Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Photo Montages 2007

Happy New year readers!! My 1st entry in 2008, and the 113th post since 1st incorporation!!! What am I going to blog about? Ha, cos I was just too bored at work, I decided to do sth productive and at the same time try to decorate my workstation! Yes, finally I have my own workstation it's so cool! So I have to TRY to decorate it to reward myself!

So what's the product of wanting to decorate my workstation and being too bored at work?? The idea of creating photo montages for the year 2007! N what best subject than travel photos! Yes, 2007 is a year of travels! Been to TOO MANY places as compared to previous years - Bangkok, KL, Vietnam, Cambodia, LA, San Diego, SF, San Jose, Perhentian and Gunung Belumut in M'sia. So once pumped in the oil, the engine just started to keep rolling until everything is complete and finally after about 1week, I have completed all!

9 in total, cos I split some travels into two montages (just too many photos to choose from) and I did an overall photo montage for some occassions and events that happened in 2007.

Hereby, I present, My hardwork - Photo Montages 2007:

1st trip of the year Gunung Belumut to climb mountain

Diving trip to Perhentian - Got my Advanced licence and made great friends (Best & Angie)

1st family trip in a LONG time to KL

2nd Diving trip to Perhentian (I love the place man)

1st business trip in my 3.5years - LA!! Cool rite!

My most ambitious 3 week backpacking trip part 1 - Vietnam

Part 2 - Cambodia

2nd business trip to US again - SF this time! Great place man!

Review of 2007 - Some of the happy events and occassions I was involved (CNY, farewell, birthday, weddings to name a few)

So that's the end of my story in 2007. Interesting photo montages? I hope u guys like it. It took alot of effort & determination to complete it once started hahahha and I'm glad I persevered through. What's for 2008? Who knows?!?! Keep posted!!

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