Thursday, July 08, 2010


Wow almost 1 mth since i last updated anything. Hmm, what have I been busy with? Busy with work, busy with trying to heal my injured ankle!!! Yes, it's still not recovered. Damn. To think that a sprained ankle is so damn troublesome & irritating! Now i wonder how altheletes can heal that bloody fast! Machiam 2mths they can play at top level again. Must be cos of their higher purchasing power. Got money got talk! Can buy all sorts of high level, high tech machines, treatments etc.. It's bloody irritating esp for me, cos i cannot do any impact exercises, cardio or perform to my fullest. Sian.. Feel like so weak without my weekly exercise regimes.

Chanced upon the HEM ankle rehab program that's s'posed to be very very effective. With lots of good reviews etc, so have been trying it for the past 3 days. Hopes it'll really work. Something new I learnt from the program. Use combination of hot & cold water on your injured ankle to promote blood circulation! Yes, all we've heard about was always ICE ICE ICE your injured area to prevent blood flow, but they don't tell you how to promote blood flow so that the swelling will reduce! By using a combination of hot & cold water therapy, you actually promote blood flow cos it's like a pumping effect! Been doing that once a day seems to be working, but may need a couple more days to verify. After the hydrotherapy, massage the area using Castor Oil! Yes, nvr heard of Castor Oil rite? Me too, but apparently alot of studies have been done on the usefulness of Castor Oil and it is very effective in healing inflammation n injury. So apparently, you're s'posed to massage your ankle with the oil in an upward motion, from foot up to knee and thigh so that you'r massaging the blood flow up towards your heart, and muscles tissues (injured ones) away from the injured area. Massaging has to followed after hydrotherapy to promote blood circulation. Best to do it at nite, just before sleeping, then drop a few more drops of Castor Oil on the ankle area, calf, foot and wear a socks over your foot.

Of cos exercises are important to work your ankle back to normal! If you leave your ankle to heal by itself, it'll take a longer time, and when they recover, they'll become weaker. So it's best to start ankle exercises to work your ankle and maintain its flexibility and mobility & of cos strength. But of cos, do not stress your ankle too much cos when injured, they can't take too much pressure else it'll nvr heal properly. As your ankle recover & get stronger, less painful, increase the exercises to build on ankle strength. You're actually s'posed to continue so that you can maintain your ankle strength! Alot of pple think their ankles are strong enuff, but in actualy fact, sometimes they're not. My therapist told me i have loose ankle, even for my uninjured ankle (left side) and that's actually quite dangerous cos it may be more susceptible to sprains. So i've gota work harder on my left while my right side recovers.

10 weeks have passed. I really really hope it'll recover by month end.... that's like 3 wks to go. Best is next week no more minute pain... Damn. See la, sprained ankle is no fun ok. So pple out there, take really good care of yourself!! Watch your steps! Don't think that you'r damn fine now, so don't watch how you walk or where you step!!! Don't wait till you regret!

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