Monday, June 12, 2006

Russia Rendevous Part 3 - The Last Stop

Back to Moscow!
Yes, we arrived back to Moscow and checked into the same hostel, much to our surprise and amusement!
We checked into our rooms much earlier than the check-in time, and the receptionist, being a little blur as we had just awoken her from her slumber, brought us to our room which was still occupied. Surprisingly, the room was not locked and when we opened the door, we saw a naked couple sleeping in the far end bed. Yes naked and cuddling. And there was a lady sleeping alone in the bed near the door. So this set us thinking and wondering about the various scenarios that happened the night before. Anyway we were all rather shocked and speechless, but when we walked out, we all started to LAUGH!!
Lenin's mausoleum with St Basil at the back
1st stop of the day - To visit Uncle Lenin's preserved body! 1 point to note, do not bring camera as you will have to deposit them and pay a non-refundable deposit fee! So Angry! Anyway, the atmosphere inside the mausoleum is damn tense and uncomfortable. There were guards EVERYWHERE! And everyone was so stern! The body looks fake as well..Might be the result of the perservatives.
St basil cathedral is just behind and it is another Lego-like church.
This lunch costs us about S$20 each! Exorbitant!!!
After lunch dessert - Ice cream. Yes we went ince-cream crazy in Russia. An ice-cream a DAY!!But I still lost weight..
Our DIY dinner! That's russian meat pancake with vegetable soup and bread. Yes, we LOVE to take pictures of food.
Last day in Moscow - Feeling down as we had to fly back to Singapore soon. Anyway, it was a relaxing day as we had visited the places we planned, so we were just walking around. Went for a walk to Gorky Park, an amusement park which was really amusing to us as it was rather deserted..And did not seem too exciting.
We decided to visit the Dolls museum but could not find it in the end as it had moved from its original location and nobody knew where it moved to. Wasted trip AGAIN. So we decided to go to the convent. Before that, we stopped by a really cool supermarket! THe design is really BEAUTIFUL that you would not believe it is a supermarket!
Made our way to the convent without knowing the exact location. But by a stroke of luck, we met someone who spoke rather good english and guided us to the place. Well, nothing much to say about the place as it is a convent. Keke..Churches overkill in Russia.
The highlight of the day - MOscow Circus! Yes it was the day of the opening match of World Cup between Germany and Costa Rica, but we decided to watch Moscow Circus because we were in Moscow! It should not be missed! The ticket is CHEAP!! We got ours for 100 roubles each (S$6), which is cheaper than watching a movie, and by the advice of the local, we moved down to a much better seat when the show started, which meant that we paid little for the more expensive seats! Haha..The show was great! It had been too long since my last circus visit..Really too long ago. But there were no lions or tigers...Great acrobatic performances. Felt like we were back to when we were kids, sitting in the tent, watching the performances with popcorns in our hands..
And it is adious to Russia on Saturaday 10 June. With heavy hearts, we left for the airport in the early morning. How sad....Another 14 hours of flight back home, this time with a lousy inflight entertainment that we could not control. Slept a little more this time but still not very much. 1 more week of leave back home before I face work again.......
Yes, Russians generally do not look friendly, a little fierce even! Must be the communism ruling. But there are exceptions (rare though) And St Petersburg is a much more friendlier place than Moscow. Practice your Hand Language!You'll need it in Russia
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