Saturday, September 15, 2007

Car Practice...Gone Crazy

4 years after I passed my driving test, I finally get to practice behind the wheels again today! Courtesy of Superhose (a.k.a. uncle). His bright red madza cool! N it's auto car somemore! Wow auto car is reali amazing! No clutch, only brake & accelerator & they will automatically move w/o u stepping on the accelerator! How cool is that! Haha sorrie ar, I drove manual car the last time, nvr had contact with auto car b4, so it's an eye opener for me...So cool, u don't have to keep changing gear, just accelerate or brake..hahah auto car is so so so convenient...

We started off fine circling around the carpark area at my place, then ventured out to the main roads also around my estate. As i said, I have faith in my driving and yes, I'm quite steady on the roads! Superhose can attest to it ok... Only thing is I don't realli dare to step full on the accelerator, but hey it's the 1st time, i'm sure everyone is like that on the 1st try. But after a while, i can step on the accelerator quite confidently. Went all the way to JP and back home & to NTU!

Driving through the winding rounds & slopes was quite cool but I managed, until........ I did a Flying Mount Kerb!!!!! Yes, till now i am still not quite sure what happened & why i suddenly lost concentration & did the incredible! I have nvr in my entire driving life mount kerb, n now my maiden mounting kerb! N it was quite a BIG one! THe car just went up the roadside & down in a BANG!!! It was like 'Bang Bung Bong', up & down flying! THe car seriously flew up a little! We were both stunned & shocked! Luckily the car is intact & no damages else my head will roll... SEriously apologise Superhost... I realli didn't mean it & had no idea what went on in my mind b4 all tat happened. It was reali reali reali v v v v sudden... But u can trust me! No nextime ok...

Lesson 2 will still exist ya? When i come back ok...I promise nth will go wrong, & maybe the nextime i can drive to orchard! I still need to practice parking a car....U need to bring pole leh..

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