Monday, May 23, 2011

Beginning of the End, Start of a New Beginning

Tick Tock On The Clock But the Party Won't Stop.......

Finally, the countdown has hit ground zero. Sad that I'm leaving behind all the wonderful colleagues & friends, but excited as I'm moving towards a new challenge. 2 months of anticipation, excitment is finally at the finishing line, and I've completed my 3.5 years of marathon. It's an end to one of the important phases of my working career, and with it brings forth the beginning of another new and exciting phase of life!

It all started back in Dec 2007. Fresh out of the torturous, inhumane, slave driving accounting firm (one of the Big 4), I dove straight into the comfortable arms of Electrolux, with the Santa Claus-que boss named Jonny (direct from Stockholm) and his arm of elves and fairies. All seemed lovely dovely but at the same time slightly alien. I was a wide-eyed little ingenue, eagerly anticipating the new job scope and responsibilities, but apprenhensive about how I would fit into this 'festive' team. Truth be told, I was slightly intimidated by the elder elves in the team as they seemed such a closely knit family to break through and I thought they were a little distant. The fairies were ok, but interaction was brewing slowly...

Not long after, one of the fairies left the group to set up her own Xmas factory somewhere in the far far away land, and shortly after followed by the departure of another elf. By that time, I have gained my entry into the mystical group as one of the fairies and was bestowed upon the mystical world renowned treasure 玉女剑. All was lovely dovely once more and with the induction, I was introduced into the world of Higher Chinese by the master elf with all those "High Level" Chinese Poems which only the true master can understand and recite blindly. By Higher Chinese, you cannot take it literally to mean those cheem chinese languages but rather skewered versions of the language where Moulin Rouge is being beautified by words.

Then along came the third fairy and the team was promoted to Charlie's Angels (code name Xiao Yan Zi or xyz, Xiao Yu or fish, Xiao Ching) with the master elf occupying the all important Charlie's role. The years that followed help shape my career and also widen my horizon and knowledge base.

It is also this role that helped fulfilled my dream of travelling around the world, albeit only a few countries in APAC region, but good enough!! I was able to visit Blue Mountains, Manly Beach and Bondi beach in Sydney, Shopping in Bangkok, Scaling the Gwanaksan in South Korea, Freezing in the winter of Stockholm, busk in the sophistication of Shanghai, submerge myself in the wonder mountains of Zhangjiajie which were behind the idea of Avatar, Soak up the supposedly romantic vibe of Paris and exciting live of New York and get to know many many great colleagues from all around the world!!! It was really an eye opener for me, a small town girl who lives her whole live in Jurong (the extreme west part of Singapore), never quite step out into city much often. It also helped spice up my life so much more with loads of exposure to the different cultures and attitudes of people around the world.

Yes of course, life and work is not always lovely dovely. There were times of stress (not that I stress up easily), anger and frustration, jet lag, unfair treatments etc, but there were much more enjoyable times and fun moments within the team! Who can forget those nights during global conferences where we stayed up to play Chua Dai Di (Big 2), the never-ending life stories and advice, family talks and anecdotes, bitching and complaining about alot of things... Those are just CLASS!!

Props for all the efforts in trying to encourage me to eat meat (tho they failed miserably), or to eat sashimi (failed too).

As i'm tidying up my desk, packing up my stuff, there is a tinge of sadness for leaving this group of people who've been by my side, provided all the laughs for the past 3.5 years. I never thought that we can be such a close family, but we have! This is one family of people I will not forget. I mean, who can forget??

Not to forget friends I've made in the company itself. And all the auditees I've met, you all have been the best.... Maybe it's me (who can resist a cute pretty face), but I must say, the auditees have all been really nice to me and I really appreciate it.

Moving on to a new company with new challenges is always difficult. Paranoid about the new environment, new colleagues, new job scope, new boss, new auditees...All kinds of new things always make you ansty but you've gota do what's to be done! Time to move on and accept new challenges. For better or worse (of cos hope for better), it is a path that needs to be treaded. Life is about the unknowns, about taking up challenges. Like Forest Gump once put it, life is a box of chocolates, you never know what you'll get (unless you bought a box of single flavoured choc...), any other way, it's not gg to kill you! Hey, i mean it's chocolates, any other way it should taste fine right?? Ok, except mayb mint flavour (Yucks)

Special thanks for & to:
The love and tender care from my fabulous team (you know who you are)
Countless life and love advices
Gossips and bitching sessions
Dear's words of encouragement XoXo (Haha scandalous??? Don't think too much into this)
Food Glorious Food during overseas trips
China Project for helping me attain Platinum Starwood status
The ever fabulous and wonder auditees

I grew out of the uni box with E&Y, I blossomed into my own with Electrolux, and I look forward to shining in my next challenge.

Cue *Should all acquaintance be forgot.........* There was a conspiracy to try and make me cry, but I don't cry easily :) but I know i'll miss you all!!! Miss Miss Miss!! Must keep in touch always!!

Off to Palawan in Philippines for a short holiday recharge before my new job begins!! From 25 May till possibly 4/5 June. Frolicking by the beaches, enjoying the sun and sand and hopefully beach boys :) It's been such a super duper long time since I've been to a nice beach.. Over 1 year (Pulau Aur doesn't count) Man I miss the sun, sand and sea! Bring on the beach babes and hunks!!


Anonymous said...

Great one till the last part on AUR.... Have a great trip.... See you soon.

DShan said...

cant help bt made tt comment. Truth b told, disappointing.. Sorry mate