Monday, May 24, 2010

Letter to My 16-year old self

Saw this article on 8-days, where the editor Jason Hahn & friends started the 'Write a letter to my 16-year old self' action inspired by celebrities who did the same & compiled into a book! Hey, who doesnt wana read abt celebrities dirt & how they wished otherwise for their 16-year old self.

Now, I totally support this! If i could turn back time, i DEFINITELY WOULD!! Those people who say 'no, i will not do anything different', 'every mistake i made is an experience for me & let me grow into who i am today, so i will not change a thing in the past', 'we should look forward, and not think abt past regrets', etc etc etc. All these are BULLSHIT!! You think they are really such a saint? Forgive and move on? i mean, come on, surely they would go 'if only i did that, if only i turned left, if only i waited 10mins'... So many 'If Only'.

I, for one, totally will take up the chance to go back & regroup my life! I mean, some mistakes or things I did were kinda stupid, silly mistakes that cost alot (physically & mentally). So I will take this chance to write a letter to my 16-year old self (heck if i could go even earlier i would, but let's stick to the theme). Please read closely and take the advice!

Dear 16-year old DS,

Too late to worry about your eyes, you are myopic, you cannot change. But fret not, technology will advance & u will correct this problem when u are older...

Blogging is a lucrative business, start early & get the attention you want & u can be the star blogger!!

Start to do yoga & concentrate on improving your yoga skills. DO NOT STOP suddenly & pick up again. Be a yoga expert!! It will become a craze in years to come!

Don't worry too much about the O levels, you'll get good results to get into good college. Also, pursue your best buddies to try out HCJC!! Bullshit all those talk about 6 points being not even good enuff for HCJC, that is rubbish & not true. Gather all your buddies & conquer HCJC!!

Fulfill your tennis dreams once you get into JC! DO NOT WAIT any longer or else you will have to wait another 10yrs to start learning! Join the tennis club in JC, you get free court access & coach to teach you tennis!!! & You get proper coaching & prevention methods so u'll not end up like me now - sprained ankle, knee problem etc...Continue tennis playing into your Uni, cos the courts are FREE!!!

Love PE lessons more, run more! U'll love exercising once you enter Uni, so start early!!

U'll do relatively well in JC, so continue your studies. English will be your downfall, but there's not much you can do about it. PUT MORE EFFORT in F-MAths A Levels!! Somehow, you only managed a B, even though u will get distinction in 'Special Paper'. Weird, yes, but what to do...

Dancing is fun, do your best in JC while u'r in the dance club. Be very very careful when you are skipping school (even though there is officially no lesson), as u will get caught unfortunately by someone, but this will not be reported.

Take more chances when they present themselves. Hestitation may cost you a lot of missed opportunty (when it comes to matters of the hearts).

When you enter Uni, immediately start using the facilities - gym, swimming pool etc!! You have paid for them since the day you enter, so use them!!! Start the running regime, it is really very fun to run around NTU, believe me.

You'll meet great friends in Uni, so keep them (Alvin, Superhose, HX etc etc). DO NOT Attempt to get a vacation job @ F&B. Pay is not fantastic, the supervisor sucks & not fun! Apply to work at the clinic near your block, the pay is ok, hours not bad & the doctor is nice, so do it early to earn more during your spare time!

Learn to like Finance more, it will make more money! Start to look at stocks & shares, buy Apple shares if you have the money. Buy Wilmar. Once you get the money, buy condo for investment. Aim for The Carribean 1st.

You will unfortunately head to E&Y as an auditor, but fret not, your life will not be as terrible as others. Though tough, u will meet many many friends there. Treasure them. You will meet good clients, and some good bosses.

Gymming is your pastime, start real gymming as early as possible, learn to love running & doing cardio & weights, they will do good or your body. Be really really careful with sports, wear the right shoes, tie them up properly & DO NOT attempt any stupid stunt, or else you will regret it!

Enjoy life!! U are only 16, go travel around the world, play sports before you get too old!

Your older more matured self,
Moi (DS)

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