Thursday, August 10, 2006

Prelude to my Trip

Finally decided on where to go for these 2 weeks. Initially wanted to go Cambodia for the amazing Angkor Wat, but was dissuaded by many people that i should not go alone, or wait till next year 'cos they want to go next year. Well, what to do then? Chiangmai! Ok, do not ask me why I chose Chiangmai. I still do not know what went on my mind when I decided on Chiangmai. I wanted to go Thailand, especially Bangkok since I've not been there for 2 years. But Bangkok alone is BORING, so decided to choose 1 more place near Bangkok, and that's Chiangmai.

After doing much research, I found that Chiangmai is actually quite interesting - visits to the Wats (temples), hill tribes trekking etc. So I shall happily plan my trip to Chiangmai, Bangkok then Hanoi. Why Hanoi? Hm, curiosity I suppose. Actually was supposed to meet a friend in hanoi when he travels down from China, but he's enjoying Mongolia so much that he has extended his stay in Mongolia and couldn't meet me in time. Ok, Sebastien, you should know I'm talking about u here. Don't feel 'guilty', hope u had a really great time in Mongolia, and share the experience with me, part of my research for the next destination.

Did all my research and planning via the power of INternet! It's an amazing tool! Lonely planet, travelfish websites with lots of comments from fellow travellers and advice. No need to buy the big lonely planet travel guide which is expensive and I don't think it's a good idea to buy one for every place though.
All my friends out there have been amazed and shocked to learn that I'm going to travel alone. I guess it's not in our culture to do this sorta thing, we'r afterall still asians and not the europeans or westerners. But i think it is a great experience. It was pretty tough convincing my parents though. Also, I just had my wisdom teeth extracted 1 week before and going to remove the stitches the day I fly. These are my wisdom teeth, don't worry they have been cleaned (not bloody anymore)

So alot of people are amazed by my great plan, how seamless it is.
So here I go. My 1st ever blog on my travels. Maybe I'll do one for Russia, back track a little. I'll see how it goes after I complete this.

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