Sunday, June 12, 2011

I've Been To Paradise.....

You know how you've always wanted to find nirvana or paradise? A place where it's so divine and not full of people, laid back with a kinda beachy feel and nice people? I think I was in Paradise, or at least a version of it... And now i'm back home, but hey home is also a paradise (Remember "Fried Rice Paradise", conceptualized by Dick Lee?)

Totally at Lost how to Start the travelogue cos those 2 weeks were simply AMazing and it's hard to put the adventures and fun into words fitting enough to draw you readers into my fabulous experience in Paradise.

As the saying goes 'Pictures say a thousand words', so I thought, maybe 'Videos say a million words'!!! Sneak peak into the fantabulous scenery of Paradise and fun-filled 2 weeks with these exclusive videos. (Note: these footages were taken in El Nido, a real Paradise that has yet to be crowded with tourists and backpackers)

Back to drawing block, time to clear my mind, conceptualize the blog and details, collate all information written in my travel journal and put all the amazingness into words to fill up this blog and hope to give you readers an interesting read :) It's hard being a blogger but someone's gota do the job :)

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