Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bedok Forest Adventure!

All thanks to those discount deals in Singapore (, I booked a 2pax bedok forest adventure, which is something like OBS (Outward Bound). A quick check online showed some obstacle courses like zipline, ropes and ladders. Looked fun, sounded fun, so click and I'm booked!

So, who else to ask but Angeline, ever my 'victim' ahhaha... I 'dragged' her to Pinnacles, now 'dragged' her to the adventure again..

For SGD38 for 2 pax, it's 50% off the usual price! Which is worth it! Else i wldnt have gone if i were to pay 38/pax..

View of the zipline across the bedok reservoir! Yes, we did this like 4 times in total and it was super fun!! Longest being 200m!

Before we started, it was about 30mins of briefing and explanation and getting familiar with the course on a smaller scale...

There are 4 sites in total, site 2 being the most difficult (Black rated). This is just 1 of the most difficult task - To walk on poles and having to balance oneself on swing poles and moving from 1 pole to the other which is like at least 1m apart. Taxing on the arms (to support and balance) and legs too.. Props to Angeline for completing this task even though she was physically strained...

We also had to walk across via a single rope, and swinging poles ala swing but instead of sitting on them, u try to swing yourself standing from 1 to the other across two trees..

General view of the obstacle courses. ALot of ropes. It is a good arm exercise cos you reali have to use alot of arm strength to support yourself..

The fun part - Tarzan! You swing from the top of the tree across to the net! This is also very fun!! Not for the faint hearted though..

That's me on site 4, crossing from 1 wooden plank to the other. Site 4 is easy, but after abt 2hrs, it may be a bit tiring for some people.

Finally, the last zipline to the finishing!! Angeline unfortunately couldnt complete site 4 (exhausted) so she kindly took this vid of me zipping down.. It was bloody fun but I just cldnt land front side for all my 4 attempts! It was always butt side landing... But any kinda landing is fine as long as I landed ok :)

The course itself probably takes <2hrs, plus abt 30mins of briefing and instructions. We took about 1hr+ to complete the entire Grand course of 4 sites, excluding the briefing. It was fun! But i would say, for those who dont exercise regularly, just be prepared for a very physical activity cos it's no easy feat, especially site 2..

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