Thursday, May 13, 2010

Redang To GO High Class

Extracted from Today newspaper dated 13 May 2010

According to a report in Malaysian daily The Star, Terengganu State Tourism, Culture, Arts and Heritage Committee chairman Za'abar Mohd Adib cited protection of the environment and area's coral reef in particular, as the reason behind plans to reduce number of tourists to the island to 160,000 annually. Currently, tourism figures stand at 200,000 annually.

Government will NO LONGER approve construction of chalet-type accomodation on the island. Only hotels rated 5-star and above will be allowed to be built. Hotel rooms will eventually cost no less than USD500 a night, and current chalets catering for backpackers will also have to be upgraded and raise their rates.

To further protect marine life, only eco-friendly sunscreens can be used in the future. Tourists will be briefed at entry points on the use of these eco-friendly creams.

This is crazy! Is the m'sian govt trying to reap us folks off? Redang to be high-class beach resort? Since when do we need another Bahamas? Reduction of 40,000 tourists annually means abt 3,000 less pple can go to Redang per month. So now we have to Q-up and register our names WAY IN ADVANCE to get to Redang? & will there be a priority system in place then? There are not many fantastic dive locations in M'sia, now with this restriction, it's going to get even more difficult for beach goers & dive enthusiasts to find a dive haven! So if a tourist does not want to go diving or snorkelling, is he/she allowed to go and NOT count towards the restricted figure?

&What's the deal with the hotels? USD500 and above? That's extortion!!! Bloody hell, i might as well fly over to Bali or Mauritius if it's going to be so damn expensive in Redang!! That's discrimination. So Redang is going to be an ATAS island in future? Only the rich & famous can go. Us poor normal blue/white collars would not be able to afford USD500/nite!! What's wrong with those chalets? Or cheaper hotels? Not eco-friendly? Being 5-star & expensive will bump you into being eco-friendly?? This is ridiculous! I've never heard of such a restriction or rule in other countries. I don't think even Cairns have that (tho nothing is reali cheap in AUstralia) but i'm sure i can find something cheaper there. I know govt band accomodation on Sipadan island (east malaysia) but at least we can get relatively inexpensive accomodation on other islands not far from Sipadan! So what? Do we have to stay on the mainland instead & travel the 45mins boat ride to Redang daily for a dive in future? & get permit each time to go dive in REdang due to the restriction in number of tourists? Sipadan has that, but let's not forget, when you go to Sipadan, you have other islands n dive sites further away to explore (Mabul or Kapalai). In Redang, there's juz Redang. Where else do you go? Perhentian? I might as well stay on Perhentian if i wana dive in Perhentian...

Eco-friendly sunscreen? Now that's really something new!! So we have to buy those bloody expensive eco-friendly sunscreen just for Redang now? Or do u provide FOC? Or do you charge exhorbitant rates to tourist at the entry points?

All these restrictions. Wow, in future maybe Perhentian will kena as well! So what to do now? Better all rush to Redang before it's too late!! Better rush to Perhentian b4 these rules apply to the island..Luckily I went to Redang couple of years back...

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