Sunday, October 05, 2008

I'm back! Missing in Action for quite some time, no thanks to my jetsetting life -- Sydney for 2 weeks, followed by 2wks in Bangkok 1day later. So no time to update my blog man. For those out there, Yes i'm still alive and NOT shutting this blog down! Gimme some time man, I need inspiration to write!

So what's a better way to welcome me back than A FASHION SHOW!!! Alex Perry Collection Launch is only the beginning of MORE to come! I"m onto my 2nd fashion show man!

The official Invite!!

I was invited to Fall In Love with Banana Republic on 4th Oct, the day after my plane landed back in Singapore. So uber excited!! Armed with my lovely invitation card, and my best kaki - Cindy, we sashayed to Paragon Atrium, awaiting for the start of the Fashion Show!!

The runway!

Fashionista?? Haha crowd at the fashion show

Us pretty gals! Taken by the photographer...

Me by the runway. Nope didnt walk down it tho...

Of cos, what is fashion show without the chic chic set up, people, food and fashion! Pre-show finger food was served while all guests were seated. There were champagne, tarts, brownies, macaroons and of cos PEOPLE!! We seated ourselves in the front row, right next to the T-stage (aka runway) to get up close and personal to the fashion and models keke...

The food served! Champagne n nice nice crab tarts!!

After half hour of waiting and munching on the Bakerzin food (yes, e'rything is Bakerzin keke), the show finally begun!!! Models started to strut their stuff at the start of the music, wearing the latest fall/winter collection of Banana Republic. Some were beautiful, some were cute, some were so-so, some were stoic, n one particular was just modelesque!! It goes to show, models are human too hahaha don't expect ALL of them to be divine man...

And the show begins!!

Even kids are so fashion savvy!!!!

The only better looking male model. The rest, let's juz say stick to the ladies...

My fav model out there!! She juz has tat X factor & zest! N best walk!

So u may wonder, m I a Banana Republic fanatic, hence the invitation to their fashion show?? Well, NONONO!! Fashion show is a fashion show is a fashion show.. It's just a show! U don't have obligations to buy their products to be able to sit below and watch the fashion! I'm juz priviledged!! Hahah to have subscribed to one of the fashion magazines... So who knows, it's the beginning of more to come?? I can get used to it! It's a nice feeling! N FYI, we were photographed by the photographer, and who knows, we MAY end up appearing in the mag, with our names printed!!!

Just an update, I juz came back from Bangkok, and YES, damage was done! Kekek, it was >1yr ago since i went BKK to shop! Satisfied! Next up, I'll be jetting off to Rayong (a place where birds don't lay eggs, a chinese saying) for 2weeks, on the coming Sun. So i'll NOT be ard to update my blog.

Oh, just decided to blog abt this that I saw on the bus this aftnn. A chinese national lady, was shooting herself using her HP repeatedly (aka zi pai in chinese). For what reasons, I can only guess to see how she looks like in her hairdo! I hate it when pple do such a thing. Like nth better to do than to snap shoot ursef. N this case is even weirder!! She was in the bus, with quite a number of pple, n there she was sitting there, shooting herself over and over again. Changing her hairdo (i.e. parting of hair) and re-shooting again wah simply cannot take it!!!!! What's up with pple who love the idea of self shooting?? I understand if circumstances make it impossible for pple to shoot for u, but sometimes, pple juz do it cos they feel like it! In a bus, also can self shoot! Sometimes, there r pple ard, but still these pple choose to self-shoot.. Cannot stand it. And sometimes those impossibly cutesy pose n facial expression wah CANNOT TAKE IT!!!
Frens out there, hope u all enjoyed the Sydney photos! Had a really great time in Sydney, visitin Blue Mountain (did hiking and trekking thr'out my day trip there), harbour bridge, botanic garden, fish market & the city & the bondi coastal walk which took abt 1.5hrs!! Cool place
Until next time... DS sign off~!

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