Sunday, May 08, 2011

What I have Been Doing the Past 7 days...

Hiking Up 1.5m (2.4KM in distance), walking walking and tons of walking, adventure caving, rolling in mud and enjoying it, perspiring up to 2L each day, baking in the sun most days, getting leeched (i.e. bitten by damn f***ing leeches) more than you can count, bleeding non-stop for >3hrs due to the leeches, swimming in the waterfalls, walking/running/soaking in the rain for like ever (ok maybe 30mins or so)

WooHoo, that's what I call FUN!!! Back from Mulu, UNESCO world heritage site!! Biggest cave, fantastic Pinnacles and of course 'cute' little leeches, now probably too full from my blood to suck anymore people.

Now, I'm like 2 shades tanner, grown a little calve muscles and man, the best ABT workout EVER!!! Weeks of gym do not equate to just 7hrs of hiking. I can get used to this.

Of course, photos will be posted soon, complete with the travelogue that ALWAYS ALWAYS and NEVER FAILS to follow each of my adventure. Be patient. Good things are worth waiting for... I need time to recharge my battery, reshuffle my photos and regroup my thoughts for my next edition of interesting travelogue reads

Till then, stay put, sit tight, WAIT FOR IT!!!

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