Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Updates....Or the Lack Thereof

Think my life is a twit bit boring to maintain a frequently updated blog. Hah! It's been >1 mths since my last update, and it was a very small kinda no topic whatsoever update in Feb. Maybe I need to spice up my life more to bring more excitement into this blog of >3yrs and counting...I just realized that I have a total of 197 posts!! With this update it'll add up to a grand total of 198!

I had written about wanting to blog more often, but my life has been too peaceful to warrant a post every now and then. It's good in a way, means I'm cruising.... This blog is sounding like a blog just for the sake of blogging, which I don't totally disagree! Haha, this is to prove that I'm still very much alive and I know I have a blog to upkeep. & I intend to keep it that way! But at least my readers know that I'll always blog when I go travelling (for leisure that is).

So anyway, what's happened in my life since my last blog in Feb... Hmm pretty much quite a fair bit. Now everything has come to light and it's more appropriate to talk abt it a little now. Life is about choices, making choices and living by the choices you made and take. That pretty much sums up what had happened the past 1 mth.

I've made some choices, and now taking the road down the path I chose.

Scary? Maybe. Exciting? Yes. Fate has a way of moulding your life and outlook. It has been rather kind to me, and I hope it continues to do so. Maybe it can do one better and find me a soulmate hahahaha...

But whatever it is, I've made my choice and taken the 1st step to walking down the path. So I have to continue on walking to the end. Come What May.

Sounds mystical? Confusing? Blur? Haha, I like that. Keep up guessing. All will be revealed in due course.

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