Sunday, May 03, 2009

What Up Jurong-sters! We ROCK!!!

According to the Fengshui master, Jurong is THE PLACE to be if u wana find a gf or bf apparently! I quote for u from the article:

裕廊属 "花篮地",盛产俊男美女,且大多才貌出众,长期在这居住,才华将获得提升,财富也会不断累积,可说是 "才","财" 兼备。Haha u heard it here! Not from me, from Fengshui master ok! Let's see, Zoe Tay was from Jurong, Vincent (that wushu guy), n me wahhahah!

话说仙女曾在此区撒落朵朵金花,裕廊工业区顿时变得金星点点。不过,仙女私会情人时,竟然把花篮遗留在人间,导致整个裕廊区成群花争艳的 "花篮地"。最终,仙女落在裕廊西,情郎安置在裕廊东,隔着一条裕廊河。

从风水学看,裕廊东是"金童",多出年轻才俊,裕廊西是"玉女",美女和女强人较普遍。That's why I'm living in JURONG WEST 裕廊西!!!

裕廊区有 "五朵金花", 两朵在裕廊东,两朵在裕廊西,另一朵在裕华园结成 "金莲绽发"。此区性格较弱者,处理感情会拖泥带水,藕断丝连,唯独意志坚,理智强者,有望飞黄腾达。EH ok, i'm the latter, strong will power, so I WILL SUCCEED!!! wahahha

裕廊是个 "桃花遍地开" 的风水宝地,有意寻如意郎君或贤妻良母的单身人士,到这比较容易如愿以偿。Hahha, now who says Jurong is passe & old & so boring? Ah yea, still got lotsa Bangla tho but hey, hot babes n hunks are still ard! We have to ignore those Banglas n look for the gems man! U DO KNOW there's a shopping center called Jurong Point, that's perpetually CROWDED like HELL 24/7 365 a year like where the hell did all those pple come from?

EH, do i hear moving trucks gearing up? Pls don mass move over to Jurong n make JP even crowder than it already is... hahahha

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