Monday, July 04, 2011

Dear Diary....

Dear Diary,

I've finally finished the book 'One Day' by David Nicholls. Well, the word 'finally' should not be taken in the wrong meaning. By finally, I meant finally getting to starting the book after looking at it sitting on the table for a few weeks (about 3 weeks). But I finished it within 5 days (I know it sounds slow, but I was only reading it during my daily commute to work so it's not a bad record!). Thanks to Max, and thanks to someone he knew, I was introduced to this book which I must say is a GOOD read! Most fantastic book? Maybe not, but you kinda know what the book is about just by the title and synopsis and you kinda knew where it was heading to, but the ending is a little surprising.

Basically, it's about this particular day in live of 2 connected people (who started out as ambigous then became friends and best of friends, then you know what...) over a span of 18 years. The highs and lows of their lives and the people around them on this particular day, their feelings etc etc... Moral of the story? I guess it's Carpe Diem? Seize the day! I guess also it's like you only learn how to appreciate something when you have lost it, so don't take things for granted and go for it at the moment in time rather than hesitate, cos once you lose that moment, it could be many years later when you realize that you were being stupid for not taking it when it first present itself! After all those years, the 1st thing/person/opportunity/whatsoever was still what was meant to be.

I like this kinda story, stories about live and what happens when you miss the 1st train. Of cos when you read too much of these kinda stories, you have a skewed vision of live, so once in a while you have to switch lane to keep u sane (for me, it'll be crimes, thrillers, detectives, fantasy). I think I'll track down other David Nicholls books. Yes, I like to do it once and for all :)

Enough about books (although I may not look like it, I read alot just to kill time on the train while commuting to work which takes about 1.5-2hrs return trip). I've started a new phase in my life! Yes, new job started immediately after my paradise trip so it took some time adjusting from sunny beautiful beaches and islands to indoor, air-conditioned desktop bound laptop gazing 8-hour workday. But all was smooth and lazy the first couple of weeks as we got down to adjusting to new environment and understanding of the business (i.e. alot of online reading). New office is cozy and nice, department is small but warm colleagues. Location much better than previous (at least I don't have to travel as far) and seems to have quite a number of food stalls around!! Got around to decorating my desk (which is now filled with my travel photos) and clustered with stationery and stuff. I think I've settled down quite comfortably! Small HP laptop with a big desktop monitor and docking station (nice), blackberry which makes me feel so business-like and professional.

Been sitting in office for the past 3weeks and 3 more to go, the longest ever time period for me of NOT FLYING/TRAVELLING!! So not used to it and my bum is itching to settle into the 'comforts' of aircraft seats! But it'll have to wait till mid Aug. Starting on Singapore audits for the next 4 weeks. Abit of travelling but just on the SMRT buses or trains to different locations.

So while being a little relaxing in office, the mind naturally wanders around alot of things and ideas. Some of it being - I think I want to get an IPAD2. Haha surprise surprise! Didnt think I would be getting myself Apple products eh? But suddenly got the urge to get IPAD2 after my Nokia got drowned. So now, if i go travelling I wldnt have much of an entertainment (i.e. watch movies/TV series). IPAD2 sounds like a good idea though a rather costly investment. But maybe I should treat myself once in a while?

Another thought is - BRACES! Yea, been really thinking about this for the past week. My lower jaw needs some work as they are slightly crooked. Maybe I should brace them up to perfect my smile even more?? Though my ex-colleague commented that I look stunning enough (heehee). It's yet another expensive investment but if I can just get lower jaw done, it'll be half the investment. But the clinics aren't available till late aug, so I'll just have to wait till then!

Would I be going to New York? Maybe but details have yet to be worked out, so still waiting for it. I hope so. I have a few shopping items to buy (i want my oakley!!)

It'll be China, China, China and China for the rest of the year. So once again, I'm China bound for a long period of time! But this time, it will not be just Shanghai. Beijing included, and possibly Guangzhou?? Nice. I hope i get a weekend in Beijing, so I can head to Great Wall at Si Ma Tai! Weekend in Shanghai is also good, so I can go CongMing Island....

Then what next? My year end trip is still in limbo. Dono where to go, when to go, and what to plan... Thought of Red Center in Australia, hope it is.. Or maybe I should go somewhere more happening so I can have a more havoc Xmas & NY celebration!

Something big is going to happen to one of my groups (you know who you are) cos something big always happens after we meet up. Haha, what is it going to be? We have an inkling of what it might be, but will it be what we think it to be??

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