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Congrats to Superb Brilliant Graceful King of Tennis Roger Federer!

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Federer win breaks Sampras record (BBC Online)
Roger Federer is a great - and humble- tennis icon (LA Times Online)

Yes, the whole world knows this already, sorry it's like 3days later, juz abit caught up with the frenzy n happiness. Federer Express has surpassed Pete Sampras with 15 GS Titles!

Just 12mths ago, critics have written off Fed as 'past his prime', 'overshadowed by Nadal', 'down and out', all things ugly and un-King like descriptions spring to mind. That was the lowest period in his career. You cld c it in his gesture, posture, he hung his head low, tearing as he watched Nadal lifted the Wimbly title. But he came back roaring to win US Open 08. THen came the inevitable feat of being beaten by his nemesis Nadal in Australia Open 09 in 5 sets. Then the tears flowed. Critics once again lapped this act up & made fun of it, made great news out of it.

"King has fallen", "No more grand slam", "never can make it past 14". He was in a state of mess. Granted, he was losing his confidence, but as a great champion that he is, he never gave up! He believed he could come back & we all fans ard the world believed in him! & HE DID!!

GS No 14 came at French Open, the 1 and only title that eluded him the past 5yrs. Of cos, pple will argue that Nadal was out and hence he got it easy. It's a cheap shot to dis-credit all the effort & hardship that Fed has made and contributed to win the title. He passed through 2 rounds of 5 setters and it was clay, not his favourite surface. Yes, of cos with Nadal, it might have been an even more glorious win & credential, but the fact is he won! It is not fair to take the glory away from him with the mention of Nadal. Many a times, great champions in the past had won titles without the presence of their ultimate nemesis. Pete Sampras won many of his GS without facing Agassi. But that did not diminish his achievements.

It was an emotional ride for him esp during French Open, when he nearly got booted out by Tommy Haas. During the final, that final championship game & pt was especially difficult for he was on the brink of making history. He made some errors out of nervousness to give Robin Soderling break point, but being a true Champion, he managed to steady himself & ended with an ace(or rather unreturned serve). Cheers, applaud! N crying... After 5yrs of trying he finally got it!

GS No15 came on his home turf! His favourite Wimbledon, where he won 5 in a row & lost an epic match agt Nadal in 08. His road to final was smooth sailing and flawless. Never really tested but he showcased his class & groundstrokes to overcome opponents. Just when everyone was awaiting for a Fed Vs Murray showdown in the final, Andy ROddick crashed the party with his superb serving & improved groundstrokes and fought Murray through to meet once again Fed in the final. That goes to show that being a true champion is also abt consistency. Fed has been in the semis 20times straight, n every finals since 2004 (except Australia Open 08). Nobody did tt b4, not even Nadal!

The final was thought to be a familiar affair, easy ride to the Champion Cup for Fed, as he held a 18-2 lead agt A Rod. But A-ROd was not to be denied, with his superb serving skills. Seriously man, how do you keep hitting aces aft aces averaging at a speed of 120-130mph at the least thr-out the 4hr 16min match! That man is juz crazy! It turned out to b a showcase of serving prowess, who can serve the best & fastest, instead of some superb tennis groundstrokes and play. Each service game seemed to end in a blink with 4 'boom boom boom' serves by both players. ONly until the middle of the match did some brilliant strokes uncover! Of cos, the turning match was 2nd set tiebreak when A-ROd had 6-b2 but cldnt serve out the set, and lost 6-8 to Fed.

Just when we thought it would end in 4 sets, a 5th set ensued that ended at 16-14 (no tiebreak in final set) and a 5th set that lasted almost as long as 2 sets combined. With Fed FINALLY breaking A-Rod at the crucial last pt due to 2 errors by A-Rod, he leaped into the sky & shouted his victory! Game, set, No15!!!

Fed with A-Rod (Sorry man)

Truth be told, A-Rod played really well & frankly, Fed didnt play as fantastic as expected of him. Yes he played really good, but greatness always comes from him & more was expected. He did seemed abit defensive in the beginning & not attacking as much & groundstrokes not as reliable as expected. Some unfamiliar errors in his attacks, but he stayed the course & applied pressure! He was consistent! Bravo to that!

No tears this time, but smile and happiness and joy of victory. The true champion has surpassed and set a new record of 15 GS and a career slam! WIth more to come?? WE all surely believe so!

With the greats! Bjorn, Pete & Rod Laver

Huge Congratulations in place for the Champion of our time!

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