Monday, October 08, 2007

And I'm BACK!!!!!

Miss me? Gone 3weeks without blogging cos i was on a holiday! Yeah my Vietnam & Cambodia Rendevous.. IT was so great!!! Always wanted to do like an epic trip (well it's miniscule as compared to what the westerners have done) & now i have sorta fulfilled tat dream! 3weeks of non-stop travelling. It was SHIOK!! N i so dig it!

Now I'm back! Yes, even tanner than ever. Ok some pple say i'm already v dark, how dark can I get...Well it's really darker but not burnt.

There is just so much to blog abt & i just realise this is the 98th entry! 2 more & i'll have broken the 100 mark! Yeah! Way to go!

Summary of what I have learnt during the trip:

1) Motorbike, tuk tuk?
2) Buy for me buy for me?
These 2 phrases (or questions) kept following us in Vietnam. Whereever we went, motordup drivers kept 'harrassing' us. IN Sapa where the minority tribes live, we were harrassed by them to buy their handmade things. Well it gets really irritating...

3) Lady of a thousand faces - Zoe Tay (千面女郎)can just step aside! I'm the new successor! When I was in M'sia, I look like M'sian, look like Thai in Thailand, look like Vietnamese in Vietnam, look like Cambodian in Cambodia. Multi-nationality face! Someone even thought I was from San Diego when I was travelling there..Imagine!

Well..I am still busy uploading my pictures so my blog will have to wait just a bit. It is tough job trying to upload pictures, & even tougher to label the pictures! So to all my faithful readers, pls bear with me. I know u'll aching for things to read but give me some time ok.. I promise I'll fill u up with loads more of stories & pictures! Very busy busy busy kekeke...Hope to finish loading pictures by tmr then I can start on writing my blog.

Just did a calculation. My total damage fore the 3weeks trip is S$1,640. Ok, not so much off my initial budget of USD1K so i'm happy. At least S$300K of the total expenditure went to tailoring of clothes expenses which did get a little out of control (out of my initial budget). But I'm glad i did those clothes. Air tickets also made up a bulk of the expenditure (took 2 internal flights in Vietnam) so well, still pleased with myself.

Ok..Gota stop here...Promise I'll continue with my travelogue in a couple of days.. Stay tuned....

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