Saturday, November 21, 2009

Bad Things Do Not Stop at ONE

Damn, been rather unlucky these few weeks can't believe my luck!! Think I stepped on shit or sth... It all started way back in end Oct:

1) For some unknown reasons, I MAY have strained my knee & MAY hv affected the ligament. All is MAY & unknown cos that was what the docs say & no scan or anything was done. So damn angry at myself even though I totally had NO IDEA how i did tt to myself. Was exercising fine, next day felt fine, but the pain came the next day night. So sudden! Had to give up my favourite cardio exercises & tennis. Sit there & get fat..damn it! Now seems to be bter but not really completely fine. Shall see sinseh & specialist to find out more...

2) Just when I thought it cldnt get worse, I went to slice myself up 2 days after my knee problem. How Fantastic! Totally had no idea how i slipped the knife while cutting lemon & sliced my hand (between thumb & index finger). Not cut, it was sliced! Meaning, it got deep into the skin & flesh. I lost alot of blood. Even had 2 fainting spells & cold sweat.

3) Happily came back from Shanghai (yet again) to discover my luaggage was damaged (YET AGAIN). Stupid SIA Cargo or handlers, u simply cannot trust them! 2nd time! & in less than 1yr! TO be precise 11mths. The last time was in Jan 2009, now once again! What is so wrong with them that they have to target me a 2nd time? This time, they took 6 days to determine whether to repair or replace & when they decided to replace, they bought me a lousy luaggage! Not the same luaggage, but according to them, a similar priced one. BUT, truth be told, the luaggage they gave me suck! It was of a lousier quality, soft case luaggage, easily dented. Yeah, they wana give me a 3rd chance of damaging my luaggage isit! Anyway, rejected their 'kind' offer & submitted claim for insurance from SIA. They better give me a bter deal! I need to get myself a much bter luaggage. ANY Recommendations??

4) Few days after my luaggage ordeal, my CHEAP sandals from Bangkok got stolen in the gym locker room. How CHEAPO can pple be!!! My sandals were placed nicely by my locker (like everybody else) and when i came back from my shower, they were GONE!!! Mine u, these sandals are cheap. My conclusion, maybe the CHEAPO thought they were expensive cos it's silver & shining, so it may have looked exp! STupid bastard!!! There were so many other more expensive shoes out there, yet u chose to take mine!

5) Once again, not many days after (i think 2 days) my lost shoes ordeal, someone took my umbrella from my desk in the office. It has been hanging at my desk since Nov 2008, but nvr once taken away out of my sight. Now, it is stolen by some stupid person from my company! N It's a company umbrella somemore! Not some Chanel or LV umbrella but bloody cheap company umbrella that is given to EVERYONE in the office!! Pls, do u nd to steal some stupid company umbrella? How cheapo can u b!! Now i don't have an extra umbrella in the office, all tks to someone from my company who conveniently took my umbrella & disappear for GOOD!

So u can see, so many unlucky things happened to me within a span of say 3wks! Damn, how much more unlucky can I get! When can i get some good luck shine on me? I think i desperately need it!!!

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