Friday, November 06, 2009

Driving around The World in 365 Days


Ok maybe not the ‘driving’ part. But I do want to do a travel around the world, in 365 days sounds fine! Of cos, show me the money & I’ll do it!

SO anyway, I guess some of u have heard of this guy’s attempt to do this starting 15 nov. He’ll set off from US and thr to south America, Africa SEA & back to US. He’ll be driving whenever he can, and ship his car across the ocean to reach another continent. Crazy? Well maybe he shld not consider driving, but I admire his courage & determination! He’ll leave behind his GF, his home & job (he quit his job) to fulfill his dream! I wish I have the courage & ability to do so! Anyway, u guys can follow his story from his blog (refer to the link in the right corner under ‘Transworld Expedition”). Well I’m going to be one of his avid followers of his around the world expedition! Ya n marvel at his adventures! Haha…

Anyway, looking forward to my year end trip! My trip of the year! Australia! Going to Adelaide, through Great Ocean Road & arriving at Melbourne in 12 days. Yes, sounds abit rush but no choice! At least I get to have some fun! Going with my JC fren & we’re going to drive!! Yes drive!! Hehe so looking forward to it, sounds exciting! 1st time driving long distance thr’out a trip! Look forward to more fantastic photos! Need to do more research & map out our journey!

Date of departure: 26 Dec 2009 close to midnight

N I’ll be spending my New Year in Australia!! Sounds cool rite! My 1st overseas countdown!

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