Sunday, July 11, 2010

I got Lumix LX3!!

Yes, finally, after so many months of talking talking talking, i finally got it! LUmix LX3. Yes, after much deliberation, it's still LX3. Too many good reviews to let go! The only thing is, i didnt get a brand new one. I got it 2nd hand from a fren, for $590. Well, he bought it for less than 1 year and used abt 5 times, so still a pretty good deal! Throw in a few freebies like extra batt, camera case, cleaning kit (prob not gg to use on the camera, maybe on laptop) & pretty good to go! $10 discount given for replacing the 8gd with 4gd SD card cos he cldnt find it haha but well good enuff! I actually have a micro sd card of 8gd which i can plug into the SD holder and use for my camera!!

Got loads to start reading abt on the use of the camera, the functions etc so I can fully utilize the functions, of cos to my amateur standards la.. Not a pro anyway but gota make use of the camera else I'll just stick to IA (Intelligent Auto) all the time & defeats the purpose of getting the camera...

Australia shall be my 1st guinea pig to try out the camera. Hope I can use it to reasonable effect & standard & take some good pictures!! Going to try the night scenery, must rem to bring tripod.

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