Friday, February 15, 2008

Updates, Updates, Updates!
Haven been updating since my last post on review of 2007... Hehe been lazy with blogging nowadays, maybe because my life has been too smooth sailing now that I'm out of that blood sucking company! Hahaha.. That's a good thing rite!?!?

Yes, finally u can start to check back to my blog! 1st 2mths of the year have been slow because the work has yet to pick up! Gota relax a little for Chinese New Year and such b4 really gearing up for upcoming projects! Yes more action installed in the coming months, in fact it'll start 2wks from now! Will be heading to Bangkok for training (Yes, I'm the trainer, not the trainee) So it'll be sth new for me! N some shopping!!!!!

New year, new company, new colleagues, new start! All have been pretty good so far! I nvr expected my new colleagues to be THAT crappy. Goes to show that generation gap does not exist when it comes to the art of CRAPOLOGY and gossiping. I'm the youngest baby in the group of 5 (including my Swedish boss) and a new member joining us (hopefully) in 1month's time. Wana see my family?

Notice 1 extra person? She's Carol and she has left the Singapore office to venture in our US office. Still under the same grou pbut different location. That's our farewell dinner for her! Don't they all look so sweet and cultured... Hahah not to say they're not, but deep inside, they're the most crappiest pple I have met and cultured in multiple areas and colours (haha interpret it in whatever ways u want, it'll apply). N of cos experienced! Sure to learn lots from this group of pple! One interesting fact - My boss (the angmo in specs) LOVES sweet & sour pork, and he only attacks ONE stall in Golden Mile food center - the economic rice stall n only orders sweet & sour pork + bean sprouts and nothing else.

Arh, then it's THE wedding of the year - Not tat great, just that it's my first wedding dinner I've attended for 2008 (with more to come). N this belongs to dear Mr Alvin Tan! Yes THAT man. Gota give him BIG face... All dressed up and dolled up to go.. In the end, his friends say i look Ah Lian cos of my golden streaks... Haiz... But worry no more! Those are gone! I've dyed my hair violet! Haha back to basics!

Yes, Chinese New Year just came & 6 more days left (FYI, CNY is a 15-day period). As usual, it was reunion dinner in JB and back to SG on the 1st day. As usual, it was a boring trip over the causeway and back. As usual, it was steamboat dinner. But this year, we have an extra guest! My cousin's boyfriend from China. N that prompted everyone else to focus their attention on MY CURRENT STATUS! What a surprise! What else will they ask? So it was a nite of fiedling questions like 'Got bf?', 'Y no bf?', 'When are u getting a bf?', 'Bring ur bf'... U get what I mean. Just smile n, watch tv or sleep hahahah. This is getting worse. Once this starts, there's no ending. Next year, I must try to skip CNY. And 'boss', u have been tasked with the mission u have promised since 3 yrs ago, which I doubt u'r ever going to succeed hahaha!

Getting angbao from Ah Ma, after which I slept through the countdown

And what's the end result of CNY? Exercise, exercise and more exercise! Gota get rid of those extra pounds and fats from all those yummy but evil CNY goodies. My fav - Hae Bi Hiam (Dried Chili Prawn Rolls) and Cashew Nuts! Hahaha I'm a nutty person. So more spinning classes, more combats & Pump classes! Not to forget YOGA!!

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