiking the nature, salsa workshops (soon), kite surfing (soon), acroyoga... See what I mean - where got time to think about my life back in Singapore???  Occasionally, when the weather sucks here, I miss the warmth of Singapore, the convenience of our public transport when I have to wait 20mins if I missed the train by 30seconds, the food (when I don't have time to cook).  My tennis buddies - still haven't managed to secure one here.  And when I have to start washing my own clothes, mop the floor - I think about how privileged I was not having to do those at home.  I'm not trying to insinuate anything but I'm having great time and fun with new friends here - making promises to meet up, the gatherings with these people - whilst back home it was always so hard to meet my oldies but goodies that I feel so connected here.  And probably because of my adventurous nature, I'm finding I fit in well here with the new friends I've met who are also into adventure!  Sure, I miss the fun mindless conversations with my Singaporean friends talking about all news close to heart but honestly it doesn't keep me up at night thinking about those.  It's likely just a phase - just like how the honeymoon period is always the greatest before everything slides down. 

There may come a day when I'll break down suddenly in my HUGE comfy super king size bed, missing everything that is HOME.  That day is not today.  Maybe that comes with my adaptable nature, my wondering mind that just goes haywire at times thinking of different things.  The fact that I love travelling and being out.  The fact that I'm really a bird, happy to be set free.  It's been real fun living on my own, stepping out of my comfort zone.  It grows you, makes you a lot more mature and mindful.  I'm loving it now. 

So this is my update for now. Everyone I'm happy and doing good in my new life here in Netherlands.  Yes, the weather still sucks pretty much more often but when it's sunny it's really really nice!  But you know those sunny days are as rare as the loch ness monster sightings.  And my dear friends who plan to come visit, you're more than welcome! I have a really small spare room without a bed but you can set up your own sleeping bag.  Or, if you prefer I have a sofa bed in the living room that's big enough for 2! And in exchange, you can do my laundry and clean up my apartment :) sounds fair? 
Travelog will come soon I promise (hopefully).  I've been to Manchester, Mexico/Acapulco and did some really great trips!  Finland coming soon.  Hopefully I get the time to write those down and share them up here.

Peace out!


Caragol Treu Banya said...

Hei, who where you living with in Singapur that made all your home tasks? ^^ hehe

DianShan said...

Mi padres :)