Friday, June 26, 2009

All About Earrings

In case you still DON’t realise, I’m an earring freak, or rather I have this disease known as ‘Compulsive Purchase of Cheap Earrings’ also known as ‘EarringHolics’. Yes, I concocted the term myself but it’s very apt! I like earrings, they'r like the ONLY accessory (besides watch which I don act consider an accessory) that I will wear! Necklaces r too troublesome to put on n take off, but earrings r simplest! Just take hook n u'r ready to go! N with my short hair, I think earrings r the best accessories!

Now, finally I have opened up to everyone! Though all my frens know that fact abt me. Henceforth, I present to you my collection!

My rack of earrings..Rack courtesy of my sis! Some r too small to c clearly

Picture very small, earrings a lot, u can see some earrings r stacked up so it seems like NOT a lot but in fact I have over 20 pairs, or even >30pairs. I don’t really know cos I don take stock of them. I just buy, hang, wear, buy, hang, wear. I think I haven’t worn some of them b4 too!

N recently, after a almost year long hiatus (I have been holding back myself on buying earrings cos I have too many at home), my hands started to itch. My ears started to crave for newbies! N so, I started! Earring shopping in China, by chance! Mind you, I don’t buy expensive earrings, so those $10-$20 per pair earrings r outa my league. As long as it’s 3 for $5 or even less, they are in my turf! So I especially LOVE Bangkok cos the earrings at Chatuchak Market are the best & cheapest!!!

This time, I chanced upon this earring shop in Shanghai’s Qipu Road that sells 1 pair for RMB5, considered CHEAP! N when I walked in (I was literally sucked into the shop mind you), the earrings just called out to me! They were so beautiful! Some designs r really really fantastic n have NOT seen b4. I just went in n grabbed 4 pairs that really caught my eye, n I told myself I HAVE TO STOP!!! Yes, I have control over my ‘EarringHolics’ Compulsive Purchase desire! B4 my hands started to take over my mind, I paid my bills and walked out, really satisfied with my purchase, leaving behind the calling of other beautiful earrings in the shop.

1st pair from Qipu. This is very ancient looking
The 'Star' earring!Which I'm act wearing as I write this
Another cool blue colour earring
Heart shaped earring! THis is heavy

I'm sure you can tell..that ALL my earrings r dangling ones. THe longer the bter. Short ones r nice but of cos i LOVE LENGTH!! N No studs! I can't wear studs. They're too small & will juz drop off easily. I have lost countless ear studs since so i just STOPPED buying them. Yes some mayb nice but they'r studs and therefore I don't buy them. Dangling hook earrings r classy, fun, n suitable for all occassions! And I like them big and attention grabbing. Too small doesnt seem to stand out hahahah...

Yes they CAN be heavy sometimes, but my ears can take it! N I think alot of you out there may happen to notice this fact, that I wear the 'Moon' earring very often. That's sorta my fav normal outing earring piece. Cos it's silver n easy to pair off for diff occassions! Now that I got Moon, & star series (c above photo on the star), I should start searching for SUN for the whole series!! Hahah

Maybe I can even start a rental service! Haha with so many diff types of earrings, I can rent them out at a fee for diff occassions!

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